ZPT writing….

Pyar bekar ki musibat hai…….
..Pyar se hum doooooooooor hi achhe…
..Pyar ke ghat jo utartehe doobte hai na woh ubartahe
Jane Kyon log pyar kartehen,
Jane Kyon woh kise pe marte hain
Jane Kyon, Jane Kyon, jane kyon………..

I should have put the “Fulonka taron ka” song there tara ke garnu, paristitijanya gana rakhnu paryo ni! 😉 Happy Bhaitika everyone! Finally the skies have cleared, the sun back in its place, the mountains in full exposure the Great weather is back to get everyone in Bhaitika mood. And the problem as usual is with the weather forecasts, which says there will be partial rainfall during the day! Pani paryo bhane ma nak katidinchu! hahaha I am feeling absolutely great despite a sleepless night caused by a psychopath!

And yesterday was a great evening out. The hustle and bustle of Ason, the lighted streets of Newroad, people people everywhere and the joy of having conquered the Crowd Phobia. To begin with my tihar is synonymous with the word “Lost”. I have a wonderful story to tell of a little gullible, scared girl who got lost, blurted out everything to an unknown man, some Deepak, an army man, then developed the Deepak phobia and then turned into Bhadrakali phobic never being able to step into the premises ever since. The nutshell is always better, I made the fatal error of telling the entire story to my school dudes and I and “Deepak” have been synonymous ever since. Not a single get together goes by without the mention of this character I met only once. The “cheek pulling”, hugging and “You silly girl” follow after that. They still think I am the same 12yr old till date! And am beginning to realize that its true!! Some things never change 🙂 And in my case history always repeats itself! Seems like I always get lost in a tihar only to be discovered by emotions I am just not ready to Experience .

I got off from the bus in Ratnapark with one thought ” Lost. I want to get lost today.” Lost in the true sense of the word that is tread unknown ‘gallis’ and then for once I wanted to be just another face in the crowd. I was on my own. I wanted to see the Ktm crowd, for I have been running away from it all my life. Shopping sprees always meant a fight first; I just wouldn’t budge from the sofa. Crowds irritated me, made me feel wretched. Hospital visits were the same but getting on a public vehicle was next to never. No wonder I met Deepak the man whose first question to me was ” Are you a mad? You have walked the same path four times.” Lowered eyes, a bent head I just couldn’t face people. So I walked on the busy streets of Bhotahiti, head held high, moved on with the crowd to Ason remembering the me of yesteryears, wondering if there was anyone on the street , dragged to face the crowd. And realizing that I had deliberately come to face the crowd made me feel great, felt as though I finally conquered the Fear. I was enjoying the sights and sounds when someone waved a hand right in front of my eyes. She was smiling at me with a real funny expression on her face.

“Ke danga parera hindirako?” she asked.
“Danga?” I was surprised.
“Why the silly smile on your face?”
Smile? I just couldn’t help laughing on seeing her reaction.
“Who are you with?” she continued.
“No one. Just came to see the crowd.
“See the crowd!!??? You just came all the way from your home to See the Crowd!! You are a psycho”.
“There is absolutely no doubt about that!” I told her.

Meeting her was the last thing I expected so I concluded perhaps someone up there just can’t see me alone! Had planned a solo-coffee date, which couldn’t materialize either. Man, I haven’t got the opportunity to be on my own since the self-date on my b’day. Not that I don’t like being in company but just figured out yesterday that a company for the evening is DANGER! Have developed man phobia! Seriously wanna go home, that’s Venus. These Martians are driving me nuts.

Anyways what’s with men when its dark? Was strolling in Basantapur yesterday and then, as the evening grew darker the guys around grew wilder. The muted conversations grew louder, and I was pretty amazed when one of the guys sitting nearby yelled, “Coke” at the top of his lungs to his friend right beside him. Was sitting right below the gang so instantly left the place. And men: can’t do with them, can’t do without them, isn’t it? While alone you’re scared because a man might emerge out of the dark and do the unthinkable and even if you are with a man still you’re worried that something might go wrong. They don’t say you never know men for nothing! Ah.And don’t give me the “all men aren’t same” lecture because there are some common elements for sure, am slowly beginning to see the light! And right now am in a state of total shock and AWE. Read the article above..sorry the post slug thing not working….

But the evening was great except for those shocking parts. I’ll put the pics later…. hope you had a mind-blowing bhaitika, playing cards, drinking, dancing and whatever else is done., It reminds me of a fren, well her dad would give 5 thousand bucks to each of his five sisters so we would tell her, man we want to make your dad our brother! Hehe, Yesterday sure was “Women’s Enrichment Day” as a fren told me “Didi bahini le lutnu lute, tara vannu bhyena! 🙂 “…. (just realized this is a zpt writing…)

( p.s written yesterday but couldn’t put it due to some technical problem….)


One comment

  1. Hey,
    Was back at Nepal last month for month and a half and did more or less some things I wanted to do when I was back there….
    Things has changed so much in just one year… I realized just after a week or two…Everybody seemed busy and most of my circles were either abroad or trying to be abroad…And I wanted to be back home forever..But still one more year to go when I can be back forever (or maybe a PhD after taht..;))…:(
    Well I wanted to have some trips around Nepal But everybody seemed to be busy So what I did… I just took a trip to Lumbini by myself… I had relative down there…. and I stayed there.;But all on all I went to that shrine all by myself… It was serene, exotic and above all the birthplace of da Budhha…. And Beleive me the place inspired me to cut all my hair, wear da orange robes and turned into his follower at the same moment….But I ain’t follower of noone…So maybe I will invent my own theory sometime…;)… and go to himalayas( Oh god.. I want to do this rite now)
    I went to other places too, Swoyambhu, my fav place of all time… But only once this time…:( and yeah the godavari on the day after tika on row of bikes… That was fun..went with cousins and have whooping swing on the PING when coming back… on the way…..Wow Dashain was fun after all!!!!
    Well But it seemed that I had become lone rider after all… Wish to travel to that himalayas someday with my Kamandalu…:D
    And yeah all of my friends called me weirdo after all…
    Hope I haven’t messed up with ur blog… Just wanted to add that we all are weirdo afert all In one way or another…:)
    Keep writing,
    Juggy with Big J…
    And yeah half Brother of Jogi…;)

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