The man, the peace process and World Cup

I entered the class. No sooner had I stepped in she remarked ” Oye…ma timro Wagle lai herna aako!”

Mero Wagle???!!! I don’t remember telling anyone My Wagle was coming to our college. I had put it professionally “A Kantipur journalist namely Dinesh Wagle will be here”. I wanted to clarify then and there giving a 100 reasons that he was everything but MY WAGLE!! But I couldn’t!! Hope he didn’t think that’s how I talk of his blog in college going ” Mero Afnai Wagleko blog!”Saro Rag Bhayo Ni Yaar.

At least I can explain it here. He is absolutely not my Wagle! Man, sometime ago S was asking me “How is Wagle?” Look at that, he isn’t asking anything about me but of the one he can know everything about just by typing his name in the World Wide Web. I wanted to reply “Who am I his ammi or biwi?” but I just smiled to say “He must be fine, why don’t you check out his blog, you’ll know it all.” Hope all misconceptions are clarified! Visiting someone’s blog doesn’t make him yours. If it was so then I would have long ago been Kunal aka Aslam of Rang De Basanti’s Girlfriend!! Hahahaha.What a Wonderful Thought!

Wondering why I couldn’t explain it then? It’s because Da Man was standing right behind me!!
“I am Wagle” he replied introducing himself from behind.
“Ooooh God!” she exclaimed burying her head in her hands.
An interesting start I must say.

“Dinesh Wagle, Kantipur Publications” he began the session introducing himself.
Last page, “Kala Ra Saili” (Art and Style). I coordinate the page he continued.
Dhungz sat in the third bench beside the window; I sat in the middle and Jaz to my right next to the aisle. National College, Bachelors in Development Studies, II year, II semester Section B that is where we were.

Clad in a clean white t-shirt with “Batsyayan’s Barbs” written on it, clean shaven, spectacled light brown eyes Mr Dinesh stood in front of our class. Man, He is in our Class! I took my time to convince myself that this was indeed happening right in front of my eyes, and in this very lifetime!!! Wondering why I had difficulty accepting the fact? Hahahahaha, because that was the craziest thing I Ever Did in My Life! Not again, that’s a Promise to myself. But who knows? There is no limit to how crazy you can get, not when you have around 40 years more to live according to the average life expectancy of this nation. 🙂

He wanted to know the youth or “Tanneri” perspective on the ongoing peace process, the high level talk between Girija Prasad Koirala and Prachanda, role of SPA and stuff.
“It is the need of the time”Asish began. With the Maoist out of the jungle, the end of Royal regime and the sidelined political parties the country faced a political deadlock. The Maoist wanted a safe landing so it was to happen. I think we are heading towards a positive direction but the parties haven’t done the required homework for the entire process.”
But the Maoists have been seen to be pretty flexible haven’t they? He asked and clarified himself talking of the Maoists giving up thier stance on a full fledged republic moving on to Contituent Assembly and then even giving up their demand for a party conference. “That’s the catch,” Pradhyumna replied. “Why so flexible all of a sudden?” he expressed his concern. “But isn’t that what we all want?” Aastha turned to her left to ask Pradhyumna “The Maoist to be flexible. I don’t see any place for doubt.”

Conflict has affected everyone of us in some way or the other. So, what occurs to you anytime you listen to the news about the peace process, what does it mean to you? He asked indicating Dhungz for an answer. “Well obviously we have all been affected by conflict. We were the SLC batch whose gave exams with the army guarding our centers. But the way out for lasting peace as I see it is the new constitution to be made. It should be such that each an every individual of this country regardless of the caste, gender, religious differences should be able to find themselves represented in the constitution.”

“I think the Maoist is the catalyst behind this entire peace process. The SPA has been preoccupied with petty matters. They are delaying the entire Constituent Assembly process. They lack flexibility and I even think that this talk is some kind of show for them.” Sumeera voiced her thoughts.
“So does that mean you support the Maoists?” he asked.
“Personally speaking yes” she replied.
“I support their principles but am against the violent way they act” Asish replied.
Everyone agreed with him. “They have a clear vision unlike the parties” was what we all thought.

Yet, I sometimes can’t help wonder if all this flexibility shown by Maoist is only to capture Kathmandu? Jaz said.
‘What can they get by capturing Kathmandu?” Asish asked. “After all it is the mainstream politics they want to be in. I don’t agree with it” he replied.
“Prachanda has already told that they are here because they aren’t capable of attacking Kathmandu.” He added.

