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Psycho….. A word with such negative contations; yet who hasn’t seen themselves in that mirror before? Anyone who would say otherwise is just blind to their own possible reflections!
Now let me see who proclaims to be dwelling outside the Realm of Psychos! Thanks Rene.

I for one thought that I had been cured with so much concern about my mental well being but seems like “Psycho” has Black hole traits. Unescapable, I move on from one psycho act to another. For instance writing in Nepali. Hehehe. Btw let me reveal the great secret, I don’t know Nepali typing :). But its not like I first wrote it in English and then someone else translated it into Nepali like some of my friends thought. Hehe.. I can write in Nepali though I lack practice and still find lot of words like “Ghumlunga pareko sweater” strange and laugh when people ask me “Kahan cheu”.Nevertheless I have a Private Nepali vocabulary which includes words like “Gappe”! It means…..serious….hahaha. Like your passport size photo. 🙂

Hmm but writing the article below was fun! Hope none of my relatives ever utter that “Only Daughters” dialogue ever Again!! It just reached the climax when an oldie told my Mom “You should have a son” A few weeks ago in a Bratabanda ceremony! Malai ta Budi Ko bangara jhardina man lagirathyo but ya pretended not to have heard it! No use reacting either “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Anyways I plan to have a Football Team of Daughters if this high tech sexism of Sex Selective Abortion Continues! Wish Me Luck!! HAHAHA

My Favorite tshirt...It says it All!

The responses were cooler. I had only opened my eyes in the morning when I received an sms reading:

“Waw! Gagan Thapa ko article tala arko netri ko artical raicha!”

I replied ” You sure are very fast”.

N I couldn’t have expected an answer smarter than this:
” Ma sikshit chu, jaagir khanchu, ghar samhalchu..ani fast ta hunnai paryo ni! Hehehe ”

Another friend called me and her last words were ” Ani ma chahin pakka dadu punyeu ko kura gardina” She is a Mindblowing Cook!

I just checked my mailbox and man I JUST LOVED the responses I received. Some five or six of them and that Feels Sooooo Good judging by the fact that I am just a nobody from nowhere and yet they mailed me!! I will reply back to all of em’, increase my gmail real ID circle or rathertell them to visit my blog! Hey that’s easier then we could all discuss it here 🙂 .. I just know how it feels to be sending emails and later regret doing it because you don’t even receive a smiley for an answer…THat’s Rude. N blog readers sorry for not responding thy cool comments will do that after this..

For now let me continue with the responses:
One girl two years my senior writes:
“You had written BESHYA BRITI IS ALSO SHAMmaNIT PESA. SAMAJ TYAHA PUGI SHAKYO. OHO DEAR FRIEND u don’t have right to randomly to do analist of society ko k. u can do like that service, u have think deeply, ra kohi sex worker lai shodha , is she really can do pride from her work.If they can hatmukh jodna aru kam garera kohipani mahila tyasto kam garna chahadainan, u have todo reserch k sister. “

Another reads:

“I really liked your all explanations about women characteristics of NEPAL and couraging them to change on their think. I think you must differ from all of this characteristics according to your statements and we(Nepalese) need such types of people to revolute all women’s charactoristics and their think and thinking style. But one thing the most important is do as you say for ‘think revolution’ which results the actual change.”

I differ ya for sure…I will Never Ever Be A Scared Cook in the Kitchen. For starters I rather scare people with my culinary skills than be scared myself. And for me Men who can’t cook aren’t “Men” at all!!


Talkin of equality in my house ,Dad cooks just Babbal and he isn’t only the “Dad Dish” maker as most are but a everyday cook. Both mom and dad in the kitchen, that makes for up for taste bud xploding meals( N both work). So we sisters are strictly Spoon Users just to avoid swallowing our fingers 😉

Anyways getting back to the comments this one takes away all the prizes:

Namaste, Firstly I would like to say u congrats for writing a good article on kantipur.I like kantipur n article too, published on ktp. I like ur frankness.
For eg: I am 21 yrs old, I ve not married…..
Keep writing
MUJHESE DOSTI KAROG??????????????????????????????????????????????

It had me rolling with laughter. Actually mentioning my age and single status was someone else’s idea. I had vehemently disagreed to it reasoning ” Why should I mention my age, sex, height, weight and I’m unmarried as though I were desperately searching for a husband?” But then the sb convinced me saying it went well with the article gave the personal touch. It seems to have paid 😉
My reply will surely Be WeLCOme To My Life! 🙂



  1. Zade, I would wonder who it is that is that proclaims to be outside the “Realm of Psychos”, cause I have met many that proclaim to be outside of that realm, yet to me that is the sure fire sign that they are right up in the middle of it all!

