Her words…My sentiments!

This is written by my friend, a very dear and close frien. And just like the Title: Its her words and my Exact Goddamn sentiments! Everytime I talk to her I feel that I’m listening to myself! Ah and she is the Smartest..I mean So Smart..I would bet my botttom dollar The Smartest, Most Intelligent Person In South Asia!! Talk emotions, talk poetry, talk biology, talk politics, talk Women rights..She leaves Me in Awe. Man, I wish I was like her. So damn smart..la la let me stop…before she murders me morrow! 🙂 But really wish man…

Time is slipping through our fingers.And while that could mean that its taking you closer towards something it also means its taking you away from others.I don’t know what to think of it frankly. It seems a both wonderful and horrifying thought at the same time. Its such an ironic, oxymoronic feeling. Uncertainity lurks behind every passing second. After all where will we end up, what will happen? We plan such big things, school, marriage, work, and on and on.What if we were to leave all behind tonight? Would it matter then?

Yeah I’ve been pondering about death recently, probably because of the book I’m reading. I wonder if it would after all be easier to die, to leave all behind and return to the Lord who created you. To leave the conformity of the earth and move on to more eternal things. Coz living for many peopel is truly truly tough. Its not so much as the physical toughess, its what you can’t really see, can’t really touch. Its what you feel hurting you inside, that you call pain, but you really don’t know.

Loneliness, solitude is painful too. But the pain that kills you is the inhumanity, the creulty, the bitterness. Kills you-kills your spirit, your heart, but leaves your body living on.

Who are we to talk about death?
Who are we to question life?

To have loved and lost is lot better than to have never loved at all. The person who coined this was probably intoxicated. To have never loved I think is easier than having to love and lose.

When the hardest thing for one lover is to give up and the hardest thing for the other is to keep fighting on, who will win? Will love eventually take over or will love eventually lose faith? Lose hope? Will we always love our first love?



  1. I don’t think that answering the questions that “Say na Somthing” asks are really as simple as to be ever truely answered. And, speaking from experience, a few times over and over, I don’t believe that a first love is ever easily fogotten, regardless of if you find another around the corner or not. That’s a bit about being a girl and growing up, heartbreak, loneliness, and thinking that your the only one to feel so bad. Just think what else would Jane Austen have to write about if we hadn’t all felt that way at some point. Just take solace in the fact that one day you will look back on all that made you feel this way and wonder, why? when comparing it to all the new things that have come up in life and seem far much more intense in retrospect. But then I can only assume that there will come a time that you will look back on those pains as well and still just wonder, “why?”

    But now I do agree totally that without those pains, you wouldn’t know what happiness and laughter brought by joy ever really mean.

    Sometimes you just have to turn the music up loud, sing along with the speakers, and dance around your room. Sometimes you just have to scream! But always remember that at your age, we all went through the same emotional roller coasters, time and time again!

  2. जस्ले जे भने पनि first cut is the deepest .
    How your first love turns out to be shapes rest of your lovelife . I just think so.You say getstinged , just rise and shine ,life has much to offer you.And you Zade, get over this topsy-torvydom.

    Gr8…..keep loveing..keep loving…

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