So, if you if you were Prachanda how would you bargain in this peace process?
It was Asish again “I would agree to hand over the arms to the UN first”
” I think what most perceive of arms management is that it is only the Maoist’s arms that needs to be managed. But what about the state. Now, if the Maoist is to give up arms like Prachanda said it would be like surrender for them. Why would they agree to it? He asked.
“The state arms have formal records but it isn’t so in the Maoist case. That’s why we need it.”
Here is what the Mathew Kahane had to say about arms management he explained: firstly UN would be helping Nepal to write a Cease Fire Agreement as the current one is not proper. Secondly they would make a record of all the weapons in possession of both the government as well as Maoist. It is easier to track down government records but in case of Maoist it will be a difficult thing to do. And thirdly seal all the weapons of both the state and Maoist. There will be three keys one in the possession of the government, next with the Maoist and the third one with the UN. For the lock to open all the three keys will be required. Do you think this is the best way to manage arms? or do you have any alternatives?

I think it is good but not a pragmatic approach, too time consuming ” Jaz replied.
‘Now if all the weapons are kept under lock and key, how can you ensure security in the nation? Some weapons have to be with the security force.” Asish replied. He took the word out of my mouth.
“The Maoist proclaims that they are the state too.They talk of the “Purano Satta” (old regime) and the “New Satta” (new regime) and they have a separate army too. Wouldn’t they want arms too? How can we do that? How can you ensure a fair and free Contituent Assembly election?
“I think we can have 50-50 presence of both the army and the Maoist in all the areas where elections are being held.” Suman spoke out.
‘But how is that possible? The State has a huger army.”
” I doubt how much control the state has over the army in the first place?” Pradhyumna said.
” Yes, no sooner Prachanda talked of reducing the army number the army chief issued a statement they vehemently disagreed with what he had to say and there was clash of ideas when the Maoist leader talked of the army being a good for nothing but only raping women and torturing people. If it is under the SPA why do they not speak for it?”
Bikash held a different view on the arms managament issue. “It’s not about keeping the arms under lock and key. It is more of gaining the trust of the people that no future armed conflict will occur in the nation. We met a Maoist Commander in Jiri and what he said was they could always make weapons on thier own as they had the skill and resource. So, do you think there will be no arms?”
“That trust is an emotional thing” we said. “We could handle the army like Gagan Thapa said by making Baburam Bhattarai the Home Minister itselft” Asish suggested. Anyways everyone agreed to the Mathew Kahane version of arms mangament though a long, long process.

So what do you think of the Maoist being in the Interim Government?
“How can they be in the Old regime and new regime at the same time?” Asish said. We nodded our heads in agreement. “They should give up their stance of having a second state in the country first.”
“But I think they should have been included from the very beginning,” someone said. “After all the should have equal say in the political process and they would have a pressure to act more responsibly once in the government. Maybe even give up their Old and new regime differentiation and act more committed to the 8 point agreement as well.
We The People Talking About Politics and FootballWe The People Talking About Politics and Football Pic by Wag

Asish gave a fine answer to “What is Constituent Assembly?” question. ” Pachas barsa dekhi ko pyas tara.. marabhumi ko mrigatrisna..” he said and we applauded for him.
The debate heated with the mention of going for a Constitutional Monarchy or heading for a Democratic Republic. The majority was for constitutional monarchy. Absolutely powerless was the logic. “But isn’t the tag “Raja” or king itself a sign of power?” Diwas asked.
“Now if we are to entangle with words, why Ratrapati ?” Neelima replied back. “Let’s talk of the provisions”.
“Nepal isn’t ready for such a drastic change’.
“Ok change is a gradual process but that doesn’t mean we should be opting for something wrong just because change takes time.” Sameeta fired back.
“Then what do you plan to do with the Royal family then?” any ideas? The CM supporters asked the non-supporters. It wasn’t replied.
“Yes we don’t want to see Paras as the King. Let them be plain citizens. We decide their lifestyle, we decide on everything. Let’s try them in the court for their atrocities but they will be there. Plain Namesake. We can’t be killing them?”
“Haven’t we seen what happened in the last 250 years?”
“We learn from mistakes. Power provisions brought problems. No power no problem.”
“In the end that is what Nepal’s political system will be like Democratic Republic. Maybe after 50 years, but not right now.”

The session ended.
Let’s talk football then. What do you find more interesting? He asked. Football or Politics?
“Politics” was the first answer.Its an everyday football. One day and so much change. Male voices started debating on it later.
So, who do you think will win the world cup?
“Argentina”, some said. “Germany” others replied. “Brazil’ was an unstated choice.

