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There is something as such is what the experience of this 3 month old toddler in the blogging world reveals. I was touched by ” I cried” Prabesh..You guys felt good, hearing that made me feel better! I wanted to fly to the land of Dreams the very instant I read that and give you guys a “Jadoo ki Chappi” just in case you would feel better. Here I presume you have watched Munna Bhai MBBS, just in case you haven’t the Jadoo.. is ( Magical Hug) I think you guys worry sick about Nepal. Relax , chill out guys! ( Ironic?)We are still here. Thought I would be vacationing for sometime but couldn’t help it…ah politics the way we live after all..


Here is something Kamlesh wrote in the 19 days of confinement. He was out in the protests in Baneshwor, once he had to run barefoot leaving behind his slippers too. Bikash bro was shown in the CNN protesting . N man what is with that Junga of yours, plz… that looks so uncle like ..for Kedz atleast hahah( Hey hope he doesn’t read this, though I have already told that on his face..)

Ok time for Kamlesh’s is only a the trial..his outburst will follow..( I have tooo much to say about it..let the others do the honors first this time…

There’s somebody out in the rain
Don’t you see he’s been waving his hand

I guess it’s your life

Telling you to come outside

So why don’t you get up

And go out with your life?

Tell me how it feels

When you touch the rain?

I can’t.

‘cause I haven’t touched

anything else.

Take what it takes to be me

I want to be no one

Cause I’ve never been someone
Hear the unsaid

The quietness of the lonely rain

The tiny grey drops of love….

Is it me falling everywhere?

Tell me how it feels

When you feel THE Love?

I can’t

‘cause I’ve never

felt anything else

I’m off the line

I thought it would never end

A step a day to be with you

Now I am across the line

I don’t know where

I’ve reached

And there’s no one near to ask.

Tell me how it feels

When you get lost?

I can’t.

‘cause I have

never been found.

17th April 2006


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