Happy Tihar!

The difference between people who blog and ones that don’t is one act: bloggers chose to write, non-bloggers don’t. The mastery over the act is secondary to making the option to write. But the string attached is passion. Yet there are times when laziness takes over passion and you just spend your time staring at the ceiling, tormenting yourself with useless thoughts like: What next? Where am I heading? Masters? Career? well aware that mere thoughts will get you nowhere. You are just inflicted with the will Do it in the Last Moment disease when your computer is overloaded with pdfs you ought to read, a term paper to complete, some articles you ought to write not because you’ll be paid for it but more because your head needs to create space for something other than MDGs and Donor aid and debt controversies. So much on the “Must do ” list yet you repeatedly opt for “Ought not to think of ” tormenting act. But am daring to take up the challenge for now, thereby writing the ovious. And just realized its Tihar! Time for some DHAMAKA!

Dhamaka, it reminds me that often my writings have more elements of dhamaka, than my life. Not lying on your face saying I write well or anything near that. That would be a capital offense.Don’t get me wrong. But just saying that writing about life feels more “dhamakedar” than actually living it!! For me, writing beautifies everything. Writing is an act of reliving the moments of happiness. Memories widen your grin, make you laugh louder and the joy experienced is a much more Magnified version of the actual experience. So let me do that by giving my version of Tihar, like it or not am taking the Bull by the horns and Writing! Haha, and thanks to a friend of mine who once told me, write, write irrespective of everything else. The act is more important than the aftermath.”

So its Tihar guff.

I like Tihar for the lights. A diyo, then a two, three and a array of them. It makes me feel like a conqueror, the conqueror of the dark. The artificial challenging the natural defying His law and defying it to Welcome Him (its She as in Laxmi, but “Him” for my general perception of God). I am not a religious person, if its definition is still limited to practicing or abiding the norms set by a religion. But I have a rock, solid faith in God.So, I find the belief that Goddess Laxmi visits your home when Kathmandu turns into a city of lights or is “decorated like a Bride” as repeatedly stated by the news anchors pretty appealing. And once again it reminds me of how God outsmarts us humans. He doesn’t come to visit you when you want to break down on the crowded bus, doesn’t materialize into reality when you remember him on dark, lonely roads and I know remembering him only in times of trouble is selfish. But hell, he doesn’t pop right of the blue when you thank Him for your success or even when you wish the person sitting right next to you is God because you so want Him and no one else there. And then, you have a Date with God! Whatever the reality, at least He Is Highly Like To Come as they Say! 🙂 And its similar to not worrying about the aftermath of writing I guess. The preparation for the arrival of the divine is the best part. The Cleaning, my department in which I have the confidence to say I Rock! Haha, its the only household chore I enjoy, cleaning the rooms. Immaculate would be the word to describe the act. It works as a therapy for me, I clean the rooms and feel the dust settled in my intangible mind and heart have been wiped off too. And by the time I am done with it, the only filthy entity is Me, the rest sparkles. Just realized housekeeping could be a career option too! lol. So what if I can’t be a Dekchi Driver or flunk BDevs, jhadu launa ma ta Phd garekai chu ni! hehehe.

So, the Laxmi puja went great. And if you’re picturizing the Puja scene to be something like what they show in K-serials then you couldn’t be more wrong. It was a rocking puja. Why? Because my sister and I sang bhajans to something like ” I keep falling in love with you over and over again”. (My sis made a heart shaped rangoli too!)Don’t try surfing the lyrics, whatever you find won’t be the lyrics we sang because its known only to my school folks.( Wish my lazy school dudes read this and remember it. LOL) my parents were like: “What’s that?” We told them that’s for the Global God! Sure was lots of fun. And don’t you think that Tihar, is the perfect example of the Nepali Idiom which says ” Paisa bhanepachi ta Mahadev ko ni tin netra”. Now if Gods open a third eye, we humans I would say have our heads filled with eyes if its anything related to money. Tihar surely reveals that human trait, of greed for wealth, something most make an futile effort to conceal. I say why conceal it? Its a necessity, and for our generation nothing’s more Hip and Trendy than Economic Independence. Let’s be open, let’s talk money.Let’s face it, we are greedy.

