A psycho Song!

Some things are better untold,
Some mysteries never unfold
Which one is this is for you find out and for me to know!….
Go Psycho reading the lyrics buddy! Listen to it its better. LOL 😉
Sorry readers, sometimes I have the illusion that my blog is still private! 🙂

P TOP – P B… – Patti Smyth & Don Henley Lyrics –
Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough Lyrics
Listen to this song, click here

Now, I don’t want to lose you, but I don’t want to use you
just to have somebody by my side.
And I don’t want to hate you,
I don’t want to take you, but I don’t want to be the one to cry.

And that don’t really matter to anyone anymore.
But like a fool I keep losing my place
and I keep seeing you walk through that door.


But there’s a danger in loving somebody too much,
and it’s sad when you know it’s your heart you can’t trust.
There’s a reason why people don’t stay where they are.
Baby, sometimes, love just aint enough.

Now, I could never change you, I don’t want to blame you.
Baby, you don’t have to take the fall.
Yes, I may have hurt you, but I did not desert you.
Maybe I just want to have it all.

It makes a sound like thunder, it makes me feel like rain.
And like a fool who will never see the truth,
I keep thinking something’s gonna change.


And there’s no way home, when it’s late at night and you’re all alone.
Are there things that you wanted to say?
And do you feel me beside you in your bed,
there beside you, where I used to lay?

And there’s a danger in loving somebody too much,
and it’s sad when you know it’s your heart they can’t touch.
There’s a reason why people don’t stay who they are.
Baby, sometimes, love just ain’t enough.

Baby, sometimes, love… it just ain’t enough.
Oh, Oh, Oh, No.



  1. I duuno abt others- but for me I do read ur Blogs, since I like ur ‘direct from heart on the paper’ principle of writing! u dont need to change it! Why r u bothered abt others? u r not writing ‘research paper’ short of things here! People will get whatever stuff they want fm other sites – philosophy, politics to pornos! …the net is already full of such craps!

    I m not in the position to comment on ur affairs with Kafka; I havent read him yet. ..had heard abt him b4 but felt ‘compled’ to put his name in internet search engine. After reading his short biography on the net – think he is not kind of writer, which I like! I seldom read a fiction, unless somebody reccomends it to me or I dont find any other book to read. Once, I used to read whatever ‘printed’ comes across, regardless of subject, writers…. Yudhir Thapa to Tolstoy! But nowadays dunno why I cant digest fiction. Recently one of my buddies advised me to read ‘Heart of Darkness’ and it was on the ground that it is written in ‘serofero’ of my current whereabouts. Somehow I managed to read it, but couldnt understand where the heart of the book lies! Sorry Mr Tolstoy, ‘War and Peace’, a great work of urs is with me for years, but I havent read further of few first pages of it!

    Probably, its due to the ‘philosophy’ of the writers, which they try to impose on me, I dont like reading fictions! …or I dont have enuf ‘bheja’ to grasp their ‘ great philosophies’! Anyway I m looking for some of Kafka’s works, if I can manage to read them, I’ll tell u what I feel abt him!

    People say that ‘mind’ is like machine – very calculative, thinkin always about the gain n loss; but the ‘heart’ knows no mathematics- n whatever comes fm the heart is always true!

    Dont use ur brain Zade!(ha… ha…. I wont say it – sounds ‘psycho’) but would like to ‘request’ u to continue writing direct fm heart! If u will try to please others, ur writing will not depict true picture of urs ….it will be something ‘plastic’, far fm reality…like underdeveloped body part of a model- which they ‘digitally inhance’ on the photos….(sorry if I sound vulgar, feelin ‘psycho’)

  2. Straight from the Heart! What about making tht my tagline! To begin wit seeing two comments here was like ” Ppl surely read my blog” kind of thing for me! Weird but I was excited and nervous at the same time like a first time blogger! Hey, what’s with me? Maybe its my bloggin rebirth 🙂
    Kafka is more of Demagogue( my sis)’s influence on me than Kafka himself! And I think we psychos can all look up to him as his very statement ” I am here more than that I do not know further than that I cannot go’ made me psycho to such extent that I chose it as my introduction earlier..and even now..its has both the realistic approach and that “what use dreamin’ element ( can have innumerous interpretations but well…that’s wht I perceived) ..it creates ripples in the calm waters of my mind…So kool!
    N Tolstoy reminded me my own experience wit his works…we had to read his stories in some xtra Eng stuff back in school..and I still remember his “Two old men” …I even read his “Anna Karenina” way back in the 8th grade, was a real fat book 812 pgs, tiney winey handwriting, completed in two weeks and even learnt some Russian from it. But apart from the fact that both Anna and Tolstoy died in a railway station( Read it in Wisdom) I remember absolutely nothing! I don’t know why I read it in the first place as I couldn’t make out anything of the book even then! Perhaps I was born psycho! With age my reading habits have declined and I don’t even the last book I read! God, I am showing signs of Old Age! 🙂 Rt now…Am readin Khaptad Swami’s “THe science of thought” and another book on Vaastu….Non-fiction 😉 . But am all for Fiction too. I would read a Nancy Drew if sb gave it to me even now! Opps hope tht’s not like making fun of myself. Who cares? i speak straight from the heart. I can’t do otherwise too, for its obvious I have no brains! hehheheh 🙂

  3. ~ Opinions are just like a$$h0!_3$, everybody has one. ~
    I remember Clint Eastwood saying that dialogue in one of his movies… His dialogues fascinates me more than his movies!!! But It is not the dialogues I want to talk about here… Its all about opinions!!!…:o)
    I once commented on a public forum about a writer’s writeup!!! and still that writer ignores my posting in that forum whenever I try to have a nice talk-up!!! Maybe somethings grow just complex because of some juvenile opinion you have…..
    But a human I am and opinion I have all the time…:oP
    What really fascinate another human in some fiction or non fiction is how she/he can relate herself/himself to the write-ups. Some write-ups u just feel homely in the first touch, some you can’t go forth the third page!!! For me Ur blogs are just like I go on and forth all the time and I discover new(or old..) things every time…..Maybe thats what they call a homely feeling!!!!
    Maybe that is because the philosophy how we see some things coincides and there lies the niche of my reading and your writings…
    Its the freedom with which you write makes readers like us feel there is some hope left for PSYCHOS like us …:oP….and We are not ALONE!!!…:oD…
    Anyways the world is full of Psychos in one way or another…just like us, and always hoping to find some other psychos we can relate to!!!…;o)
    Well and If you are still bothered with other people’s opinions…then here is a little song for you(although I have voice that can attract some dhobis…:oP)

    “कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे,
    लोगोंका काम है केहना,
    छोडो इन बेकार कि बातोंको,
    कहिँ बित न जाए रैना!!!”

    Although this was song for different context in that movie, I hope it coincides here too..:o)
    So much for the OPINIONS!!!
    But still It was,
    Direct from my heart…
    (Thinking If I should start a Psycho blog too..:oP)

  4. ??????????


    I need some concentration!!

    getting ‘psycho’, will think tonight after couple of beers n post a comment ‘straight fm heart’!

    sorry for usin a ‘fake’ e-mail add here…I m usin somebody others computer now!!

  5. a good theme choice…connections has been one of my favourite wp-themes, and z x-press is looking very sleek and professional in this theme 🙂

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