The Bus Rides ( Total Guff)

What do bloggers do when they suffer from Don’t Wish to write anymore Syndrome?
Well, they Bloghop, go sneaking into somebody else’s blog and Get Inspired. That’s exactly what I did and here I am back with a bang, back to babbling about just anything and everything under the sun. So buckle up your seat belts dudes this ride is gonna rock! Lol N thanks to the Blogger ( the one whose blog inspired me to be back, well I don’t know him and neither does he) and Say too( ur latest entry was like come on, she’s writing about life so coolly what’s with you kick in my head sort)…N with the lost “Virginity of Anonomity” it feels different to be writing too. LOL 🙂

And it’s high time I honored my Trip in Ten Years here and started rambling about it. Hmm how do I start? From the bus ride? So be it. But I will do this trip in series..well it was a real exciting one hope makes an interesting read! 😉

It was my mama who got the tickets so when I’d asked him have we got good seats? He was real quick to answer ” Yeah, real good ones. I’ve booked the cabin seats.”
So I thought of a secluded cabin something like the Women Compartment provision in Indian trains (not sure if its still there though), all privacy and a great ride. We got on the bus just in time, actually it was already on wheels and we had to yell, “Waiiiiiiiiiiit, we’re coming” to get on board. Then came the cabin shock.
“Where’s the cabin?” I asked.
This is it she answered back. It was but the seats beside the driver, the front seat. It took sometime for me to realize that there would be no separate “Cabin” for me. But cabins still do refer to separate, secluded enclosing don’t they? Like everything else, seems like Cabin no more implies what it really means.

Nevertheless I got seated in the uncomfortable space called my seat and the journey began. The two of them sat together so I shared my seat with a guy, short hair, thin moustache and a slightly noticeable belly, white sweatshirt and black jeans. He sat beside the window while a boy around 10-11yrs sat on the “Dikki” to my right. With luggage crammed in the space in front of me I had no place to keep my leg, first I put up with the luggage on my feet, later sat cross legged and by the end of the journey I had my legs on the luggage stretched in a relaxed manner as if were my study table. 🙂

A few more passengers got on the bus from Kalanki. Among them were two girls in identical red kurtas and no sooner the bus started moving they started vomiting. The Miss Vomit was right behind me on the “dikki” and her mouth happened to lie right above my neck when she faced the road. And throughout the journey. i.e. until the girls got off at a place called Nijgad I was thinking, “ What if she throws up on me, what will I do? Will I have to take off my t-shirt? God! How can I?”
Honestly she was driving me nuts. And Khuda ka lakh lakh sukar hai (Thank Heavens) she didn’t ordain me with half digested early morning lunch. (Well if you want to know the throw up components here they are: rice and yellow pulse, the evidence showed that she’d forgotten to have vegetables) Like it? Lol

The lady was a threat but the guy beside me sure could have been an opportunity! 🙂 He was a gentleman, would sit in a proper position (not the split your legs far and wide posture like do most men in public vehicles, occupying tooooo much space) and was extremely careful not to touch me and my luggage both. Once he happened to touch my luggage to make place for his duffel bag and no sooner he did that he turned to me to utter a “Sorry” with an accent. I surely couldn’t believe my ears! For most part of the journey he stayed with his arms crossed in front of his chest sleeping. His pose inspired me, so I copied and realized that it was quite a comfortable posture to sleep in.

The view was great and I was thoroughly enjoying my ride in the “Invisible Cabin Seats” and with good music what more could ask for. And as my bus partner kept to himself dozing off the songs being played in the bus was inspiring my imagination. LOL Well, I remember this particular song ( am sure you’ve heard it too). It goes:

Ek Baat Dil Main Aayi Hai , Kahun ya na Kahun?
Kehene Ki Mausam Bhi Hai, Usme Ye Tanhai hai,
Kabun ya na Kahun?

I was smiling from ear to ear remembering all the bus ride scenes in Hindi movies. The actress seats beside the hero, while the actor pretends to be asleep with his head on the actress’s shoulders leading to the Early Love Symptoms. Hahaha, The Bollywood filmmakers have surely exploited the Bus Rides, haven’t they? Well, Hollywood directors are slowly catching up too. I was watching a movie “The Truth about Love” some days back. And in the movie the final scene is on the Railway Station. The girl runs after the train, the guy sees her running and stops the train saying something like “Everyone has fallen in love once in their life….” A dialogue which literally made me go “Ugh, what is he saying” But he had a heavy British accent so I forgave him. After all who doesn’t like a guy with a British Accent? 😉

The only disturbance in my romantic thoughts was the constant poking from the back seat and a voice telling me “This is the way to Pokhara, this to Gaur, Birgunj, Janakpur” until I got fed up and retorted “So what?”
But it was only when the bus stopped in Amlekhgunj I could complete my dialogue.
I told her, “ Seems like the only way I will make to Pokhara in this lifetime is by eloping with some Pokhareli. Come on, why don’t you give me some thousands and tell me Go girl, go and freak out in Pokhara?” And of course, she pretended to go deaf until I completed my statement. Parents: the Masters Of Pretense.

Back to KTM

You could call my bus journey “Junge Ride” as the tour back home was again with a Junge Partner. This time the guy was older somewhere in his mid-40s most likely and with a thicker moustache. So anytime the bus stopped my sister would inquire about my ride with My Favorite Uncle Ji. The Uncle Ji was a heavy sleeper too and would wake up occasionally to hum “ Kanta Laga” which surely came as a surprise to me! Other than that the driver was driving me crazy by constantly replaying Kumar Sanu’s nasal numbers from the 80s, songs I had never heard before with words like Prem Diwani and what not? They reminded me of the 80s Hindi film scene with the actors and actresses in colorful outfits dancing on the Huge Tablas, playing the tamburins. It’s a pity Rajesh Hamal is still testing the strength of the Tablas jumping on them. They won’t make it till 40 yrs like him, I am sure of that. My only question to him: What’s a wonderful person like you doing up on the Tabla??!!?? Surely not looking for damsels.



  1. Ahhhhhh, she’s back!! where did u go? hehehe. total guff or whatever, u know u always write babaaaaaaaaaaaal!! *hint hint*…….
    take care, see ya sat!

  2. “Well if you want to know the throw up components here they are: rice and yellow pulse, the evidence showed that she’d forgotten to have vegetables”

    …….eeewwwww, but I could probably top that off with s***ty jokes, hehehe, but made my day 😉

  3. Hi. This is random- just saw your blog thingie on msn spaces when searching google for the name “zaded”. Thought it was freaky that another nepalese person who I don’t think I know was had the same online id that I’ve been using for several years now. That’s it .. told ya this was a random comment.

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