Then it was photo session in front of our world cup posters in class.
Man, he took soooooooo many pics that we almost died of posing and faking it all.
“Photo birsera Samabedana ko muni publish hola” Suman joked.
“Ya the headline might be Flash Dwara Hatya” I added.
We laughed, we grinned, we faked a smile, we made queer faces, raised our fore fingers to signify we were one and united, did this, did that but the session just wouldn’t get over. It finally did. And the girls were complaining to me ” Yaar, didn’t know there would be such a long photo session. Would have come prepared then! “We laughed. I didn’t know that myself. The same guy was asking why so many photos in another session and here he was ensuring that we never faced the camera ever again our life!
The camera session ended with him taking the video of us singing “Happy Birthday To You Aastha!” I would like to wish Bishal, Bishalji, ok Mr Bishal hahaha a very Happy Birthday too! Keep up your sportive and youthful spirits alive Man!! We’ll sure be there to watch you in action. All the best for the basketball games.

It was a good experience. Though I think we beat around the bush a lot. That must have been due to the fact that we don’t have any platform to talk about politics. So if anyone asks us any question relating to politics we vomit every single political opinion we hold. When the question is about peace process we talk of monarchy, and while taking of monarchy we go back to arms management!

We The People Talking About Politics and Football

Wag among us Pic by Jaz

I think Mr Wag will be writing about it too though its not posted yet. Check his blog for the version with pictures. To end it all on a lighter note here is what a friend of mine had to say about Mr Wag: ” Keho yaar wag ta atti babal rahe cha ni malai ta atti cute lagyo ni, la la timro competition ma pani………” hahahaha 😆 Ok dear girls I am not in the competition at all. He is all-free, take a chance and take a shot! N Try your luck. Hahahaha but I don’t know for sure if he is single or not. His birthday blog says he is happily in Love, so maybe we should all wait for his next birthday blog which is March 1 for he seems to talk only of neutral issues even in his personal blog. Hmm very much tight lipped about his personal affairs I must say. Oh…but he is the Blog King, we jhare can’t understand the Stars, can we?? Two lives: Private and Public. And don’t they say: Girls like Reserve Guys! Now whoever those girls might be, I don’t belong to that gang for sure. 😉

Happily Single For Life! N Puppies Mama!!!! Hahaha 🙂
Lala Rock on Dudes. Just practicing “Citizen Journalism” as he suggested. Gotta get back to Studies.



  1. oie karkey tailay ta pura discription deko raichas ni ta. hey sale i dont think it was necessary. after all jasmine is also in competition with you ni ta. ani aja ta tailay malai mahan banera lajjaspath banai halis kay garnu.ani i think you must even write about our coffee date ni. wagle odering 2 cups of coffee and clicking photographs and you again tryiong to delete it. Mr wagle lay ta sab photos with all horrible smile send gareko raicha. i suggested him to participate in Mr Nepal. he will surely win the award for best smile ha9ina. kay cha ta tero bichar. ani class ma kay kay bhayo ko bistar pani rakhihalischas jhaina. ok ok aba padnu paryo ni ani exam pachi hamro coffee date in thamel ta cha dai cha ni

  2. Welldone Zade! Congrats for winning ‘Blog Race’ with Mr Wagle!
    I m great fan of his Blogs but nowadays he is lagging behind. I dunno the reason: whether its u gals or WC Football keeping him BZ!
    Yup, Mr Wagle looks ‘cute’ minus his Daadhi.
    Did u asked him who advised him to clean shave?
    He did not bother to listen any girly advice but he seems to be persuaded by Dr Giri, and think it is working like a hell!
    If u gals continue fighting over ‘cute’ Mr Wagle, impeding him from updating his blogs; I m gonna advise him to keep his Daadhi again!!
    I m not zealous over his present looks n personal affairs, only thing which bothers me is: his defeat on the ‘blog field’, even by an amatuer like u!
    ha ha ha!
    Plz Take it ez Zade!………nothing personal….! But keep on Blogging!

  3. Oye sale dhungana taile ta Wag lai sarai rag garis ni, all top secret coffeedates reveal gardera!! hahaha N wag must have been too danga by seeing ur innocent photogenic face. Ke garnu “Ramra Jati Hamra Hundainan”…hahaha ani arkako Boyfren ra Girlfren takne bani pakka ramro hoina not even in this 21st century of Cradle Robbers 🙂
    Ani Wag Fan hahah I am surely not racing with Mr wag!! We gals aren’t keeping him busy for sure, maybe he has bigger fishes to fry , aba ye thula bada ko kura bhujnai garo cha! N no dear we are absolutely not fighting over Mr Wag!! come on gals of the 21st century don’t fight for Boyz! We sure have better things to do ovisiouly hahahaha which is think of our Career…ah wish we could all be taken by the UN or some hi-fi INGO. 🙂 Sb is sure to have one hell of a time reading this! And takin of Wag wit Dari and without Dari I think the man Looks Absolutely Dashing in any case. I guess I have the freedom of expressing my opinion abt looks without being condemned of Running after Him! So you can tell him to keep Dari, I couldn’t care any less 🙂 N Dhungz I sure think he should go for Mr Nepal or Mr Journalist competition…he would surely be voted the most Eligible Bachelor in ToWn i.e if he isn’t having a mindblowin ride on his Love Xpress Train! 😉 After all I am all for men with stylish DAri ! Ah..n of course I am glad you commented whoever you are dear….Wonderful people like you keep the blog running. CHillax, I am all Kool N you too Rock On Dude! 🙂

