Friends in writing….

A friend who is simple yet special, ordinary yet extraordinary, plain yet beautiful is atleast the kind you want in your life.

I knew not how to polish my shoes, to make the knot of a tie, knew not of the bus fares, choost pants ( am still unsure if it spells that way),of love, of boys and of chatrooms. I had only stepped out of sixteen. I was too naive to be true. I thought harrasement was an act of help! Studies wasn’t going on great and everything in the “Outer world” shocked me from shaking hands with a male form of humans to having a MALE for a friend. I was young, confused, lonely, angry, friendless, loveless and lifeless and scribbling in my goddamn journal because I had no one to talk to!

Just then she opened the door and said , ” You’ve got mail” handing me the envelope.
I took it, and I could almost hear my heart beat in excitement. I closed the door and hurried to my table.I held the envelope in my hand, took my time and opened the first letter of my life. And never in my whatever years of existence did I ever feel so wanted than I did that evening. Never did I feel so loved, so cared for and so good on realizing that I mattered tosomeone in this wide wide world of familiar strangers……and that instant my defination of a friend changed…just changed for good for something as whacko as this ” A friend is someone whom you can write letters to”

The +2 days got over a long,long time ago but the passion to write letters hasn’t…There’s something inexplicable about writing to people the traditional way, the color of ball pens, the pages torn from the middle of your exercise book, the rush to complete your neverending guff, the yellow patch on the page which has an arrow pointing at it saying( hamile yesma achar khako!), the ever so familiar handwriting…with every letter you post you send a piece of yourself safely sealed from prying eyes to the ones you love…

precious letters, some pics and lulu my huggin partner

Chats are a total nuisance( total wordplay), emails hold more truth because you take time ( but that can be either to fabricate a story or to explain your feelings word by word , yet its mechanical) but letters when you sit down to write one…its an emotional affair, straight from the heart on the paper…… 🙂

Here are a few experts from the letters I have received…

( April 3,2006)

“It is a beggar’s pride that he is not a thief.” I am both if ‘beggar’ doesn’t only mean one who literally goes out for begging and if ‘thief’ doesn’t only mean one who takes things without asking. Now, what I beg and what I steal have nothing to do with what I am trying to do a the moment. And what I am trying to do has nothing to do with what I beg and what I steal…and the only thing I am confused ’bout is I don’t know what I am confused about.
How well do I know you dear lady? And do I give a damn to it? I am a fool in both cases: if I do it or if I don’t do it. Do we know the stars? Do we know the flowers, the rains? We love them. We don’t go digging who they are. I don’t, and if anyone does he’s either a god or a beast: and fortunately or unfortunately I am none.

(Feb 12,2004), New Delhi
Its 13th Feb now. The gals in my dorm are rushing here and there wishing each other Happy Kiss Day & I can see some sending a long distant flying kiss to their bfs. Ke garnu hamro ta one more V-day gone to waste. You all to must be having great plans for 14th rt? After all everyone has a m-fren now… Don’t forget to tell us all the details ok Ms Observer and Reporter. You know what, I was so glad to know that you and …. still don’t have bfs,
you know…I mean its not a big deal in having a m-fren but its nice to know that some old frens are still the same old ones that I know.

( Jan 19,2004), New Delhi
Sometimes the puff of air so slight blows away the castle of dreams one so lovingly built;tears flow nonstop, close your eyes once and think the hands that always wipe your tears are missing, those consoling words are mute and the laughter if you ever want to hear vanish along with the face, can you live all alone ? One may try how hard to be one’s own friend; but then pat you back for some good you’ve done do you feel the same? Had we the guts to live all alone. Why would God create the others for us, too many of questions? The options yours, yours the answer.

Hope none of them sound like love letters! For they are not, they are much more than that! I came across a wonderful saying yesterday: Friendship has a coolness to it. Love has heat. One moment you are happy, next you are sad. It changes in instants. So let your relation begin with love and culminate into frienship.


