Words you can relate to

Life is the greatest teacher. It doesn’t speak. It doesn’t say you are doing it wrong; it simply walks with you wherever you take it. It doesn’t say anything. It’s like those still hills that surround this city. It looks. It hears. It sees. But it doesn’t speak. But once, in everybody’s life, comes a time when they realize the importance of their own lives. Some realize too early and they make it to the point, and some realize it a little late but still they too make it to the point. Life would be too long if we would realize our mistakes too early. And then we would have lots of time to make decisions, the well planned ones.

The city makes its presence noticeable. People, vehicles, the noise of shutters, the news. All for all. And the day gives us options. Options to live, options to die, options to cry, options to smile, options to scratch the wounds, options to heal the wounds. And I choose many from one. I choose to scratch the wounds, options to heal the wounds. And I choose many from one. I choose to live with memories. I choose to cry clinging on to the torn sleeves of my memories, I choose to smile when I hear that divine voice that comes somewhere from the heap of my memories and tells me to let it go, I choose to scratch the would that my memory isn’t able to heal. And I choose to heal the wound when it gets scratched. And life goes on. It’s been going on. I don’t know where. I wish I could let everything go…I wish I could wake up with a vacant mind…I wish I could stop remembering. I wish I could stop making stories…

The man himself..less of face ..more of tuppi

(p.s was going through my journals when I came across these words..not mine but Kamlesh’s..though relevant.Well the boy is having the time of his life in a beautiful place in Far-western Nepal…while I bring his exclusive pieces for your eyes..as for my ramblings..a bit busy attending meetings 🙂 )



  1. hmmm…this looks very familiar 🙂

    Kamlesh’s writing is quite something…i don’t think i got it all but quite enjoyed reading it, esp. the second para…flows like a poem, i don’t know if it was written as one!

  2. I don’t know why this mysterious (…at least to me) blogger has started posting her ‘curtailed’ pics here! It only helped me to confirm the ‘puzzle’, which I had already solved! It reminds me of an old Hindi movie in which they only show Raj Kumar’s shoes somewhere till second half.

    Its her choice and I do respect her freedom but I am feeling as if I’ve lost something important-
    the charm of reading feelings of an unknown face is gone!

    Its nice to see the blogger changing the appearance of her site regularly; but this latest theme is identical to ‘bloggersnepal dot com’. As her T-shirt says-she wants change and I think that she doesn’t like to be a ‘look- alike’ too! I wont suggest her for partigaman but would like to remark that previous theme was ‘cool’!

  3. is that me in the picture? hehehehe…well, thanks a lot for giving me a chance to READ myself…u not only rock, u shock as well! so how was the DAR party?? what was in the food by the way?? must be some girlie stuffs…hehehehe…forgive me if it sounds like an anti-female statement, but i guess u very well know how PRO-FEMALE i am….hehehehe…and to be candid, today’s article (of course, urs!) was really thought-provoking…i see a leader in u that the world hasn’t seen yet. some more and some more and some more and not only in kantipur but in every newspaper…understand what i mean? u r my HERO, man!

    Badhra 4 and bhadra 16. and i am dead sure u gonna write something owesome someday in between these dates.

    awake the world!

  4. No girlie stuff man, ended up talking to a gal named Kathryn , foreigner me and my sis saying why we won’t fast and the whole of patriarchal structure, we departed soon leaving the budiyas to do their stuff! and for ur profemale thing..I sure know hahah maybe a lil bit at least but for now..u took the word out of my mouth bihana, the only thing I want is mercy killing! hmmmmm…yeti chito ghar aunda weird lagiracha…c ya tomorrow..Good governance ko assignment garna nabirsinu hai!

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