Hitting the road …..yahoo

It was a mélange of laughter and tears.

A pint of drunken men and lalooo conductors.

A Mind-blowing Mind opening Ceremony!!

It was an adventure.

It was the Field trip to Makwanpur and Nawalparasi in the third Semester.

She suffered from a recent heartbreak. The wounds were fresh. The “Chor” had another girlfriend within a week of the break up. Under the quilt, though covered I could see tears roll down her cheeks as she chose to stay back at the hotel. Solitary walk, I was in mood for it. No heartbreaks in my case, no one to remember or forgo but lonely damn lonely that’s what I felt. So I left the room pretending not to hear her (another she) voice echoing after me. Walk, a lonely walk on a cool evening after 7, in Narayanghat. Unknown roads, mild breeze, hands in my trouser pockets, the Adidas jacket I walked past the lighted streets, the dark dusty roads..entered the temple premises. Talked to the stone statue lonely like me. Was back on the lighted street once again. A familiar voice called out my name from the other side of the road. He left the group and crossed the road. “Come join us” he said.

“No am fine on my own.” I declined the request.

Humans fan the flames of loneliness. He did the same…I fought back tears. Let me mock “The me” then. Bichari Zade belabhakhat sarai lonely feel garche! Ke garnu zindagi testai ho. Get used to it babes ma chu ni!! Hahaha

Moods are like the weather, Zade’s especially. A moment of tears, another instant of roaring laughter, After a forty-five minute or so walk on my own was back to the place I’d started from.Dhungs darlin and Sameeta met me in front of the hotel.

“ Where had you been?” Dhungs asked arranging her shawl.

“Walking man. Felt damn lonely”.

All right now?


Sam joined in. They asked for cold drinks. I had a can of juice. We had Fruit and Nuts to complement it. Our hotel was right in front of the bus stop. There was a roundabout nearby. We sat on the sidewalk., stretching our legs, leaning our backs against the railing, relaxed looking at the sky above. It was a lovely night. We tried kicking the can as in ads. But put it in the dustbin finally.

Swinging moods!

Sam vanished into thin air. Dhungs and I strolled in the Bus park area hand in hand. TALKING.

“Hey Adidas” male voices echoed behind our backs.

Men. Baby men. Who have to read everything loud and clear?

We didn’t bother. Moved on.

“ Hello Adidas….didi haru” the voice came from right behind our backs.

We turned around to see a boy of our age.

“ Hernu na maile uniharulai na jiskaunu bhaneko mandai mandainan”. ( I told them not to tease you but they just won’t listen)

“La ta Dhayabad bhai’ (Thank you brother) we replied and kept walking.

“ Tapain haru yeta ko ta hoina hai?” He continued after us.

“Hoina” we replied. (No)

“Kathmandu Bata”. ( From Kathmandu)

He wanted to converse, we (D & I) looked at one another’s face amused. It felt as though we were both thinking about the same thing.

“ Maile wahan haru yahan ko hoina tesaile najiskau bhaneko sundai sundainan” ( I told them not to tease you as you weren’t from here) he continued.

“Thikai cha ni bhai.” I told him. (It’s all right brother). Yehi ho ni keti jiskaune umer. Aram sanga jiskaunu parcha. (This is your age to tease gals, come on do it happily)

Dhungs added Masala to my dialogue.

“Ho ta ni”.

Hera aba timi jasto young manche haru le najiskaye ke garne. Hamro ta palo gaisakyo timi jastai yuwa ko ho jindagani. Ramri keti lai ta jiskaunchan ni sabaile. Budi haru lai jiskayera ke garnu. Aram sanga jiskau! Hera hami ta budi bhaisakyon timi moj gara.

(What else can a young lad like you do other than tease gals? We are the older generation. It is your turn now. After all everyone teases beautiful gals what use doing the same with older women. Relax and keep teasing gals. We have already grown old for such things) we lectured the boy.

“Aannn kahan budi hunu…” he nagged. (Come on, you’re not old)

“ We are man.” We told him in between laughs.

“ Hera timi jasto handsome keta haru Narayanghat ma hunchan bhanne thaha pako bhaye hami aru din pani basthyon hola” Dhungs added. (If we’d known earlier of handsome Narayanghat boys like you we might have stayed back longer!) I stifled my laughter.

“ Handsome..he blushed and brightened up at the same time. Hahahaha.

“Ani didi haru ko naam ke ho ni” (Your names?) he asked.