N to all my school dudes: Roll no 1, 3, 8,12,13,14,15,18,21,22,24,26,29….Miss you….miss every moment spent with you…Love you loads
“Yaadein yaad aati hai,
Batein bhul jaatein hai,
Woh yaadein kisi dilo janamne chale jane ki baad aati hain “……..



  1. Once I had read Rajneesh talking on difference between food cooked at home and at a hotel. He says the food cooked at home carries the love or care of the person cooking it, so it is nutritional whereas the food from hotel, in spite of greatest care taken for hygiene, lacks nutrition, since it is commercially prepared without love towards the person eating it.

    I think, same thing applies to a hand written letter and an e-mail.
    Though people like to refer hand written letter as ‘snail mail’ but it has not lost its beauty yet, since it carries the warmth of fperson’s heart writing it. It doesn’t matter whether it is written on a torn page of an exercise book or on a colorful letter pad; you will find your friend speaking directly to you. An ‘e-mail’ might be better in the sense of swiftness or easyness but it can not replace the value of hand written letter; since it lacks soul and has mechanical essence. e-mail is like junk food and hand written letter is a cuisine prepared at home by loving and caring hands.

    I still remember (and miss) my ‘cyber free’ college days; going Sundhara Post Office on every alternate day to check postbox and send mails!

    ‘Friend’ or ‘Friendship’ is one of the most beautiful gift of the creation; and to define it – Sugam Pokhrel ko euta geet nai kaafi chha!

    कोहि त छ जस्‌लाई म आफ्नो भन्न सक्छु
    हृदयका सबै‍ कुरा खुलेर भन्न सक्छु
    मेरो दुखमा रोईदिने मेरो खुशीमा हाँसिदिने
    सबैभन्दा माथि छ मेरो एउटा साथी छ ।

    Happy blogging!

  2. Define Friends…
    I can’t..It has boudariless meanings…Someone u smile with, someone u shade ur tears with, someone u can nag, someone who takes u as you are and defines ur identity when u loose one…
    Life changes, So do the series of friends…Through the changing faces of them then you begin to define the world, the world full of varieties: Ups and Downs, Joys and Sorrows, twist and turns and lights and darkness!!!
    Well sometimes the pace of life becomes so fast that u miss track of friends…and along the road, when u look back after a long journey, all u can remember is the stops u made and the faces u have faced and all those laughs and tears u have shared…Yeah only memory remains!!!
    The days passed so gracefully seems like dream to you someday…The times, undefinable and moment inexplainable!!! And when u just wonder about the friends u have met in the journeys, U know one things for sure:
    Angels do exist!!! Who touch u by heart and take your souls away!!!
    Here is wish for every friends I have met so far…Real or imaginary:
    Happy frenship day!!!..:)

  3. Letters..letters a fren of mine in the US just send me one! I couldn’t be happier..seems like I am still living your Sundhara days, dear anonymous! And I agree nothing beats Sugam Pokharel’s song on this one, have you seen the video its..good as Suraj and Asif are longtime buddies too..N I personally feel so good and blessed indeed to know that to know that I have Frens for life..some 14 years of frenship, 10, 7, it goes on.. Love you rishikanyas! hahaha ( What a private joke made public!!)
    yah only memories stay..but I the best part for me is..I meet my school buddies in donkey years and yet it feels just the same..just as the day we departed after slc, like nothing will change even in a 100 yrs of separation! ohh i think I am being a little reavealing..whtever guess that’s my trademark 🙂
    Angels do exist indeed! So a happy Friendship day to all the angels I know .
    Love you loads 🙂 hahaha
    Let the magic of frienship last a lifetime 🙂

  4. hi kaku,
    really loved this one. n if some of the excrepts are from 1, i can’t believe she wrote that.

    love u always
    take care

  5. Wow! Ku darlin, So you finally commented! couldn’t be happier 🙂 the Feb one is from 1 …but the other one from New Delhi is from a fren of hers..tetikhera malai uniharu ko sathi le pani chiti lekhthe..I even have one by Subha…this one however was from a fren…remember the one that went to Sachdeva with Aaru?
    Love you too hons 🙂

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