Phew, How are the preparations going on dudes? Am going insane, by this last moment studies. And an unknown voice seems to be telling me “ Khub Blogging garis hoina, hmm ani andolan, rally ma ni khub kudis, khub coffee pani khayis ani rinbhar ma churlumma dubis 🙂 ani ghar aauna pachaina nidais, aba Exams ma Aalo kha” Hahaha. That is all I can do, laugh at myself!! Poor me, seems like I am not even securing a Bachelor’s Degree this way. Anyway hope you are in a better state of affairs dudes. But if you are seeking some last moment exams tips then here are a few from ZaDe (hope u don’t flunk practicing these!)

Tip No. 1: Maintain a distance of 50m or so from MANGOES! More than one a day equals dozing off half the day! Trust me the Mango Maniac 😆

Tip No 2: Rise and Shine as soon as you get a “Missed Call” from Asish at 3:30 or so in the morning. For God’s sake it is the End Semester Exams! How much can you sleep 🙂 while I doze off at 9 itself!

Tip No 3: Switch off your cell (esp. for my Jikri Dhungs) if the sms you receive from your exam pals (they turn frens when exams are around the corner) asks you questions like “What should I study?”
Man, is that a question! It’s the Final Exam and you Are Asking What You Should Study?
My answer for those people is: “ 6 mahina samma Hajur ko dhyan Kata thiyo? College ma Hatti ka note bheti chadauna aako Ho?” (Rude isn’t it? But what can you do if you receive such sms and calls every minute like dearest Dhungs, my sympathies with you yaar)

Tip No. 4: Strictly for myself!! Switch off the damn Cell phone!
Problem: The switch off button just doesn’t work.
To avoid calls from your Long Long Time No See Buddy who talk to you for a straight 1 hr 45 mins even after reminding him its exam time and that refreshment so long isn’t desired either! So what does the jikri talk of “HIS LOVE LIFE” of course. Tells you how he felt faceless after his first smooch re, He says: “ I felt as though I didn’t have a nose, ear a weird feeling”. You begin to enjoy the conversation because he is so frank with you. But then it moves on to this:” Do you still dress up like guys or you have changed? Fat –thin? We should meet.” (Btw he called yesterday too to repeat this same dialogue Dhungs.What’s with my dress up sense anyways?)
And you reply: “Ya am still the same. But I wear braces now so not so much of a sight anyways.”
He goes: “Keta ta pura handsome bhako cha (I have grown handsome!!) Timile taklau but no chance!! (You might want to make a pass on me, but you don’t stand a chance!)
And you want to say: “Oh yeah, I already have a boyfriend!” But don’t even have the guts to lie so laugh unwillingly and reply: “Oh yeah, I don’t have time to make passes either!”

What’s with guys these days? Anything wrong with loose t-shirts and jeans? Don’t they know of Unifashion! DUH! Still living in the 18th century? And if you readers are wondering why the focus on clothes when he seems to be attacking my single status more. This is why:
He told me how it all started. “First time I saw her after months of mailing sessions, she was clad in a kurta, braided hair. Didn’t catch my eye at all, I didn’t even feel like talking to her as well..was somewhat disappointed. Then the second time we met she wore a tight t-shirt and jeans. Man! That was one helluva a sight!! Hmm that doesn’t mean I will be clad in the same to Meet Him of all the people in the world! hahahah

To end it all, a guy friend of mine once told me: “Boys seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses. To which I replied: “Girls who wear glasses are beyond the reach of guys who merely make passes.” Howzzat!



And for the ones who need to give the last sem exams too here is an inspirational quote: Success lies in how high you bounce when you strike the bottom!

For the toppers: Keep wishing you could score more than a G.P.A of 4.00. 😉

For the ones who feel like a mediocre me included:
Remember only the mediocre are at their best at all times!! 😉
So what, in the middle but let it be a distinction nevertheless!!




  1. My best wishes to the examinees. Yes, yes, follow all the tips (but let the cell right if the switch off button is not working. Why not set the ring tone into beautiful numbers..! Bryan Buda, where are you? Enter inside the cell and give her best of yours.)

    Padhe kaji, napadhi paaji bhanchhan… But even Kajis (by birth) need to study hai 🙂

  2. Hahahah 🙂 what a nickname!! I must agree. Bryan Buda’s songs indicating the call of sb who rags me for not standing a chance of having a bf!! No Way! I can’t insult bryan buda that way!! Though won’t stick to the kaji thing,not after reading Marx budaz prolitariat and bourgeous( spellin confuse bhayo) stuff 4 sure!! Tesh mati Nepal ma Loktantra aako cha. Mero kehi khairiyat Chaina!! hahah 🙂 Majja le khaja khanu! 😉

  3. actually mailay tero entry padeko chaina and i commented without reading it yar. i just saw best of luck and i was sure that it was all about exam and it is. and you chipa rustam u chai read babal in home and always listens to neughbours loud music in chat ko tuppa and here u are worried for ur exam. u are too much. of have fun with padosan ko music. u are jikrri of all and i thin u are over loaded with eery ones secrect and yes of course i am also in that list.

  4. haha 🙂 kya dialogue maris gadha. Tero comment huna pako chaina kasai kasaile malai phone gardubhako thiyo .
    ‘You are overloaded with every ones secret”
    Line of the Day! according to the Mahapurush.
    Sale, malai rag garchas ta chahin didi sanga bahira gayeni, bike ma hyunkiyera ktm duleni babbal garihalchas. tara talai merai Best Wishes chahiyeko le .. here is it darlin “Best of Luck and Work” Talai matra. Sure u ta topper tis time. Why should we aim less. Asti ta padhai na padera po ta jhare bhako, aba ta hamro palo ho yaar. And NDs ma treat pakka, tero tarfabata. hahaha mata jindagi bhar arkakai khayera Marnebhaye jasto cha! 😉 Ghar aayera Gender ko tyo lamo handout hernu, ani malai psycho message na patha, talai maridinchu! hahaha ani jach nai hundaina 😉 hahaha ..lala everyone must be thinking I am a serial killer. sab lai marchu bhandai hidne.. Loads of Love to you Paaji.
    And all the Best. You were born to win.
    You Rock, You rule! Go Get It Dhungz. THe World is your Oyster! 🙂 and am always there with you, Loaded With Your Secrets..make it everyone’s Secret! hahah 🙂

  5. hey zade……

    all the best for the exam…but i know its ur last exam today
    any ways all the best and wish me all the best coz its my first exam today

  6. Hey Sajjan all the best for your exams hope it kickstarted well. All the best and do convey my Good Luck to Sushant and Roshan as well. Ah.. .. hami ta third year yaar, can’t believe it!! Time sure flies thahai nabhai Budo bhaiyecha! 🙂

  7. Hey Zaded,

    I have been working on a couple of projects while here that I may need a little help with, and I am hoping that if I have gotten to know you a bit through your blog, that you may be just the one to help me out! I couldn’t find any contact info to email you, so the ball is in your court.

    Drop me a line and I can explain it further, maybe I can at least treat you to coffee or something…. It would just be nice to meet such an independant Nepali woman!


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