“ Naam ma ke chara bhai. Naam bhaneko ta sunincha ani birsincha.” (What’s in name boy, they are meant to be forgotten) We guffawed. Thank God! We didn’t reiterate Shakespeare bro to the lad. (Wouldn’t a rose smell as sweet.) Hahaha.

“ Hera hamro kura bhayo, ramailo bhayo. Tehi ho jindagi. Yo kshan bacha. Aru bal ho.”

(We talked, had fun. That’s life. Live this instant.) We philosophized the meeting.

Mauka ma chauka.

Moro pura hero paltina aako thiyo, zero bhayo. We told one another and roared with laughter as soon as he left.

‘Maile najiskau bhaneko!!” A High five in between laughs.

The fun had just begun!!

Sam joined us. We three got on a rickshaw to explore the nightlife of Narayanghat! Hahaha. No sooner we boarded our favorite vehicle we started singing songs at the top of our voices. Loud…and when I say loud it is real loud. We requested the rickshaw dai to take us along the highway, just anywhere. People looked at us on the streets as though we had gone insane. “Oh ho Bahini haru..they said” we stuck to singing in our donkey voices. Hahaha. No I think we sing fairly well in comparison to “Latto Hiphop”. Oh the list is long, If someone ever told me to comment on the music scenario of Nepal I myself would turn into somekind of Non-stop hits program..Bolya bolyai..Whatever.

We passed by a marriage procession. Yelled “ Happy Wedded Life’ to the couple in the car. And man. know what song we dedicated to the Rickshaw Bro:

“Yeh ladka hai Allah kesa hai deewana

Kitna Muskil hai Dekho isko Samjhana

Ki Dhire Dhire Dil Bekarar Hota hai

Hote Hote Hote Pyar Hota hai”


Sam was telling him ‘Hernos Dai, hami yo ride tapain ko jindagi ma kahile nabhulne banauchaun.” (This will be the most memorable rickshaw ride ever!)

Will you forget it? She continued

Never he said.

I don’t think anyone who saw us on the streets of Narayghat singing loud on a lovely night on November 18,2005 will ever forget us. Three Singers on Their Rickshaw tour.

We asked the Rickshaw dai “What’s your favorite song?”

He said. “ Jati hun main.” From Bazigar.

We sang it loud

“Jati hun main, jaldi hai kya

Dhadke jiya,

Wohh.. kyon bhala?

Khud se jo darne lagi ho, Tum pyar karne lagi ho”…

We stopped. And he was like “ Pheri gaonos na”.

It was one helluva Ride.

We got off and got on another Rickshaw and did the same.

Then it was dinnertime. After dinner my classmates were all gathered in a place playing a game. It was like “What I think of you sort”. I stayed at a distance. On the terrace railing observing the sleepy city. Then he came. The drunk and nuts guy.

“Kina Yahah Basirakeko’ (Why are you sittin here?) He asked.

“ Ma pani yahan Baschu” (I will sit here too) he continued.

I told him let’s sit on chairs rather. And then it began. I sat facing this great character and he started talking. Initially I had no idea about him being drunk, as I had never come across any till that date in my life. He was supposed to be talking to me but he was pouring his heart out to every one on the terrace.

“I am hearing everything” Sam told me.

He was talking to me about somebody else. You know the things you hear from “Somebody else’s boyfren” stuff. As he progressed I was like what is this boy doing. Telling me everything about his family, their names, how much he loves them all, how much he loves her….in the end I was like No guy ever told me so much of his life at one shot! The session lasted for an hour or more, I have no idea.

And ya, a clarification people are coming upto me in college and asking who is the He in The Escaped entry, the she? Some others saying..U and Ksh..a Couple!!! Spare me a major Heart Attack guys! I don’t want to die just yet.

I think you merely skim through my writings. Read it, Read it carefully, read in between the lines and don’t come to me with those silly questions!!! A love affair????? ARKO JUNIMA!! Grow up kids guys and gals make great buddies.

N Kamlesh seems to have a serious fan following these days..Jaz loving and feeling the magic of his words, Kali saying “So sad he didn’t write about me”. ..Hahaha.

“ Ke ho Kamlesh dear, ladkiyon ke dil me aag lagarahe ho??”

But you are a chor, I don’t love liars as you do. Dhangadi, Sudeep sir, you made a total fool of me out of me. Just wait and watch my next move!!

Anyways for the Drunk Kissa. I have fun ragging the great man till date!! Hahaha. It was the craziest night ever. The very day we had been to the Botey Majhi’s place and Sundari Ban which seems to be the most resourceful Community Forest in Nepal. And I would love to cut and paste information about it from my report but hey that’s sheer plagiarism!

