Kamlesh’s Poetic side

Hey guys, this is for the ones who haven’t really got to know the poetic side of our own Kamlesh. I know most are unaware of it, there is still the 2 sections not well acquainted with one another thing going on. But I guess we have a new blog gang formed now so… Here is why I think he is John Keats. One of the hundreds of poems he has written till date. And this is one among the few I have been able to comprehend in one reading…its simple yet so touching. So inspiring. Something like a little bud in spring rekindling the fire in you to live…once again…. Just brilliant! (Wish I had known a more expressive adjective)…. Your opinion needn’t necessarily be the same…. the perception of beauty varies…but one reading doesn’t hurt and who knows beauty might be the same for all as well….

Let’s die this summer,

Or let’s hide, runaway

And appear back this winter

Let them search us and die

We’ll anyhow meet them one day

And then we’ll tell them

Where we had been

When they were searching us in vain

All sodden in rain.

We will tell them

We got lost in a strange road,

A road that told us stories,

A road that created stories

And a road that itself was a story.

We’ll tell them our own story,

And tell them its one of the stories

That we were told

When we were away from home,

And I’m sure the next day

They too will run away

In search of a road

That never really existed

Let’s create a story

Let’s run away

Let’s meet life, and tell it a story

Or let’s hide,

And be on the news and be a story

But let’s do something

And create a story.

-KAMLESH (March 05,2006)

I think I just realized what I should do with my life:

Do something. Just anything… Create a story.


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