Blogging from Pokhara!

Sometimes I feel like a stranger in town
Like I’ve lost what I’ve found…

Was walking on the unaquainted streets of Pokhara some time ago, and just realized that somehow I always end up alone. Had planned a coffee date with friends Hysh, Jaz,Astha and Pradhymna, but well got the opportunity to escape for some time! Hahaha, I have a history of solitary walks in places I don’t know. But man, Pokhara isn’t anything close to what I expected it to be…I had a totally different picture of everything here.. Anyways I walked and landed up in a Chautari like place in front of Hotel Mount Everest and Resort. Sat under the tree observing the minimal traffic around, so unlike Kathmandu…and well, I mean felt as though had finally got some time for myself..the time for some soul searching and that song ringing in my head “Its a lonely lonely road I’m on this side of paradise”….right in front of me on the wall was “Hotel Silent Peak” written on the wall..then…I get a call from my fren’s boyfrien..hahaha she was supposed to be with me at all times…and took my time, listening to the ringtone..was feeling so weird you know. And times like these I realize exactly what “Majak cha Jindagi” means! Look at the irony!! whatever my frens( not her though) have found me now and a warm cup of coffee waits in a fine place.. so leaving n man the price of useing internet for 10 mins here is Rs 20. Real costly I mean..

anyways was funn bloggin zpt from pookhara… 🙂



  1. Undoubtedly addicted to blogging. but my frens are gonna kill me, if I am seen near any cyber now. planning to chill for a few days, ooo h not really chill that’s an insult to fieldtrip I mean got to work now… and now is coffee time ..Hysh glaring at me..hahaha n this damn costly cybers here le lutnu lute..btw guys check out Say’s site which has something on Women’ Bloggers…can’t put in now..ok Byeeeee

  2. So u r out there in paradise…. It is the great place to be even when u r all alone by urself!!
    had always loved Pokhara, used to visit it approximately every year… and have even thought of settling there someday.. Its a dream city for me where i want to stay forever.. The fewa lake, the begnas lake, the lumle, the devis fall, the chamero gufa, the lakeside bars, the machapuchhre’s shadow in lake phewa, the beautiful gurungsenis, the big stupa at top of that mountain across fewa… the sarangkot.. ahh it all reminds me of all the beautiful moments I have there!!!
    Have fun in the paradise on earth.. enjoy its real beauty through your own eyes; and yeah try to visit those places, it would be journey of lifetime!!! 🙂

  3. You are having the time of your life and enjoy every bit of it. Squash every drop of fun from this unforgetable trip. After all in Gopal prasad Rimal’s words “Ek pal ek juni ma ek patak auncha”

  4. Back in cyber, and the song ” Tere Bin” being played and man …I loooooooooooove the song, kya dard cha man..ani yo pokhara ta ke saro romantic ho! Love parla bhanne dar lagisakyo!hahahaha 😉 guys aru ta thaha chaina be here for some REAL romantic moments mero ta yahan honeymoon pakka!! Hahahaha LOL.. two of my frens made their love official ..or propose gare bhanchan jasto cha 😉 ..Club Amsterdam is something hehehe 🙂 n lumle rocks… kathmandu ayera ghatak bloggin garne yojana cha.. hehehe

  5. The world, from Colorado to Cambodia to China to Muglin to Kathmandu to Pokhara, will be eargerly looking forward to read the “ghatak” entries. Love ta garnai parchha 🙂

  6. Back in business from today huh zade, btw, someone thinks u the inspiration of the AKA blog 😉 hehehehehehehe……

    Paknus na, ma ta timro blog ma ramrari comment nai garai kai chaina!!!

    Tc see ya bholi,
    Happy blogging!!

  7. Heheh Hayah darlin! am remebering the first night together, LOL Da Vulgarian Queen will murder me ( you know who 😉 ) our song “Don’t you wish your girlfriend were blogging like me” hehehe 🙂 tyo criteria hune bhaye ta kya rockin hunthyo ni! hohohohohoh hahahaha je hos kasailai ta inspire gardo raichu, Mero ta Jindagi nai Dhanya bho, aba nun hunchu kyare! hehehe
    Btw guys read check out this entry by Hayah…Kya Khatra cha!

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