  4. Dear Zade,
    I do respect ur freedom of expression, Mr Wagle’s right over his own ‘DAri’ and individualism as well.
    I don’t think myself as an ‘out dated’ dumb but sometimes I do feel going out of track of the new trend. Anyway, I feel great – a bright new generation of urs is here on the net to keep me updated thru Blogs!
    I appreciate ur job online!
    Keep on Blogging!

  5. First, interaction with you tanneris on politics and football was very much interesting and a refreshing experience for me. The best thing about my job (journalism) is that I meet so many interesting people while at work that I really don’t feel like working. Yes, it’s challenging but certainly a fun too.

    I can clearly see that a few paragraphs about me in the above posting full of flattery but they are written in a wonderful ‘craftwomanship’ with a mastery over sense of humor. And that makes feel relaxed. I must say the blogger rocks and I appreciate how minutely she has tried to note down what her friends said in the discussion and presented them in a convincing manner.

    “So if anyone asks us any question relating to politics we vomit every single political opinion we hold.

    Line of the month!

    When the question is about peace process we talk of monarchy, and while taking of monarchy we go back to arms management!

    A mirror to what happened that day in the room! I like the fact that most of the folks were genuinely opinionated and politically conscious. I was pleasantly surprised to hear serious arguments from those whom I initially underestimated (in terms of politics!).

    I agree with commentator above that Zade has emerged out as one of the finest bloggers and yes won the race. Over the months I have become a big fan of her blogs and the blogger herself!

    The spirit that I find in blogs like Zade’s keep me energizing and I try to update UWB or Wagle Street Journal as and when I get time from my job at Kantipur. Yes the situation has changed for good and there is no need to be a 24 hour blogger running after rallies. Still blogging has become a passion and I hope to continue it as long as I don’t feel like damn tired.

    Thumbs up to all those who participated in the discussion, to Daz the blogger, her jikri Dhungs and the commentator no. 2.

  6. Hey daz

    Keho yaar timi le ta full coverage diyou ni ta discussion program ko bare ma. Timro yo blog ke wag le ni padh chha??? Wag le bhane jhai hami 10- 12 jana ma ta euta bishaya ma esto argument hunchha bhane politicians haru ma kasto hunchha hola hai. Yesto awastha ma how can we practice the concept of participation and social inclusion??? I don’t think one representative can represent the whole represented group. Individuals are dynamic and so everyone’s voice cannot be put into the mainstream. Even in the concept of practicing participation, there will always be some sections of people who will always be left out whether they be marginalized, youth or the urbanites.

    Yesko bare ma ke charcha garne dherai hai. Hami le ta esko bare ma charcha garna hamro whole life chha hai after all we are now development practitioners.

    Hamro lai ta ahile hot discussion bhaneko ta exam ho jun chahi hamro agadi nai ai sakyo. Mata tyehi development ko definition ra communication ko definition padh da padhdai wakka huna lagi sakyo yaar. Yehi euta concept ani hajarau definitions.

    La la daz timi ni khatra padh dai chhau hola hai. All the best!!!