The next day we visited the Chepang village. And atop the hill after talking to the Chepang woman there, something in us changed, Changed…. we Changed Forever. Hysh sat facing the sloppy hill below, I tried to divert my attention to the magnificent view of the hills to my rights, and the woman left us to feed her ox. The UN dreams vanished into thin air. Grassroots need to work on the grassroots. It struck our minds.

“We oughtta come back here after graduation and live here for some months’ Navin said.

We agreed on it. Know the real Nepal. While we walked back someone offered me biscuits, I hated the thought of having it after wasting the woman’s energy when she had so little to survive on.

“Why? Couldn’t we have given her this packet of biscuit?” I thought.

Then again I had a conflict within myself about the “Need based” and “Rights Based” approach to development. Rights based is a long process, just how many people do we need to see dead before one in the community emerges as a leader to defend them all. Why is the disparity so huge? We walk on the aisle of Bhatbhateni dropping useless Lays, wafers (which we can well survive without) in our trolleys. Marble floors, ATM cards. The woman atop the hill says she is still waiting for the “Ishkush’ to grow bigger.

I feel guilty even as I write this. And guilt is the worst feeling for it gets you nowhere, makes no…. difference at ALL. Oh ZADED the Charlatan, Hypocrite and Pretender. Hey somebody shoot me plzzzzz…

I know not how to continue….but a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do..am to continue being a hypocrite. We walked down the hill and there was a lovely stream, river. Whatever. Everyone was playing on the pristine waters. After all we are but pretenders. We joined in. Initially the Hypocrite Psyche weighed heavily on my mind but as the splashes continued…I felt better enjoying the touch of water on my bare legs, standing on the slippery rocks and splashing Dhungs.. I think I suck. Its what I call Heights of Hypocrisy.

The next day we stayed at a wonderful place in Saurah. Went cycling to the Tharu Village, boating in the Narayani rivers. Kamlesh the hero, swam in his jeans and T-shirt. Later told that the men across the river warned him of being shot! This is what happens when you try impressing gals!! Hahaha

Back to Kathmandu on Nov 20. Home at 11:45 pm. Another adventure in the lonely roads and an encounter with the Black cat looking right into my eyes. I yelled my way home!

Presentation time. The last moment preparations. Our group was the most homogeneous one, equal number of guy and gals. I ended it blabbering all nuisances giving my theory about what would be a better option for Botes Majhis, analyzing their situation and the word struck me “MIND OPENING CEREMONY”. Someone from the audience side showed me a “You Rock” sign. I could see approving glances. Hahaha. They thought we did a wonderful job! We surely did rock as always.

It was the best semester ever. The third one. Debating on the political issues in the class, making our version of the constitution, listening to Somat Sir, getting enlightened in every “Community Development” class, Sudeep Sir’s Globalization article, Participation Debate, Grameen Bank. Those were the days man. Mindblowin ones.

And for this semester. It was too bland for me. Sushil asked me on the NY somedays back “Going for the field trip?”

Of course. I answered. “Pura 4 or 5 months ta kehi gariyena aba ta kehi garaoun”.

On a personal level I really expanded my horizons far and wide. The rallies, the bloggin, the monitoring, going hungry training myself to work as a grassroots Development wala, walking, walking and walking, Pulchowk to Lokanthali, Patandhoka to Tinkune, Baluwatar to Lokanthali, Chabil to Paradise…lot of walking and wondering Why? Why? Why?

But classes. Too bland for a Tangy gal like me. Hahaha. Enjoying life Avi?

I don’t think I will remember anything other than Mishra Sir’s Corruption theory from this sem. Hey we don’t pay some …..thousand plus…bucks per sem just to listen to those boring lectures. Where does money grow, on trees??

We need to be stimulated. Intellectual Stimulation is A must.

Hope the trip provides plenty of it. Though I don’t expect to learn much from Jirels in Jiri. Whatever. Let me hope for the best.

N I woke up at 1:57. have been writing ever since. I was already asleep when I got Hysh’s Sms: All ready? Just finished pakin, can’t wait! At 10:15:47.

Bombshell aka Dhungs babes’ message reads: Sometimes my MIND asks. Why? I LIKE U. Why? I WANT 2 see U. Why? I REMEMBE U Why? U MAKE ME LAUGH. Then my HEART answers It’s Simply bcoz I LUV CARTOONS. ( 21:38:31)

GREAT. Let me see if you can find a better company!! Not in a lifetime hons.

