Know why Development Studies Rocks?

STATUTORY WARNING: This article is long, real loooooooooong I mean which is injurious to an active mind. High probability of deactivating the brain cells resulting in excessive sleep and Loud Snores bad for the heart.

RECOMMENDED STRONGLY: Set an alarm to wake up in the middle of this read!!

I asked a friend of mine to write what Development Studies (BDevs) means to her.
Her reply: Don’t ask. It means so much that I get emotional. I might even cry!
Her words and my exact sentiments 🙂

BDevs. I joined the course amidst total mental chaos. The KU entrance collided with BDevs test. So called the college to say I wouldn’t be able to make it the first time. Mishra Sir was on the phone and he asked: So tell me, what if you make it through the entrance and get a seat to study Biotechnology and BDevs both? What will you chose?
Answering the question was the toughest thing I ever did.
I took my time, he repeated the question. “BDevs” I said surprising myself.
I was admitted to the college one day before my name appeared in the Biotech results.
Biotech was a dream. So BDevs was the demise of a dream. A day made all the difference. Could have gone back to pursue it but I had a ready lost hope then. And the results felt something like an old flame saying “Can’t stop loving you”! I chose to move on.

And who knew, the Very Best of Life was waiting for me.

What does Bdevs means to you???

– By JAZ

Bdevs, for me,uummmm, means Bachelor in Development studies.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Dealing the question seriously, I joined this course because I felt that this course was different and one of its kind. I actually intended to do engineering but after trying in an Indian embassy I decided that I would never do engineering. I realised that wasn’t a subject for me. I searched for courses and found this one which seemed quite interesting and different from usual doctor and engineering course. So I decided to take this course.

Bdevs has been a journey to reality teaching me to persevere, to have patience, to toil, to be smart, to be analytical, to be crazy, to relish each and every moment, to be grateful for the things that I have, to respect differences among individuals and to appreciate the differences and to coexist with people with differences.

Initially during the first semester I regretted taking this subject because it seemed so ordinary a course, dealing with English, Nepali and maths which were pretty simple. But second year was really rocking. From subject matter to the teachers it was one babaal time especially when I got to go to field trip with one of my crushes, a teacher and that also in Chitawan. But, apart form crushes and fun time; we visited Bote Majhis and Chepangs. It was an incredible experience. We actually visited people at the grassroots level who were suffering and who were neglected by the state and had been struggling to sustain their lives. For me, a Kathmanduite, who has been raised up in comfort, seeing all this touched me. And the Chepangs, they were living in the mountains and it was so difficult to get to their homes which made me realize about the extent of their hardships. They had no electricity and no school nearby. Houses are located far from one another. The rustic life is totally a different story.

this is the way we do it...

Model Head 🙂 : Jaz’s bro ( Thank you bhai) Pic by Jaz

So Bdevs for me means knowing about life and learning. Bdevs has shown me what I have been reading in books. It has been really superb. Besides field trips, we get to know about so many things. Recently we had a debate program on developed countries’ contribution in achieving MDGS. We say that we need donors to sustain our lives, but they are the ones who have in real exploited us. So Bdevs has been an eye opener for me in every step revealing complex reality.

In totality, till now, Bdevs has been a journey to reality teaching me to persevere, to have patience, to toil, to be smart, to be analytical, to be crazy, to relish each and every moment, to be grateful for the things that I have, to respect differences among individuals and to appreciate the differences and to coexist with people with differences. My greatest achievement doing Bdevs has been me developing interest in politics and I would always be grateful to Gopal Shiwakoti “Chintan” who was so rocking and so appealing and so influencing. I thought politics and I were two different poles who would never meet. But Bdevs made it possible. So Bdevs Rocks and I am proud to say I am doing Bdevs.

