Crazy Dream

Thanks for the Great Comments Say, Avi and Photoredde 🙂 Some questions can never be answered can they? And even if they can sometimes they are better left as the Unanswerable.
“Kati kura nabhanera nai mitha, mitha, mitha hunchan
Bhaneka kura boru jhuta, jhuta,jhuta hunchan “

( Some words are sweeter unsaid
The ones expressed are rather lies…..)

…So speculations of some “L” element in my life? I think Da males are getting bored with this blog. Hahaha, and do I Care? Maybe if they are regular ones, but again don’t know if there are any? Anyways something about the earlier Entry, well everything else other than the paragraph in Italics is written by my friend, the blockquote para everything.Exactly my sentiments but its sure got some parts or rather words than never come into my head.Which ones? hehehe let me benefit from your doubt dudes. But don’t trust any of my “Me in Love” stuff. Paryo bhane ta chintai nagarnu I am gonna rock the blogosphere, Make Headlines!!! While my friends yell “Et Tu Brute!” wide eyed in a state of utter shock. Garepachi ta dhamakedar garaun na, Romeo and Juliet jastai! Leave all the lovestories behind.

I don’t say I am an electron in the excited state for nothing! 🙂 Either I am flying 6 ft above the ground or buried 6ft under .A friend of mine always inquires of my whearabouts in this manner : “Ani Zadeji 1ft mathi ufridai kata tira?” 🙂 Normalancy is sure an unattainable dream for me. I am always too happy or too depressed, too active or too lethargic, bursting with ideas or empty with none…so just imagine my love story! It will be something like these numbers “Let’s make a night to remember” and “Against all odds“! Je Cha geet mai cha 😉 Yi khaire harule jindagi kya sajilo parideka chan yaar, feeling like this song bhandiyo sidhiyo. Chor blog entries haruko ta ke kura.Hehehe..But I pass on this song ( First Cut is the Deepest) to someone….well Da Experienced dude of mine. lol.. Honestly I haven’t had my first cut, and am sure never will -for no one can dare 😉 N you can’t let go of me once you know me inside out kya, I’m Addictive!!! Never boasted so much in my entire life man!!LOL balai, bhayena ni 🙂

But right now, I am just not ready to be basking in the emotion, let me be 24 first, have my dream job, travel hahaha..oh the list is soooo long… For now make an attempt to listen to this song through your eyes. ..Have always felt this song was Just Meant for me.The girl is me for sure, but the guy, no hope of meeting him! 🙂 Used to listen to it a lot as a teenager, ah ti jawani ka dinharu 😉 hehehe.Some Budaz lai jhatka lagyo hola! The ones who love to reiterate “they’re young at heart” and tell me I talk like a 31yr old budiya! Oh the glories of my empty brains!LOL Btw do you say “Badta hune hoina,Junga ukhalidinchu” when 31?? 🙂


The party’s on the room is crowded
your conversation is so polite
And when you dance you keep your distance
noone’s gonna walk you home tonight

You’re searching for perfect love
you dreamed of when you were young
you’ll find it or you won’t have anyone

Why not forget your crazy dream
about a love that can’t exist
‘Coz while you dream so much you miss
you waste a lifetime

Just take a look below the surface
his golden hair will be turning grey
Though in your mind you pictured heaven
even heaven has a rainy day

No one can touch a dream
so forever you’ve been on your own
you’re older and you are still all alone

Why not forget your crazy dream
about a love that can’t exist
‘Coz while you dream so much you miss
you waste a lifetime

Why don’t you take a look around
not everyone has settled down
But you still think you’re seventeen
It’s a crazy dream

So take a chance and take your shot
No paradise but it’s all we’ve got
and I will try to make your dream come true



  1. Waw… what a cool post ho!! BUT…

    …Bhaneka kura boru jhuta, jhuta,jhuta hunchan” / (…The ones expressed are rather lies…..)

    A rare truth that is visibly illustrious in the blogger’s statementn above. Expressions are lies and, yes, I feel what a nice expression I went through! And those songs…rightly said…they are all about expressions. Bhayeka, nabheyka sabda haru ko jaal banayo, music compose garyo, ani aru ko dil todyo 🙂

    And what is this hoopla about first cut? ‘Firsts’ are always jhare as you always refine yourself with lessons learned. Hum… think I should not bark much here because as the blogger has quoted the geet:

    “Kati kura nabhanera nai mitha, mitha, mitha hunchan/ (Some words are sweeter unsaid)” 🙂 🙂 Stay cool and, like your friend, here I say: Stay 1ft mathi ufridai…

  2. ‘Firsts’ are always jhare as you always refine yourself with lessons learned.”

    hahaha 🙂 Ke ho tapainlai ta First le nikai pirole jasto cha ni! N about my expressions being lies. Now, that’s something to think about. Tapain le ta merai sabda jal mai mathi fyaknu bho ni Eye Contact Jeeeeee 🙂 …That’s exactly how experience works! Refined and Mature!!

    But tell me why would anyone want to be the 100th? When they could very well be someone’s First? lol 🙂 Ani jasle je bhaneni, jati bark and shout gareni I will be damned if you forget Da First Experience 🙂 lol

  3. I can’t understand why you guys are giving so much importance to the First thing. What matters at the end? The End Result, haina? If the end result is worth of cherishing and remarkable, First thing is always forgotten. Plus, what if First thing is not so exciting and you want to forget? Not all firsts are worth remembering. If end result is bad and you don’t want to remember, you try to console yourself remembering the First thing. That’s the harsh reality of life, boys and girls, grow up and stop talking about the First thing. There are always a better possibility ahead! 🙂

  4. This is exactly why we clamor about the first Dude! Look at yourself jumping 7ft high when the topic is brought! hahaha Cut taDeeeeeep parekai ho! What about “I’ve outgrown that phase!” Millenium Declaration 😉 Grow up ta tapaile nai garnu parne ho ni, ki kaso little boy. hahaha 🙂
    Only then will the possibilities be clear …Go have a Cup of Coffee which brings along a thousand possiblilities…Je hos malai ta geet sarai manparcha
    “First cut is the deepest.. baby I know first cut is the deepest……” LOL

  5. my dear, wake up!~!!! still dreaming???that so about love and unwanted stuffs…….yeah u r true and i fully support u it is necessary that the stuffs u like and hear had had occured in ur life. ho ta love parera matra yesto geet blog raknuparcha bhanne kei chaina its ur wish. so all i hav to say iz wake up from the crazy dream coz we r going 4 tour this friday n u r giong to be late wake uppppppppppppppppppp!

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