N its 3:45 at the moment.. And guess what?

I HAVE NOT PACKED! Though not a big deal. Still I needa hurry, reach college at 6:30. Oh and the great bath too.

Wish me another Mind Opening Ceremony guys. Now won’t be back by Sun or Monday don’t know that for sure. So Wish “Happy Journey” the telepathy way. Maybe I will receive the vibes on the bus and ya Send a heartfelt “Thank you”!!




N Mr Twaaks I did read the Manjushree Thapa article. I always do and I LOVE HER. YA WOMEN POWER. Thanx for those kind words. Loyal following. Thank you so much!! Hope the Blog God misses me when I’m gone! Hope there is one. N ya here is your answer for Kun patrika: Kantipur. Tyo ta mero bau ko ho ni!!

N for the veggie question. We love paneer, mushroom, beans, vegetables, milk ( even that is termed non-veg these days..animal product re so confused) Tell me how can you guys have animals for lunch! The blood, the bones, the flesh..UGH! sorry but can’t help saying UGH and YUCK! I acknowledge the differences in taste buds but can express myself I guess… la ta ta ta its 4 now the packing and shower..all yet to be done..



  1. Haha, is this a common trait of vegeterians ?? this disgust towards meat product, i have a vege friend and everytime i tell her about my chicken-this-or-that dinner, the response is almost the same, the same disgust, that-almost accusation (probably rightly so). She also adds a line “did you enjoy eating the little birdie”, giving the chicken a tweetie-ish feel … eheh …… my only possible response, “its either me or the damned bird”. I push my knowledge of the meat industry as far as possible. The mass-production of beings not very different than myself, for the sole purpose of being consumed. The raising them in either cubes size slightly larger than their own body, and they excrete on the animal below them, or in a pen where they are literally stacked on top of each other. The giving them the best chemicals, in any form and means so as to get the most out of them. and finally killing them “efficiently”.
    anyways … narayanghar …. the evenings are lovely indeed, for i have spent many a evenings, not exactly there, but in bharatpur. I have cycled through the tharu villages tooooo ….. (eheh, excited) …. the most amazing thing, in one of them i saw a peacock, a tamed one just walking around the village, not in a cage or anything, just walking around. i was amazed. I have even cycled in the jungles surrounding the national parks, trying to find a rhino. my theory being that, whats the fun in seeing a rhino from the top of an elephant … (plus i dont think i had enough money) !! Lucky (for the rhino ofcourse (; ) we didnt run into one …… crossed narayani in a little boat with our cycles crammed there as well …
    have fun ….. on your trip … wherever it might lead …..

    Published By (no name) (http://spaces.msn.com/maggies-farm/) – May 17 7:30 AM

  2. “Moods are like the weather, Zade’s especially. A moment of tears, another instant of roaring laughter…” More like the weather here in New England. They say, if you do not like the weather, just wait a minute! Hehe, I hope notas fickle as that!

    “Moro pura hero paltina aako thiyo, zero bhayo. We told one another and roared with laughter as soon as he left.” – bichara sojho help garna ayeko manchheylai tyesto joke banauna hunchha!! uttaili-haru bhaney hola narayanghateharule ni, aru ke bhannu. 😀

    About the vegetarian question, I like my steak cooked medium rare, cooked on the outside and still pink on the inside and maybe a little blood flows out when I do the first cut. 😀 Hope I did not ruin your appetite.

    But hey, have a nice trip, and have loads of fun. This moment once passed will not come again. The Blog-God’s will definately look over you and we mere mortals will miss your entry meanwhile. And do go easy on the rhino’s elephants and local boys this time.

    Published By twaaks (http://spaces.msn.com/foodforthought/) – May 17 7:55 PM

  3. Hey daz

    Reading this really made me nostalgic. Chepangs, bote majhis, sauraha, elephant ride and of course sudeep sir. Chitwan trip was purely awesome though I came to know certain things after the trip which really upset me. It was a melange of learning, fun and exposure, one trip which I (we) can never forget. I truly enjoyed though at that time we didn’t know each other much.

    And thanks for giving me the darja of Ksh fan. But Ksh you do rock, man. Your writings make me very sentimental. I don’t know why. They are written in such a simple manner yet so heart touching.

    ANi jiri ko trip ko bare ma comment garnu aghi first ill read ur entry then only comment. You Suck!!. Hey readers don’t misunderstand. This is between me and daz. I know u are smiling daz.


    Published By (no name) – May 21 10:49 AM

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