The angry Young Lady

I’ll butcher you on your bed! She told me.

You wanna be real. Then I dare you, write in on your blog.

You and your enthusiasm. I’m never going out with you. All those obscene, foul-mouthed ‘khalasis’, that tire burning. This is not protest she continued.

I know it is not protest. Then tell me what is protest. Why don’t you do show the best way to protest then?

This is why. First I am lazy. Second I can’t dare to initiate. So that’s why? These people don’t represent me. There aren’t honest, her exact words. They are just here to have fun.

Honest. I found the use of the word like a misfit clothing.

Honest? It is because the so-called honest people like you and me stay back home, these people turn up there. This is why they burn tires, unlike what you and I would want. You don’t want your locality to be represented by them then why not come out. They have no work, nothing to preoccupy their senses like you and me. No phone, no Internet, no television. So they are here. You can at least choose to watch something as jhare as DON (Detective Omkar Nath). God! Someone rightly said the world is this way, not because there are a lot of bad people but because the good don’t act. (Good and bad that is a debatable concept nevertheless)

I dragged her along with me. A guy said something I don’t remember at the moment and neither did understand it then.

What did he say? I asked her.

Something foul must be she remarked.

But I don’t trust her because she herself has never heard the word.

“Chito jau,chito jau photo khichnu parcha” another guy told us.

The camera was in the bag. He was probably present yesterday as well.

I pushed my way through the crowd.

Black smoke rose high in the sky, darkening the environment in Jadibuti. The smell was intense. I was some ten yards or so from the blazing flames. I took some pictures. She stayed behind. I could feel the intense heat.

A guy was excitedly yelling, “ Paras ko budi kasko, mero” right in front of me as though he was striking a pose for me.

Look at them she later expressed her anger. Paras ko budi kasko? Sometime later they will say Paras ko chori kasko?

“Kud kud” others were cheering. The “hanky relay” game similar to yesterday began.

“ Please take my photo bhanna” a boy (11 –13 yrs) told his friend.

I was surprised when I heard that. Did I look like a foreigner? To make the request in English.

She was already fuming with rage.

“Hamro pani photo khichiduna” a guy requested? Some words followed.. I chose not to listen to the rest.

No wonder she wanted to butcher me.

We were returning when two boys gave us a standing ovation from their terrace.

Ali lamro sanga tali bajauna sakdinas one of them was telling.

Maybe that was a silver lining in the otherwise “ World Foul Mouthed Day.”

Come on I’ll buy you a “Choco Fun” sorry, I only have Rs 5 with me I said.

You have it yourself she retorted.

But we shared. Later she was complaining tasted like an onion.

The claims are false on all grounds.

Thank God, I will not have to drag her anymore!

Silver lining, but a lot of questions yet to be answered.


One comment

  1. hehehe, your sister feels the way we felt when we were there……. and look where we ended up, dhobika kutta na gharka na ghatka. not american, not nepali. a confused sorry bunch 😦

    “Hamro pani photo khichiduna” a guy requested? Some words followed.. I chose not to listen to the rest.”

    you should have taken his picture, we could’ve pasted it all over the internet. 🙂 but don;t take the words of idiots into heart too much…… there always will be people like that…..

    Published By twaaks ( – April 22 3:44 AM

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