One year in the Blogging Realm

Realm of Reasoning Anniversary

Blogging Anniversary. A year of stepping into the blogging empire. Happy Birthday REALM OF REASONING. A year and …the changes have been immense. Blatant and bold I turned into someone I never thought I would be. But it feels like this is what I was all along…just hadn’t realized it. Blogging helped me Be Mear than me.

Blog. I didn’t like the word when I first heard of it. It seems to have been derived from web log. Curved red lines appear whenever I type Blog and the pronunciation isn’t cool either. Hysh told me she had a blog, I thought she was talking Chinese. What is that? Check out she told me. I forgot the name as soon as I heard it. There was a programme in Nepal Tourism Board the next day on something related to constitution. A guy sat at the end of our row. Faded blue jeans and a black T-shirt. Foreign journalist most probably. A speaker told something in Nepali, it was an error the hall boomed with laughter, the guy laughed along. Only then I realized he must be a Nepali…maybe a foreigner who knows Nepali..I have seen him somewhere. I thought. He walked up to the front to of the hall to take pics. I noticed on his t-shirt. What coincidence I thought! I noted the name of the site. Meena Didi peered into my notebook as I scribbled. I checked out the site the first thing next morning. To the left of the page was a picture of two men. One of them had a thin moustache…ah the guy I saw yesterday I told Hysh. “He looks like a foreigner. Is better than this photo..with beard”I told her. There was an article on Girlfren..sth.. I remember a line which said who wouldn’t want a girlfriend like Ash..the entry had the pic of Aishwarya Rai in a yellow dress. I wanted to comment on the entry…Name it demanded. I wrote Whtever. This is the first change blogging brought in me. I developed a damn care attitude. My comment read sth like “ all the best to finding a gf like Ash…you look fine clean shaven..but better with beard..who knows you might knock sb off her feet with your ..looks” . It was so exciting to see my comment posted on the blog. I mean you could write anything and the world could read it! Awesome I thought. Wonders of wonders there was a reply to my comment the next day: Hey Whtever thanx for saying that or sth like that. The great bloggers (I didn’t know the term then) even interact! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I called Hysh to read the comment.

I was slowly getting to know the blogging ways. Posting entries, comments..The latest entry appears at the top of the screen. Hysh’s blog was addiction. As soon as the bell would go at 8:15 I would hurry to the computer lab. Pouring out my mind was more important than filling my tummy. My comments would always be too long. The first one to enter the lab and the last one to get out. The half an hour break was always “Blogging Time” for us ( Hysh and me). Arun Dai called us “Blog bhoots”. Hysh and I even opened up a “Blogbhoot” space, posted an entry and sadly forgot the password. We have been trying to open the page ever since!

ROR (Realm of Reasoning) provided place to open up. And I remember Hysh’s comment on the “King Gyanendra and the Sripech” entry in Arun Dai blog where she writes. “ It’s ( bloggin) good for her (me) as she has something to write on everything and is so hyper.” Sometimes Hysh would tell me “ You always have something to write don’t you”. She first told me that when there was another long comment of mine in an entry where she talks of movie. I wondered if “Having sth to say on everything” was bad. Perhaps I cared what people thought of me then, thought hyper was bad….the usual Inferiority Complex Syndrome! Blogging changed me. Now my guideline is “ What do you care, what other people think???” I don’t give a damn

Blogging on the other hand was a fulfillment of a little dream I had harbored for a long long time. I was a voracious reader back in school; the library was rich. As a child Enid Blyton’s books, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys were among my favorites. Darell(the main character in Malory Towers by Blyton) aspired to be a writer. My frens (13 other gals) lived in a world of fantasy. We loved books and our talks would always be centered around the books we read. We talked the way the characters in our book did e.g “ M & F” was a code word. It means “Midnite Feast” in Malory towers series. We planned one ourselves but it never succeed. Always too sleepy to wake up at the allocated time. Man that was life! Nancy Drew another inspirational character for us had equal influence. We all wanted to be as smart as her when we turned 18. She was Nancy didi..hahaha. I loved George (her fren) and would tell my frens to call me that. Embarassing? Nah..we’re all crazy as a child aren’t we? Wait that’s not the end, the nickname I picked was “ George Thunder” hahaha. We gals named ourselves “Thunders” and wrote it on our inkbottle. The boys turned it into “Banders” (Monkeys). Thunder was the name of a horse, of a girl named Willhelma in short “Will” in Malory tower. She had 7 brothers. Wow! I still remember. Blogging n Books?Wondering about the connection? Well Nancy studied journalism in her college so we wanted to as well. Writing was a common passion we shared. We wanted to be like Darrell and Sarah. I was the editor of the school newsletter in the pre-historic age (Grade 7) and my frens were reporters, I was a reporter earlier. The collecting of articles from the lower grades, the editing and sorting out..was so much fun. Gone are those golden days dear…no I think they are reading “Atlas Shrugged’ at the moment and being rejuvenated..Hey Paruj you rock! Thanx for the book.