    P.S. Plz wag bhetyo wa kura garyou bhane maile HI bhaneko chha bhani dinu hai. 🙂

  7. Phew, this terrible Birami computer of mine! Wrote a long comment and it vanished into thin air. Anyways Jaz thanx man because of ur sms I couldn’t help myself from seein what new comments had been posted in my blog! Tara didn’t reply to ur sms sorry hai, yaar have got only Rs 4.20 in my cell, so am a total kangalpati at the moment. Hope u check tis comment when u need a break from studies.
    So, let me begin by welcoming the man in my blog! Apne hamara blog ko comment ke liye kabil samjha aur hamara dil garden garden ho gaya! 🙂 Look at this guys The Blog Propounder in Nepal is in my baby Blog! Doesn’t that Rock! Ma ajja hasera marna ati sake 😆 , am sure ppl around me are irritated by seein that silly smile on my face! Btw everyone the news is published in Pg 7 of Kantipur wit our photo whr we are raising our forefinger signifying unity and goal two in One. And all of my frens are danga, Kamlesh is glad his “Gender is all about endangering men” is there, it begins with Asish’s comment and moves on to others…so guys we have turned into stars! Dhungz was tellin me she was receivin calls from her relatives from the morning, talk about stardom! Be sure to carry a pen in ur bag if u r going out guys, who knows bato ma autograph magne haruko bhid lagna sakcha!! hahahah ma ta dentist kahan janu cha so am goin all prepared with babbal pens ..hahahahahaha Ani mathi Wag seems to have done my Mahima Gaan aba ma ke bhanu, All I can say is Bisesh DHANYABAD!, PHUL KO ANKHAN MA FULAI SANSARA. 😉 N am more than glad to know my blog is some kind of refreshment to you man. That is exactly wht I want my blog to do, paste a smile on people’s faces: even if you wear braces or have a perfect denture! Hahahaha like me.
    Ani Dhungz darlin malai chahin sadhai taile babbal garnu parcha matra bhanchas, tara espali taile 3.67 or more layauchu bhaninas bhane thaha cha ma ke garchu, in our Thamel date plans after exam am goin to order icecream in cone and then makin both the scoops of ur Strawberry n vanilla combination and mine choc n 21 lov comb roll on the table like football, makin my pizza and knife both fly , ordering many straws saying cold coffee nai tandaina, and then throwing momos at sb else’s tables. Making u embarrased like hell 🙂 talai ta thaha cha ma ke ke garchu bhanera so ta jasto babbal keti sud score nothin less than distinction! U Rock Dude. ta jasto ramri keti ma bandar ko kasari sathi bhako hola hai? Acchamma Lagcha.
    Ani taile bhaneko jastai ma tyo “Towards earth Summit 2002” Gender Equity Briefing Paper padera pura psycho bhaye thaha cha. Padchu ani risutcha. Man 70% of 1.3 billion of poor are women ani that frightenin statistics of one woman is battered in every 15 secs in the USA by her intimate partner, 100 million gals suffer from genital mutilation every year!! Malai ta padha padha yeti risutcha ki wish I knew a few bad guys myself so that I could beat em up and bring down the damn ratio. And that sex- selective abortion, Amartya Sen ko article kool hai saying it is high-tech sexism. And Jaz ma pani Dev communication ko that dependency model padha padha wakka bhaisake! I didn’t understand that “Ideological State Apparatuses” ( ISA) thing, hey guys if you do then plz help me get it hai. Oh ho.. ma ta blog mai exam dina ate! hahah hope didn’t bore u guys. Still only 7 days to go so the tension and presure is sure mounting. and my new neighbor who plays his stereo too loud day in and out, I think it just stopped isn’t helpin my Chat padhai session as well! la la gotta head back to the Dependency Model again.
    rock on dudes and Thanks Wagle Fan dear, its good to have people who don’t know me yet like my writing or whatever I attempt to write 🙂 . Its so encouraging for an amateur like me!!
    Rock On Dudes. And may the Tanneri Guff session get more and more interesting as u visit more colleges in KTM Mr Wag. Rock on!
    And the line of the Information age is ” I BLOG, DO YOU?” 🙂 Howwzat? should have a t-shirt made wit it I guess! 😉
    Adieu 4 today.

  8. tero latest entry khai ta. i was so excited to read it but could not find so there is nothing to comment. exam lay apgal huna matra baki cha ba. ani every sees me with notes in my hand and it seems that i am studying babal but i only know the reality that i have read nothing anf you pagal ladki thinks tht i read so systematially, i think you are too good to see things and always finds good things only in every one. any way i dotn want to write long yar nindra lagi rako cha so by by

  9. Man, I AM IN LOVE WITH GROSSO!! yAHOO! 🙂 Finally in love!!
    What A GOAL!! Hansy ho to aisa yaar! My Man of AcTion!!
    Hey guys, am heading for Italy, NOW!! HAHAHA.
    Way to go Hunks!! 🙂

  10. Hey daz

    hera na mero ta christiano ronaldo mathi babaal crush parera kya tension bhai sakyo.

    Padh na khoj chhun, usko mukh jhaljhali yaad auchha. jhan hijo ko match ma hare pachhi royeko dekhe pachhi ta ma ta jhan fida.

    yo crush ko chakar le ta malai marna lagi sakyo. maro ta jindagi bhar nai crush parda pardai biin chha jasto chha.

    lala ramrari padhnu

  11. And what do you think of Obadiah Shoher’s arguments against the peace process ( )?

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