    I wish that I could say that I loved your article, but as you know Nepali certainly escapes me. I can determine one letter from the other, but to imagine the time that it would possibly take to decipher the words and then to look them all up in my trusty dictionary! Wow, just thinking about it makes my head hurt, not to mention the verbs after they congugated and take on a whole new shape! I would surely be staring at my own psycho reflection!!!

    By reading the comments and feedback on the article though, I can tell that it would be right up my alley and something that I would thoroughly enjoy! So, regardless of my comprehension of it all, keep up the good work. You are on your way faster than you know it! And as for 21 and single, at that age, hell at any age, I can’t really think of a better way to be!

    Keep it coming sister, but hey a little English now and then would help my psychosis from mounting!

  2. I don’t seem to blend well with the topics like gender and discriminations!!
    …They have been there for ages, and changes doesn’t happen in just a year or two if anybody presumes so!!! It would take time, more than you can imagine!!! Presumably, it would take more time than it has taken to be rooted deep within the society…
    The discrimination even lies in the western society in one way or another!!! and the discrimination also exist in the rascist form if not in “jatpat” form as of Nepal…So there lies the root, still waiting to be uprooted!!!
    I was raised in rather a equal-treating family, had a sister who took care of me when I was child, coz mom and dad both were bg in one way or another!!! When I grew up, I also took part in daily family chores, I used to clean home and cook food, do dishes, and everything else, and am considered one of good cook among family!!! But still there used to be some differences in the way we were treated in some things that would pinch even me to some extent …Maybe there was still something remaining to be uprooted!!! Thats why I feel, it may take ages before the world become equal!!!
    But still the fight must go on…But danger there lies in the men too..maybe some day we ll have to fight for Men’s rights!!….:oP
    Anyways Keep writing…

  3. Hey daz

    Keho yaar aba ta bhetna saro garho bhaisakyo daz sanga ta. Yetidherai write up lekh dai chhau ani. Though I have read all your entries, I haven’t commented. ABa ta malai inferior complex huna laio sakyo. Just kidding man..

    La la daz moj garo. I am happy for you. Did u go for today’s meeting???

  4. Aba hajur ta jhan main manche bhayera pani meeting na aaidina, ke saro bz bhako ni? I attended..ani tehi ho let us see wht the admin has to say of it..aja meetin cha..Ani hajurko Japan trip preparations complete bhayo hola aja whooping shopping hundaicha. …N I was watching abt Tokyo in travel and living and balla realized why Shingo was soo much into clothes! Japanese spend more money on dressing up than on thier home re…hope you guys go to a place near tokyo some Onidawa…( it is surely wrong) but a city O bata suru hune.. some hi-fi , the big companies haruko wht future will be like technologically speaking bhanne place raicha..a must see sort, imperial palace ta cha hola ni visit ma…..N man Tokyo fashions so wild…hehe wish had told u of it some days earlier..
    Lovejawa lai Hullo bhanidinu..oye aaja auna college. ..I think we remaining should give you guys some lecture pheri Tokyo mai bilayeu bhanne ta hamara number kab aayega? 🙂 hahaha just kidding.. Moj Garnu Japanma..Have a great time! Ani ya Japan travelogues lekha na..will be damn kool 🙂

    Rock on! N have fun! 😉
    Bon Voyage!

  5. La daz dhanya baad chha saathi.

    Packing aja rati bhitra sidhin chha. Aijawa lai bhani di hal chhun ni. ANi tosio lai ni bhani din chhun. Timro Daisuke lai bhani diu ki???/ hehehe

    Timi le lekheko thau okinawa hola mero bichar ma

    Aijawa ta tyaha ghumera asti malai pictures pathayeko. Sayad tyehi nai hunu parchha. MAile travelogue lekho bhane ta pheri ta babaal hola. Mata babal alchhi chhun. I ll try hai ta

    Youth day ko lagi babal plan garnu hai ani pharkera ayera dicuss garu la ni hai.

