On the road outside Singhadurbar

Historical decisions will be made in the parliament today Asish informed me after class. All contradicting clauses will be nullified and the parliament can decide on everything. Good news I told him.

Women organizations had planned a demonstration in front of the Singhadurbar starting from 1:30 was what Hysh told me yesterday. And as I am in between jobs I agreed to be there. Reached the spot at around 2. Few women holding the banner of their organizations stood in front of the Singadurbar gates. Roji arrived with other members of WHR. She’s a very active lady Roji informed me referring to a woman who was calling other women to sit down on the road. Some followed her, some stayed back.

Why hinder the traffic? One said.

Pitidinchu ani. The lady called the hesitant group. So we all sat down on the blacktopped road in front of Singhadurbar. We didn’t hinder the traffic, as the crowd was small. Not more than 70 people were present there. Then the leading and following of slogans session began. I will list the ones I noted here:

Pachas-pachas: Hunaiparcha (We need 50-50)
Sampurna Aayogma Mahila: Hunaiparcha (Women representatives are a must in all the government bodies)
Barta Tolima Mahila: Hunaiparcha (Women should be a part of the committee holding Peace talks)
Sabhamukh Ko Seat ma Mahila Hunaiparcha: (A woman should be the Speaker of the Lower House)
When the lady chanted this slogan, the rest said “arkai bhaisakyo” (they already named someone else). Then she came up with a new slogan, which said: Sabhamukh ko Seat ma Mahila Sabhamukh Hunaiparthyo (The Speaker should have been a woman!) I loved it. And I agree with it a hundred percent. Subhash Chandra Nemwang, is the new speaker with a tag: the first from the ethnic communities. But when letters by the general public published on a daily basis in Kantipur and Kathmandu Post wanted to see Chitralekha Yadav as the speaker. That might not be a convincing reason. Still the “ so called” intellectuals too thought she would be the best choice. Yet in the end it was the mighty Men doing what they thought was the best as has always been. Creating History…His Story. The male chauvinists in Nepal are never going to take our voices seriously unless women of our generation do something out of the ordinary…something never done before… XPLOD and break free from the cocoon we have taken shelter in for far toooo long.

“Hame Ek Dhamaka ki Jarurat Hai, Uchi Log Uchi hi sunte he”
(The big people only hear of blasts. We need to an Explosion)

· Hami Bhancha ma matrai: Basdainaun (We won’t only be limited in the kitchen)

Hami Singha durbarma: Hunaiparcha (We need to be there inside Singhadurbar)

A woman sitting beside me remarked to her friend “ Badhta badhta nabol. Marchan.” (Don’t be outspoken.We’ll be done for) Later another slogan: “Mantriparishad Ma Adhiktam Mahila Hunaiparcha” (We need maximum no. Of women possible in the Cabinet) I overheard her saying “ Yesto kuro po garnuparcha. Yesto thaun ma basera Dadu punyu ko kura ke garnu. (How can we be talking of ladle in a place like this?)

Her friend told someone else: “ Wahan Dadu punyu chodnu hunna re” (She says she won’t be leaving the ladle business) and laughed.

“Kati na usle chadera khana pauchun bhanna thandi ho!” (As if she expects to get to eat by leaving it). Chahine Kura Po Garnuparcha (Talk sense)

Reality bites? I don’t know what to make of the conversation. Maybe she took politics is a big thing, serious talk revolving around ministers and cabinets only. But I’m sure she knew of the price hike effects in the kitchen. And they weren’t talking of giving up cooking altogether either, only expanding horizons. If women ever did give up cooking that would surely be a REVOLUTION! A DHAMAKA. Perhaps its importance would then be realized. I personally hold no grudge against women who LOVE to cook for their hubbies. Now I can’t be jealous of those Lucky Wives just because I have no chance of finding one, can I? hahaha ( this is the effect of debating with Pravs all morning about my Future!!! What can I say to a person who wants to spend her life with dogs! She said accepting defeat..Yahoo) hahahah

Jokes apart. All I wish for is more men like Puku ( hahahaha..hahahah) in our part of the world to help in the kitchen as well. If everyone had the sheer wish to be self-reliant and independent then things would surely be different, wouldn’t they?

Getting back to the slogans..others were

· Mahila Adhikar Manav Adhikar (Women Rights Human Rights)

· Sambidhan Hami Aafain Korchaun (we will write our own constitution)

Yojana Hami Aafain Banauchau (We will formulate the plans)

Purush le ladeko Sambidhan Chahidaina (We need no constitution forced on us by men)

· Aamako Nambata Nagarikta Paunai parcha

I yelled “ Paunaiparcha” in this. Hey, isn’t it so damn irritating to need a “Bau” to get the citizenship when it is the mother that gives birth. I had participated in the one day National Conference On the same subject on Feb 28,2006. The conference was great as there was no blaming men for everything crap once again. And Raghuji Pant’s speech just stood out. Rocked actually. Here is what he said as I have noted in my diary: “Ke Guarantee cha hami afno bau ko santan ho bhanne, Aama nango yatharta ho”. Yah there is the DNA test and all tara dialogue ta tagada mannai parcha. AAMA NANGO YATHARTA HO.

Then the most ridiculous thing happened a cameraman arrived out of the blue there was a complete change in the atmosphere. It looked as though the women had just been offered a Glass of Dabur Glucose. Josh bhadera dhumchakra! As the young man moved backwards his camera focused on the women following him I couldn’t help but laugh. B ji was there with her friend. She greeted me a Hi and smiled. Now that is something to consider as getting acknowledged by the NGO folks is a “Hoina Malai na Namaste gareko ho ra!” sort of event. She just stands out from Phony NGO bums I know…or am forced to say I know. A real smart-ass as well. There was an article about her achievements in the Himal Magazine some months back. Anyways my knowing her is related to the Abortion Presentation…Man so many things related to it..Tyo Abortion Presentation le ta mero jindagi ma upheaval nai lyayo!

Well she was there with her friend and here is an excerpt of their conversation:

“Media aayepachi bhadkinchan bhanthe, Mahila pani testai ta hun ni”. They laughed. She had a meeting to attend she told me and left. We left the place too, me and Roji.

A woman stopped to ask me “ Kun Patrika Bata?” (From which newspaper are you?)

Hahahaha. I laughed. Hoina…kunai bata pani…I told something.

And I am just sick and tired of people asking me that question wherever I go. There is absolutely nothing funny about it as well despite my metallic roar of laughter. It feels more like mockery to me. No ..exact words ma bhannu parda…mero aaalo ghau ma nun-khorsani molera., masala pani thapera haleko jasto lagcha. Manche nachine samma euta damn article ta publish hune chance dekhdina ..Patrika they ask??

If anyone does ask me the same next time. Here is what I will retort: Kantipur bata. Tyo ta mero bauko honi!! Rude? Bal ho. Who cares?


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  1. hey read the article by Manjushree Thapa on the Kathmandu Post. She is as mad as you. Sister power huh?! By the way, nani chai kun patrika bata?? hehehe before you get hopping mad again, I was just kidding. And, well you do already have a loyal following in your blog without getting anything published in anewspaper. That’s an achievement, right?

    Published By twaaks (http://spaces.msn.com/foodforthought/) – May 16 7:48 PM

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