A bit about Jaz: The Girl with Da Brains. And if you permit me to do it in the Vulgarian way 😉 She’s a Real Smart Ass. A Straight As student. GPA 4.00 is synonymous with JAZ 🙂 Pragmatic her style and pro-active her nature. Hoina ta PR Officer cum CR? And how can I forget to the Killer Smile 🙂 Kya muskauchin yaar, manche dhalne gari. (Hey we’re both straight though LOL, don’t kill me for this Jaz ) we have the entire journey to fight! Hehehe

Got anything? Well if you didn’t let me making things clear. Hamro blog ta jhare jhure le padne kurai hoina ni, its total Smart Ass Jamghat! Heheh that’s what I call mauka ma Chauka! I think that was a Chakka yaar! Lol…..anyways my sincere thanx to everyone who commented in my article below, it means a lot…those work as reference material for my studies but more than that it encourages me to study more, work harder, makes me Feel sooooo Good and smile 🙂 … have the habit of printing good stuff like those and digging into it like I did when Mr Anonymous commented in the “Rajnitima ma” article 🙂 Thank you once again…

A very thin me, loose jeans and a cotton shirt I stepped in the college premises on an early Aug morning, 2004. The college ground had seniors everywhere. I could barely raise my eyes to look up from the ground. The two months after the +2 board exams had been tough. I had worried myself sick wondering of my future, all day and night I would be tormented with the thought: “Undergrads, it will determine my life. What’s the best option? What do I want?” Had become so weak that couldn’t even leave of my bed without feeling dizzy. Those sure were my Ultra Slim Days! 🙂

The first day was a shock. I turned around to see the most “Nakkali” girls I had ever come across all my life. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean what’s that around the eyes, and is that makeup? And there I was in the first bench all alone with my evergreen ponytail (just the way I’ve looked ever since I was 14) feeling like a real small kid who had entered the wrong class. What an experience to realize girls my age looked that way too!!!!

Ever since there has always been something or the other to stir my senses. Initially it was a Cultural Shock. Guys and girls mingled beyond my imagination. (I studied in a co-education school where boys and girls weren’t allowed to talk to one another, my +2 college was so strict that Falling in Love could even lead to expulsion, a junior had been demoted but you could surely talk and befriend the opposite sex). Imagine my surprise when one fine day was typing our very first Group Report, told a friend my shoulders hurt asking for a massage and was feeling all relaxed when I turned around to see a guy doing that and not the girl friend I had presumed “The Massager” to be!! The experience was just mind-boggling. I was so surprised that I was squeaking:” I’m fine” now.

Some days back was in the computer lab once again and guess the scene. I was fighting with a friend (guy) while he was suggesting I find someone my own size! Hit him as if he were a punch bag and he literally carried me off my feet to the verandah almost throwing me down. Thankfully he placed me on the balustrade and of course laughed his head off. What an insult to my weight! I was wondering what my mom would make of such wild actions! Would suffer a heart attack perhaps, or may be marry me off this Mangsir! lol hahaha Now, am sure she’s reading this! But she’s my dude, won’t mind it, hoina ta ammi jaan 🙂

So much has changed. Change the only constant in life. And Development its Change for better. I had common dreams: Sleek UN vehicles, high profile job, travel and freedom. Times have changed and so have my dreams have evolved into something thing different. UN sounds great and yah would surely feel good to be working in the UN premises and feeling you’ve stepped into International territories like in the movie “The Interpreter”. But that’s not challenging enough, would like to work for the government someday, or someplace like Cafod, Christian Aid, Jubilee, or Eurodad( cute name na?), organizations that do things the other way round. (This is the Debate effect). How about being a Sojo (Solo-journalist)? That sounds so tempting, traveling the world with nothing but a huge backpack reporting and am sure being BDevs is gonna be a great help too. I hope I live long enough to do it all and brag someday “I saw, I came and I conquered” all my dreams 🙂 Now you tell me, with soooo much to do it life how can I fit silly boys in my jam-packed schedule?? But of course I am all available for the coffee dates with the likes of Bono or Muhammad Yunus for that matter. Btw when Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize felt soooo happy as though it were my Dad who’d won it!