    Hysh ni Sri lanka jana lagi sakyo. Daz ko ni masti chha. Timi le bhujhyo ni hai.hehehe

    Lata Bye


  6. Toshio lai when D sees you next time babbal football ko guff garnu parcha bhanidinu and ya ask him if he attended the bonjovi concert…my Dearest Daisuke lai chahin one mukka for being tooooooooooooo shy.. and man maile tetro that lure was there ni Bikash ko partner I just forgot his name!! man ,sacchi budo bhaiyecha. oh god it Kenta .ok had sent him a letter prem purbak tes ko ta mail pani chaina rude..Aaki lai zpt bhandinu nothing to say to him..

    lala hajur ko nimti ta aijawa nepali ma chiti pani lekne….yah us japan ma bisesh ceremony garne bhaye hahaha 🙂

    Yaar sab desh bata palayen huna ati saki you also japan, hysh srilanka ma chahin yehi ktm, bhktpur ra lalitpur ghumera marne bhayen..masti ta babbal ni..I will die of Meeting too many of Sb else’s Boyfren!!
    .heheh mera number kab aayega..

    timi moj garnu.. umer ma nagare kahile garnu..Aijawa bhena ta pura khakoi and u ta iskushi Ah…what a …hahahahah 🙂
    Rock on!! 🙂

  7. This is a late response..but I didn’t want to babble nuisance not when it comes to something like gender! I understand your “unblending” traits with talks of gender discrimination and all..that is exactly what my male friends feel in the gender class.A good fren of mine once told me he didn’t know what he was supposed to do in that class…everyone knows of the discrimination thing so what sort of confusion.And one of my Keta sathi had “Gender is all about endagering men” pasted on the board of our class..and he says well “women are gettin too ambitious these days..seeking too much so much so that they will fall down real hard by seeking too much and it is us men who should be there to lift them up..he had put it in a better manner. Anyways though ppl do talk of men rights because of the too much emphasis on women rights..that I feel is sth only a few males can talk of…because their families practice gender equality,but one shouldn’t forget that gender in itself seeks the good of both men and women..not women alone, that’s the reason why we moved on from WID( Women in Development), WAD ( Women and Development) to GAD( Gender and Development)..

    And it will be a long long time when Men Rights will be raised a Serious Issue in Nepal atleast with women laggin far behind their male counterparts..the world scenario will give a better pic with 1.3 billion people all over the world living in poverty 70% women so poverty has a female face, women own only 1/10th of the total land holdings …and there is a lot of frightening statistics or rather statistics that makes our hairs rise, while talking of women..but ya the solution doesn’t lie in blaming men for we both( men and women) are held by the “GENDER MATRIX”…and the good thing is women right activists have moved on from blaming men for their problems to seeking a way out working together.

    ( Sorry, am sure that sounded like a lecture,Duh! :)..Anyways aba hamile pani yesta kura seriously naliye kasle line 😉

  8. (1whocandie4u writes:)I have not read earlier comments and not even her blog completely except first few lines and topics. I have enough time but I am not reading this particular one, though I devote some time to read her other entries…..neither this blogger will expect me to read her blog regularly, nor Do I. She is quite right in her assumption, and I am not so much freaky persona, may be quite psycho to visit blogs so regularly except from few days……Just topic caught my eyes…….My understanding about psycho is being cool here. I can not judge but heard quite frequently……U have gf-> you are cool
    U do not have gf-> you are cool
    U study regularly->
    you are cool
    you bunk classes regularly-> you are cool
    you drink smoke are cool
    u never touch those stuffs-> you are cool
    similarly, for all the cool things you are,I think, they(these X generation kids) psycho. u do not care about gals, u are psycho. u have more than 2 gfs at a time, you are psycho, u never drink in this kaliyug, u are even more psycho than u who drinks regularly.
    Made some sense?
    Little about me: I also started blogging, prior excuse for wasting your time….can visit, if u have time,

  9. Sorry for the Misunderstanding earlier But It must be the naive thoughts I have put forward earlier.
    Anyways, What I have seen till now is the so called women right activist themselves have a totally different concept about the women rights when it comes in practice. You will see a thousand of examples of biasness when u see them dealing with their own daughters or daghter-in-law. The Irony of the whole fight for gender equality lies there. It is the million year old social upbringing and the social stigma that is rooted deep inside their head that brings these biasness when it comes to practice.
    Maybe giving the reserved seats to the women helps, But what is more important is removing completely the inferiority tint in the woman’s head itself.Then only the real equaliy would be in practice. The women herself feeling equal to men is more important. However, Men also shouldnot forget that they are here just because of women. And It is the MAN and WOMAN that makes the world complete.
    I am all for the equal world!!! Thats all I wanted to say!!!

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