I got the first reporter feel when I was in the protest ‘sabha’ organized by NGO Federation in Baneshwore. I scribbled on a spiral notepad hanging on to each and every word the speakers uttered. I felt I was reporter for Realm of Reasoning. I later commented, “ What use going to a protest rally and not having the batons crash on your head”. Hysh put it as an entry itself and my happiness knew no bounds. I had an entry!! I felt like a child who had accomplished something great. And there is something I will never forget about that protest. A little girl clad in her school uniform stood beside me watching the NGO biggies lecture.

School is over? I asked her.

Yes. She replied timidly.

Do you know what is going on? I asked. She shook her head.

We are not happy so we are protesting I explained. And someday when you grow up to be as big as me then don’t forget to boast you were there is a protest too!

My colleague was listening to the conversation. She laughed.

You’re so funny and equally crazy she told me.

DUH! You just realized that??

We (H & me) turned into UWB fans. Hysh put Avi’s “ KTM is the face value” and an article of Murari Raj Sharma in her blog.We talked of a revolution( blogger instincts perhaps) haha long before the nation showed any signs of it. Hysh put a song by the “Calling” in here blog. Arun dai put the same in his too and wrote. Kudos! To you.

And I can still feel the thrill of listening to the song in the staff room.

I had a blog “ xazee”. Trust me to come up with the craziest names ever! It was a entries only to get to know the blog owner’s options. I opened this space ( zaded ) on Feb 2.2006 ( Girls r good at remembering dates..hehehe) The tagline then “In between Dreams”is the name of Jack Johnson’s album. I got addicted to bloggin, writing about everything in sights. There was a time when I wondered if everything around me was wailing “Hey Daz Plz don’t write about us”. I scribbled, waiting rooms in hospitals, Paris Danda, Bus stops, on the Nepal Yatayat, cafes..just anywhere I got a place to sit down.

Blogging changed me . I turned Zade and messed up my life!! Took a too wild ride on the too wild side. Tried my skill in professional blogging when I wrote “ From NY to comrade” entry. Got overexcited. Spilled the beans. So much for my stance on staying incognito!! U could tell me “ Promise breaker Shoe maker”.

Talking of bloggers. I am the exception perhaps the rest are all too enigmatic. Hysh’s space is private. She’s a mysterious lady. Look at him, he is just unfathomable. Creates a conducive environment to ask questions but chooses to reply a selected few. Ah..and says I know too much of is what I do: his job, age( that keeps changing..hahah), and sex (oh he is “HE”), he’s got a girlfren ( congratulations!) a nice nickname..

Oh God! I am overburdened with what I know of him!! ( Not intending to say I want to know more though..just stating the FACTS n FIGURES J)

Be blatant, be bold is my bloggin mantra. In the end just be you.

Now if you can’t even express what’s on your mind, what else can you DO???





  1. “The great bloggers – – even interact! I couldn’t believe my eyes.” i can utterly relate to that!i was a complete blogging-virgin some few weeks ago.had no idea about it,i always associated blogging in my mind as sth really ufo, it’s devotees to be merely hard-core nerds.nevertheless ran accidentally into a interesting,interesting blog.and i find myself here,commenting, was yours with hysh’s entry in it,just for the record. 😀 oh joy.

    and ror,excellent!one year,almost an eternity or just a blink.depends on the scale.but great!jej!congratz to the mysterious person behind it.

    hey,keep on writing anything,so funny to read gotta hurry,sth boliling in the stove! 😛

    Published By (Ei nimeä) ( – May 07 3:08 PM

  2. hey Zade
    i didnt write u do wave the wand of deja vu for no reason!u r a tangy blogfairy…….
    i just loved this particular blog of urs, see, everybit of ur reminisces resembles mine u know……SAME PINCH
    i found my forgotten past on ur past…..after each class i too used to rush to comp lab, frens called me CYBERBHOOT coz nobody did exactly know what i used to do thr……hey i m so glad to be reminded of that blog about ASH n girlfriend….do u remember the love application? wow! those were so beautifl days…… ..
    and u know WAGLE! yes he just rocked…..i dubbed him WHITE RABBIT , blogbahini(like u) said he looked like some Italian fella…..he was apple of our frens’eyes..we talked alot bout him….when finallly he found the love of his life, we even celebrated…………..but anyway……blog changed my life too!i was a timid n coy lass of just 19 but UWB made me a strong n confident woman of all 20..thanks UWB……….

    a shocking news frens…i have quitted my college……everybody called me a fool to have quitted such a good college n study with fine A grade marks…….but i m toooooooo happy i m get rid of college…..i just need a break, at least of six months, i need to refresh n refine myself………….i. have zeopardies my study n career……but i dont mind u know….yo dui dinko jindagi ma aakhir marera laanu k chha ra yaar! life is too short to toil n moil on ur college assgnments for it doesnot provide u the ultimate solace…….take it easy gal….i believe in a carefree n bindaas life………live life to its fullest….but then…its not that i will remain tame n fuly phaltu….i . think i will join a job (financial independence is a must for a bindaas life) then…gradually after a pretty long hiatus i will agan join a university…i just dont regret for those 2yrs lost ….arey yaar, alikata risky n adventuresome nabhai ta jindagi bacheko mazaa nai aaudaina yaar………..but anyway..u ppl keep on rocking….dont quit colleges like me…..i m indeed a full n i just love to be a fool……..

    thumbs up!

    Published By Avi – May 08 6:28 PM

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