Just a Little Crush..I accept! hahaha

Hmm seems like I have this space to my divine eyes only! hahah 🙂 kool I can write about all the nuisance going on it life.. Kool nuisance actually! like realizing it was Vartan all along that I liked! hahah let me help myself decipher my code( now that I don’t have any unknown visitors, as it seems :wink:) Well, years ago when I was a kid, I watched the movie “Never Been Kissed” , am sure everyone has! I loved it, don’t know why but could relate to the Barrymore character there. Didn’t put braces then, and wasn’t unpopular as such too but something in the movie just touched me! hehehehe..and I loved the guy who finally kisses Drew..Hahaha! 😆

Yesterday it was on Star Movies, and only then did I come to know It was the Man Michael Vartan Himself! Well, I have a huugge crush on him..I liked the “the then unknown guy in NBK” years before I turned into a Huge ALIAS fan, I thought Jennifer Garner and Vartan Looked great, don’t know if Axn still airs it, our cable’s got some problem so don’t have the channel. Nyways realizing that Vartan had been the man years later Felt soooo good! I couldn’t even sleep at nine( that’s my regular Doze off time) had to re-read interesting smses .. no, not vulgar jokes..don’t have them really…its like when u turn off the lights and read the sms…it strains the eyes! And back to Sleeep! 🙂

Long time boyfren LOL!

Back to Vartan, repeatin what I have already said above, and be will be re-stating that again and again. Be prepared! My Real Long Crush. Pierce Brosnan was my first crush, was 13 then and man was soooo hard to accept. And these crushes do we always have them ..like till you grow old or once in a committed relation is it strictly prohibited! I wonder. Hahahaha 🙂 Whatever the case I think its kool to have a crush, you never wish to see them, talk to them ( as if it would materialize into reality even if you wished!) but just admire them from a real safe distance. I remember so much of Vartan from ALIAS, his entry in the show rocked, ah the raising of the eyebrows, the lines on his forehead. Yar, totally Fida! hahaha..Now let me stop before I become tooooo Revealing 🙂 and someone rings to hire me as a Male Body Inspector LOL.

What about your crushes visitors i.e. if there is anyone other than Michael Vartan himself! 😉



  1. oye daz!!

    I had a crush man….6 or so years….Jacques Kallis…South African crickter….soooooo cute!! Loved him dearly!!

    hehe….oye…call me


  2. I am not Vartan (ke garnu, after reading the article achch ‘crush-icle’ above I wished I was! Alas, not Alias, only one word in our name bakes a big difference.). I think this crush thing is something universal. Local pani, universal pani. Both. Who will have crush with whom at what time, no one can say for sure. Some might have crush with footballers and some with actors and some with both. And can happen while watching games or movies or drinking coffees or eating burgers or reading blogs! It’s a varied world.

  3. la, makes bhaneko bakes bhayechha. huna ta bakes also gives the meaning of makes: making bread!! Please replace the “b” with “m” because, as per your suggestion (Be A ReBeL), I have replaced my eariler self with DA new rebilious self. 🙂

  4. Hahah, Dearest Bartan, I have serious doubts about the choice of name but I sure Looooved the email address. N WHAT tragedy to be Bartan and not Vartan for sure 🙂 wish you were! the comment sure shows changes in the way you write…:wink: hahah that’s from a writing associate for sure..and i like that crush on blogs thing, used to have conversation with a fren abt findin da men for us in “blog world” but she’s found the man for life and god, have no one to share the blog prince waihat guff now! hahahahaa 🙂 and Avi ke garnu cooking up ta ho, but all my crushes are Reel life characters…ke garnu Local resource nai bhetiyena! :wink:.. and this new avatar thing we can put her is kool man….trying out stuff.

  5. Keho daz yaar
    local crush bare tyesto bhani dine maile nai thaha chha timro local crush ko bare;) hehehe. Keti hunu ma yehi ta ho ni moj bhaneko jahilecrush parirakhnu. keta haru ko ni hunchha hola tara yo kura ma keta haru bhanda keti haru nai badhi expressive hunchhan jasto lag chha hai malai. my opinion hai. mero crush ko kura garau bhane mero ta list ta babaal long hunchha yaar. Mero ta pahile dekhi crush pari rakhne bani jhan dherai jaso teacher haru ma. Bachelorlevel samma pugda samma ni teacher sanga nai crush parinchha jhaan teacher haru nai young young huna thale pachhi ta resisit garna nai garho. Cruh a yesai nai parchha. Mero ta aba udyum.. sir ma ni crush parne ni ber chhaina yaar. Tara at present mero babaal crush bhaneko ta CRISTIANO RONALDO , aPortugesew footballplayer. Ma ta fiidaaa bhai sake yaar. Ma ta sapna ni dekhna bhyai sake. aba khali Portugal ma gayera bhetnu baki chha. Yesto dammi lagchha. His smile, his restlessness, his pace and his body and his crying. Everything. Such a cool man. Simply love him, man Yehi ho mero crush ko dastaan

    till next comment

  6. Oh ho Jaz man ta pura yubak haru lai takidine! n Sud sir sanga lajayera pratah kalin sunaulo bihani ma cell ma metha kura garne! 🙂 Waw, wah..thik cha. But good for us isn’t it to have all these 26-27 yrs for teachers! Hahaha..they inspire us at all Levels! 😉 Intellectual stimulation ta babbal ho hai.. but like the Public Finance teacher man, aba testo rockin teacher bhayechi chahin we sure won’t be the one deprived of “Intellectual bargaining” as he says..lala c uu in Martin Chautari to stir our senses :)…Rock On!

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