someday we will make it big for sure

Children of Tripureshwor Secondary School, one of the many government school nationwide that lack infrastructure and teaching facilities, in Duragaun Village of Ramechhap district.
Pic by DW

Studying for me is like an act of falling in love over and over again. I think that’s why it matters to people. Not that there aren’t any who think studying isn’t doing any good to them. But I guess they are just missing the signs. In a country like ours options are few. For most the options exist but not the access. Still its pretty lame and absolutely pathetic to say “I’m studying just for a degree, really don’t like to do it”. I mean how can you Not Like to Study?? Hmmm this is something I will never understand about people. What do you want to do then? Because studying is absolutely not the mere act of going to overcrowded classrooms or browsing through the Guess papers and acquiring a certificate. And it doesn’t really matter if you’re a Govt or a Private college too,I think its the desire to learn that’s most important. It’s the journey to acquiring the official degree that’s most adventurous. And for a BDevs student there is never a dull moment.

A day before Tihar we had a debate on “Are the Developing Nations really doing enough to achieving the MDGs?” We’ve always had the MDGs coming one way or the other in our studies but this needed some extra depth of understanding. The focus was Goal No 8. Speakers: Asish and Me. It was a debate cum discussion with another college. We were informed of it only a week before and that was one of the best BDevs days in my life. My usually neat as a new pin room was scattered with internet downloads, books on Debt and aid, his worried calls going: never read so much in my entire life yaar, the sleepless nights and hungry days. It was just one helluva experience. And that was my moment of truth: the ultimate realization of what Development Studies really meant for me. It means everything. I would do just anything gain an ounce of knowledge of it. If that required jumping off Dharahara! I would even do that. And when its BDevs I’m talking about I am no longer the electron in an excited state. I just jump out of the orbit itself! You know that intense desire, that burning passion which makes you a bit screwy and yet you don’t care. The feeling is so overwhelming that I can barely express it in words…. And this must be Love; you know the crazy, passionate, wild love I believe in. My First Love. UNDOUBTEDLY BDevs.

It has been a mind-blowing experience, the last five semesters. What I am now is no more even close to whom I was before BDevs happened. It’s indeed the best thing that ever happened to me. From simple things like screaming on touching a Guy’s notebook or eraser to having them for best friends to something complicated like the transition from a girl who was raised chanting the Vedic hymns and slokas of Geeta only to find herself in a room in Nagarkot surrounded by people high on G (gaja) Marijuana, smoke swirling the room, trance music in the background smiling to herself, worrying of the hazards of Second hand smoking…I have grown with BDevs. The notion of the good and the bad exist no more. The differences have ceased to matter and the world is a better place now that I can reason beyond what catches my eye.

Oh …man BDevs has beautified this existence of mine. And what complains can I have with this life, the one in which I was blessed to have a drop of the immortal drink of knowledge. ( hehehe, some lines translated from a song from ‘Umrao Jaan” forgot the lines but the jest is the same, drama queen effect! 😉 ).Something so infinite and pervasive and I could spend a lifetime in its pursuit.( overdoing it a little I guess,…Maybe Not 🙂 )

But its not always a smooth sail. Can’t expect it to be either. Its (BDevs) more of Social sciences, economics and environment. Nothing one can’t handle. But only if anything was gained by browsing through dusty old books. Guess papers don’t exist either. It’s continuous studying which initiates the love of the game. And as BDevs is the study of change, you are always on the run; everything going on around you is related. You are like a soldier on a continuous training ever ready for a battle. Be it going hungry all day long or having two hours of sleep to find you have grown so thin that the tight jeans are now trousers or be it some four hours walk to a place just outside Kathmandu itself or a chat with street vendor who says she is 19 and has a child of 7 yrs making you go ” You must be the Youngest mom in world!” and then laugh like old buddies, its fun yet challenging. And who doesn’t love a good challenge?