The Bhailo groups were equally interesting. There was one group of women who gave the ‘aasis’ ” Yo ghar ma laxmi matra raichan…arko patak aunda laxman hos” ! Come on, from when did Laxman be a substitute for Laxmi! And surely they received mom’s dialogue in between laughs” If you start giving such blessings, my daughters will surely show you the way out”. Hope you tihar celebrations are going on in full swing too. If you have time, go strolling in New Road area in the evening, everyone’s telling me it looks wonderful. And Happy Bhai Tika too! Well for me, I if God would grant me one wish, I would surely ask him to make vanish into thin air on a Bhai Tika every year. I love to hate the day passionately. Why? For starters, no brother and I am sick and tired of being questioned whom I put tika to. Yeti Wakka, dikka ki can’t even express in writing… Ah..don’t think I am dying for a brother, I am not .There was a time I wished for it, as a kid , donkey years ago. What else can a little girl feel when repeatedly offered sympathy for having no brother? God, I hate all those who ever made me feel that! And I guess no matter how old you get,you can never really forgive your Childhood Enemies. I better stop now, before I start revealing more than I intend too. You guys have fun with your brothers and sisters. Forgive my distaste for the day, well, lives differ… 🙂

Je hos Moj Garnu. Have A Blast!



  1. hey daz

    ke ho yaar maan ko boj haru sabai pokhi diyeko jasto chha ni from the asignments to the debate thing about mdgs to the tihar gatha.

    Yes pali ta mero lagi ta festival ni kasto wakka dikka bhai sakyo. assignments ani pataka haru I hate patakas. Gamala, bhuichampa samma thikchha but continuously blasting the patakas and irritating others suck, man. ANi yes pali ghar ma tihar ni chhaina so I am stuck in mamaghar where there is lot of disturbance as I am surrounded by some irritating people near our mamaghar. Uni haru ko ra hamro sutne uthne time nai different ani ta tension. Holidays ma ali maja le sutam bhane ni 4:45 bihana bomb padka ye jasto crackers padkai dinchhan. Ma ta heart attack le ni marula jasto bhai sakyo.
    Ani as u have said there are tonnes to be read for the assignmen. Saab down load gari rakheko chha tara there are too many to read. So I dont feel like starting to study them.
    These days festivals are more of getting roads crowded jato lagchha. Gawd, newroad herera ta ma ta bau launa lagi sakyo. The road is packed with people and vehicles. Is anarchy really ruling Kathamandu , Nepal in that case?? People have no decency and no sense of abiding by the rules. jaha pasal rakheni hunchha, jaha khaye ni hunchha, jaha bata bike chalayeni hunchha. Jaha thuke ni hunchha.

    Lata lekh dai garyo bhane ta ma pani lekhya lekhyai hunchhun because I am frustrated and frustation ko bela once you start it is difficult o stop.


  2. Yar, Jaz thanks for the comment! I totally agree with you on the Pataka thing. I’m not for it too, aja news cha ni it is banned, school ma hunda we would have pre-tihar celebrations and then jump excitedly on seeing the firecrackers, naam pani aundaina. put yah I guess they are better off in my memories archive. mero neighbour is also one irritatin fella who blasts my ear day in and out with his extra loud speakers but thank god he has gone away at the moment. …tara ho hai, we’re Nepalese need to start being more sensible….tehi ta we need more BDevs folks hoina ta ? 😉 , tesaile we stand out and BDevs rocks! hahaha 🙂
    I was infront of my computer from 7 in the morn to 5 in the evenin yesterday re-reading the mdg stuf, continuously jhandai baulako! n man , mom lai I had to explainn why i don’t like bhai tika so much, yespali ta Ranipokhari ko temple jane plan cha finally 🙂 …and the Good Gov assigment….not clear abt too, jehos…looking forward for the field trip… ah then the Load of assignments after that…

    n u just reminded me of how much i hate the ppl who ride bikes on the pavement, malai ta yeti risutcha, ek ta hidne thau hunna tesmati bike, kunai din ta ek lat hanera bike dalidinchu jaso lagcha 🙂

    ani how about givin a good thrashing to thy neighbour, mero neighbor ta shirtless bhayerai problem..haha laj pacheko buda, sadhai topless huncha, ke kura garnu… hope you can do some studying and yah, tihar nabhayeni hope u can have the delicacies…sel and mithai 🙂

    Rock on.

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