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Nothing to write about? Not really but bigger fishes to fry. Student Duty calls so other than changing my theme and check the blog stats there is nothing more I can do. Well, exams start from the ninth of July and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, Study. All the best Nat col guys: Jaz, Hysh, Dhungz, and everyone. Oh what a Semester! I am just waiting for it to end. Then a brand new semester, a new beginning…
So for the sake of all the unknown visitors to my blog i.e the ones who care to let their eyes at least skim through my writings. Here is something to enhance your musical taste. Well, won’t have the links to downloading it for that takes time, which is not something I can afford either. Still you could do it on your own and have fun. To begin with there’s Shakira’s collaboration with Wyclef Jean “Hips don’t lie”.N I guess it’s high time we banned the single here in Nepal like they did to James Blunt’s numbers in…(I just forgot the country!). It is the chart topper here in KFM and man just sick and tired of listening to it. But Wyclef Jean is just mind-blowing, his previous single a collaboration with Norah Jones “Any other Day” ahh..just forgot the exact name! was just splendid. The other is ‘Where Did you go’ by Fort Minor aka Mike Shinoda of the Linkin Park feat Holly Brook. Good number but a Chart topper in Hits FM, it is surprising.

And Goo Goo Dolls have come up with a new single. You must all know of their hit single “Iris”. If not then what do you listen to? Nyways you can still enhance your musical taste buds. “Inside of you” a new single by Hoobastank is good too, but that depends on what kind of music you like. George Michael’s come up with a new number titled “An easier affair”; I have always loved his music so if you do too then just check it out. GM, Hoobastank…who else? Ne-oy, heard of this new kid in the music industry? I think he rocks, his first album is doing quite well in the billboard charts and I personally love the single “Sick of love songs” and “Sexy love”. Yesterday I happened to watch the video of “Sexy love” and man the kid looks so silly trying to do those sexy moves and all. His dance was weird too!

Moving on, Corraine Bailey Rae is another cool girl in the scene. I didn’t like her “Girl put your records on” single initially but after listening to “Trouble sleeping” I started liking it too. Her songs get a lot of airplay in Hits FM especially. Who else? Flipsyde of course, they have come up with a new single titled “Trumpets” and like all of their previous numbers this is great too. I think they stand out with their cool hip-hop and alternative rock combination. Just the kind of music I Looooove. Don’t forget to check out Daniel Pouter, Ring Side, Carbon Leaf, Everlast too. Now, I can go on and on talking of music because I have no one to talk to it about! None of my friends share the same taste in music. Dhungz not so much into Western Music, the rest are still in Nirvana, GNR days: Born in the eighties and still living in the eighties. What can I say? I have so much to talk about the contemporary music scene other than reveal what’s new! But I can’t, so thank heavens that I Can Blog about it before I suffer from a Muzic Clog in my Brain. Hahahaha
Have Fun! Check out the singles for yourself.
C ya after the exams are over. 🙂


  1. well…those are the men, born in eighties…their music is manly…, yes, some BOYS are coming up with some girly type of music…but what the heck!! these guys r creating cheap music…but do u know where they come frm? these guys are like those stupid stars that shine for a moment and get burned by the sun…band of eighties are the SUN…they are like a northern star…firm and constant…never changing.

    IRIS is one of my fav., though. it’s just that they somehow mangage to create some good music, at times. and that’s good…otherwise how would they survive??

    someone writes the lyrics…someone composes the music…someone sings it, finally; and someone writes about them in the blog and someone writes comment on that…i think the world is going crazy. save the world, God.

  2. you have come full-circle with the themes 🙂 and if you had asked, i would have said i like this one the most…plain BUT NOT pathetic, to borrow your words :-)… won’t talk music though… first i’ve become more and more selective as to what i listen, goes with the age i guess… and more importantly, a lot of the names you mention above are just names to me without much significace…there you go, i said i won’t but talked about it anyway….well, good luck with the exams and i hope thats not an excuse to not update your blog for ages !! ciao.

  3. Hey daz

    Nice write ups. Khas bhannu parne kura ta thiyena tyehi bhaye pani.

    Exam auna lagyo. Padhna nai alchhi lag chha hai. Timi katti ko world cup herdai chhau. Which country do you support???

    Exam ko lagi ramrari padhnu. Timi lai ni ALL THE BEST

    P.S. Daniel Powter ko Bad day kya babaal chha hai. ANi Iris ta jhaan babaaal


  4. hahah thanks guys and Mr MP am more than glad to know you love the theme…hahah yes didn’t want to drive all my readers away so am postin sth interesting..not so much..maybe tara the real session was kool . Have fun and Man Argentina lost. Am so sad 😦 ah I expected a lot more from Cambiaso than to miss a penalty. Man aba ta no Colossini, Sori, what fun watchin the world cup, my sis lai ta jhan pura tragedy pareko cha.. C shed some drops of tears as well, poor ladki vowed never to watch another game too… Man tara tyo Refree chahin CHor Daka nai ho kya. Kasto Biased Buda!

  5. ya, too bad Argentina lost…world cup dream/fever is over for me too…well partly over, as I’ll now go along with my friends here and cheer for England…nun ko sojho garnai paryo ni, haina? plus, if they win (with a Big IF), there are rumours that we might get a national holiday here…a day off in nice summer-weather will no doubt be worth cheering on for :-)…my commiserations to your sis…she shouldn’t be taking these competitions too seriously…plus if you watch Spanish Primera Liga or Serie A, you can watch those Argentinians play every week anyway!

  6. Now England lost too, ah sad that you couldn’t get a Holiday. But I am glad.. and my sis is back in the mood all cheering up for Italy now. She was missing Aimar in the Argentitian team but there is always the Spanish league,I think he plays from Valencia if I am not wrong. But aba ta WC pura European Cup nai bhayo hai. I wish Italy does well but think Portugal are gonna create magic this time as they say God is on the side of the best coach. I didn’t think much of Scolari last time but he made Brazil win, and I think the Portugese team are playing pretty good this time too. So Way to go Portugal! N best of work to the Italians hunks as well, hahaha 🙂 the Germans are kool wit their tall, muscular physique and gore looks ,halka dari complimentin it 🙂 ( Gr8 game and Good Looking Men, We gals are sure lucky!!) But france Man I like Henry N Zigou played well too but not supporting them.. May the most deserving Team Win.

  7. hey zade
    feel like have all the time in the music caught my eyes…sure NE-YO rocks…..he’s the only interesting thing going on nowadays……’leave me alone….’am also humming…’every time u go away u take a piece of me with u’….
    Let’s see..what’s new……Ah! Kailash Kher with his new album ‘Jhoom Kailasa’…

  8. its still me with all the time in the world to waste honey, not yet you! ( got the twin hangover or wat?) ha ha Ne-oy the only interesting thing goin on? how about some jazz for my ears then? think abt it..oh n i don’t care whoever gets under ur skin. LOL n yup kailash kher great as usual..what music is that..ah saiyan..i like the latest by Lata too…i want a change of place, of ppl…everything if possible yaar…oh and that Main jahan rahoon from namastey london is real good too reminds me of……..tyo himesh ghari ghari ta khatrai kam garcha hai?ha ha ha other than the nasal tanhaaaaaaaiyan…

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