What more can I say? I’m gettin emotional! Haahahaa, ha No wonder I’ll be the proudest woman (WOW man) that ever lived on the face of the earth the day I graduate in BDevs with flying colors surely!!!! It will be someday in September, 2008….Hoina ta Jaz? Sari launu parcha hai? Started practicing? hahahahaha

Now is the time for real Masti and kick ass studies. So be a Gyani Bachha blog readers 😉 and study while the this Blogger leaves to have the Time of her life!

A journey which always feels as though I’ve lived ages in a few days….Ek Pal main Sadiyan Jilenge!

Yahoooooooooooooooooo! LIFE ROCKS!

Hey wake up dudes the loooooooooooong guff is finally OVER!! GOD!! You slept through this!!! Come on, tell me you didn’t 🙂

Ani yesto rocking yatra jada, ma kasari geet nagai basu yaar, so here is a rocking number, please listen to it hai 🙂

OPEN ROAD By Bryan Adams

I’m sitting at the wheel
i got a green light
not afraid of nothin’ cuz heart and soul

i’m built for life

so let the engine roar
push the pedal down
i want the white lines on the highway
to lead me out of town

i’m rolling on and on and on
who knows where i’m goin’?

life is an open road – it’s the best story never told
it’s an endless sky – it’s the deepest sea
life is an open road to me
life is an open road to me

i got headlights
to guide me thru the night
i got the window down and the radio playing
it makes me feel alive



  1. Dear Daz
    Finally you posted an article in why Bdev rocks. Asti dekhi parkhada parkhadai balla. I totally agree with what you have said before. I mean studying is not about just getting certificates and saying that “hey, see, I am a graduate. I have got a certificate”. It is about you growing as a person and seeing yourself transforming into a a fine human being. As daz has also said, Development studies has transformed me from a pampered child to a smart ass. This may sound like “mapai” gareko tara it is true hai daz. It is self realisation and self realisation feels totally incredible. You get to know about so many issues that are related to you that you start thinking about your life and others’ lives and start making the most of the things that lie in front of you.

    And Btw daz has bit exaggerated about me. I have become one of the smart asses 🙂 but I sill need to be smarter. I need to be as smart as daz or even more.hehehe after all she is also one helluva inspirations in our class.

    Actually why bdevs rox bhanee kura ma ta we can keep writing. Tyo ta lekhera nai bhyau daina. Isn’t it true daz? Because it is absolutely cool and I think everyone should do development studies once in your life to have closer look at what life really is and to realise who you really are.

    Maile bhanekai thiye ni lekhe pachhi lekhya lekhyai hunchha.

    daz field trip ma babaal masti garnu parchha hai. Can’t wait to go. Aba packing thali halchhun

    See ya

  2. Ani keho Jaz timi pura humble hune ani ultai malai rag garne, come on dude You know you are the best , how dare you say anything else!! Its absolutely not-permitted honey. Kina Lajaki! 🙂 Seriously She simply rocks, can’t help fallin in love with her! hahaha 😉 …C ya tomorrow, aba pack garna thalchu….. Sure trip ma Babbal ramailo garnu parcha hai. I am feeling soooooooo good man!! hehehe

  3. i dont think any one can sleep going through such a nice description of what Bdevs is actually all about. so well u described it and the way u have described entrance in national college is simply mindblowing yar. ani i think the day u joined this college and the same day i saw u is something that i dont want to remember. i dint knew that u r sbone who is always with her own opinion about things and people. who sometimes acts so funny and regards herself as good listener, and yea she is. any way in real Bdevs rocks and hope ll the readers are now aware with the fact that it is a unique course which shapes us to accept every possible challenge being a development practisionar

  4. Does it? Good. So, what? Oh Shit! what a rude opinion. Anyway, one good thing about liking own’s subjects is…..nothing. It’s good to study, good to learn and hopefully good to contribute something back in society. It’s very appalling most of the people seeing grass of another side very green but at least you are seeing ur grass on ur field evergreen. Superb. All the subjects have their own value and own rocking standard and I understand u are not saying that urs is better than anything rest…….yes! in my opinions all the subjects are equally important and one good thing i can see in subjects of arts and social sciences is they have interlinked disciplinary approach…..made any sense?

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