Generation What? by Pacifist Rebel

You name it. Got a name for our generation?

We who are neither here nor there. Its tough being the “youth”, its tougher being Asian youth. Stuck between preserving, conserving, adhering to the rock strong cultural, traditional elements, of our profoundly historic societies. And yet being pulled towards the speeding river of modernization and globalization. Conflict of the mind rampant, inescapable. What do we follow? What do we accept, reform and out rightly deny? Do we even have a choice?

In south Asian currently, insurgency and instability in Nepal, impending war and armed conflict in Sri Lanka, bitter political opposition in Bangladesh, the beginnings of a revolutionary opposition in Maldives and Pakistan, breakdown of judicial system, and regional power play in India, suppressive communism in China. And now, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, US…war looms…

Has anything changed from the time the Moguls went galawanting for war? When British colonized weaker regions? When Columbus set out to be a bad jinx for the Native Americans, when Africans woke up to the sounds of chains tied to their ankles?

Yes they’ve introduced the internet, MP3, lip gloss, super slim mobiles, MTV, porn. To keep the youth busy. We’re slaves, in a different way, neo-colonization is occurring, galawanting is done with Black hawks, precious resources stolen from Asia. And you and I, we are busy. Our minds are too occupied, so a damn tweety bird won’t come whispering to us, telling us to “Challenge the system”. So that wars, murders, killings, will seem like mere inspiration for movies, games and music videos. We are so preoccupied, We the youth. So obsessed with machines, so fascinated, so hypnotized.

There are more weapons on earth, probably more than there are humans – do we care? Imagine then the number of bullets. What for? We got a generation just entering this earth, the next generation, our childrens generation, who have already started their appearance, we need we have enough bullets to murder them too.

So that’s it isn’t it? We’re too busy murdering the nxt generation that we don’t see our generation getting murdered. Harsh language, harsher reality.

Oh there is an untouchable weapon too. Corruption. What can I say about corruption? You gotta give credit to it. It’s a stubborn tic that sticks to the flesh of society and multiplies rapidly, rotting the flesh it lives on. To eradicate corruption would be to cut away the rotten flesh. Painful eh? That’s why not many have tried it. Coz the system has a way of making the knife blunt before it touches the flesh. So do we conform to it? We the youth. We watch while it eats away. Politics has already become a slave to it, money fuels it. That’s corruption.

Lets watch and wait, we’re so good in doing that. That’s our job right? To watch and wait. While it eats up good governance, tears apart our judicial system, where “justice” becomes a distant wish and “truth” a lie in itself. Till it enters our organizations, institutions, colleges, school, families, individuals. Oh wait! Has it already done that? How swift!

Where was I? Where were you?

Or generations name – “the waiting generation”, “the generation that waited”, “The patient generation”, “the preoccupied generation”, “the busy generation”

You say you can’t change the way things are, the way things will always be, have you tried? Have you tried hard enough? Or have you too conformed to failure?

We shall be blamed for what we did, we shall also be blamed for what we did not do…..

Its easy for us too look away, when the gruesome sight is at a distance, but when it is staring you at the face would mean one of two things –

We are blind, slaves to darkness,
We’ve stopped caring.

I think we’ve learn to master both.

The gruesome image one day will not only stare at us, it will be us. Then who’s gonna look away?

Our generation – “the blind generation”, “the generation that couldn’t care less”, “the generation that failed”.

Take your pick


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