Do it the Japanese way

No sooner did I land in Kathmandu (HEHEHE, never stepped on an aero plane though!) I got myself enrolled in some Ktm Japanese Language Institute. And my reply to the first person that questioned “Why Japanese?” was “T lai patyauna!” We were discussing whom among the guys and the girls are more Chalu (if you get what I mean) I was generalizing the traits of 27 year olds and accusing them of this and that. So he added, “ Keti haru pani kam ka hundainan” (Girls are no less than guys.) But if you have also fallen prey into my words mostly uttered without thinking then DON’T 🙂

Japanese, of all languages. Why not French? Why not Spanish? Hmm well we deal with Japanese that’s why. And also because I’m often mistaken to be one of them. Hahaha while on the trip I happened to ask the infamous question “Do I know you from Kathmandu?” to one of my friends with that Khaire accent and I was baptized “Jhare Jhure Khaire” ! She didn’t go unnamed either, hoina ta S.Jeeee. But mentioning that might result in some Ethnic war so better left alone 😉

Nothing unusual to be called “Khaire” by a friend but was really surprised to be asked “ Taxi madam’ in Pokhara. Maybe they think everyone in Lakeside is a tourist. Nevertheless was surely glad to be confusing a Pokhareli hunk in the coffee house Dhungz and I frequented in the place. But the funniest part was the remark of a hotel boy (probably the hotel owner’s son). We were having our breakfast and I asked S jeee ( hehe hamilai Ji bhanne rog lageko cha) for the keys. She handed them saying “Here it is K…ji” and the boy goes “ Yeh, wahan chahin K.. Ho? Japanese?” (So she is K…Japanese?) I mean look at the psycho phuchhe. We have been practically living together with him for a couple of days and he tells me “Japanese?” There I am talking in Nepali, having dal-bhat, laughing all the Nepali way and what kind of remark is that??

Looks really fool don’t they? Years ago in a village I had a girl running after me requesting to give the map of my place (of course Japan) even when I was repeatedly stating I am a Nepali. Said her name was Grace and later I made a joke out of it saying her name must have been “Kripa’” but she translated it for me!!

And on the bus Dhungz asked me “ How come you look like a Mongolian? Tell me, any dark family secret involved?” 🙂 Later I told her she didn’t resemble her mom and her answer is “ Maybe a dark family secret in my case too!”
Look at that. I think we girls have become real “Badmas” (naughty) presuming all nuisances. LOL

Getting back to the Japanese class from the Japanese looks it’s driving me crazy. I missed the first two classes so finding the alphabets so weird. Yesterday the Sensei (teacher) was making us practice “What’s your name?” in Japanese. And I made a perfect fool out of myself.
I had to say “ ..Namayeba Nan Deska?” but ended up saying “ ..Namayeba Kan (ear in Nepali) deska?” The class roared with laughter. I did too. And after that everyone was making the same mistake going “Kan deska”. Kati hasnu yaar. Am already foreseeing a big failure here. Kati smart hunu, ghari ta arulai chance duina LOL. But there’s no escaping. As soon as I introduced myself one of my classmates told me “ So you write in Kantipur. I have been reading your articles. When is the next one coming?”

Yi baje haru ke saro bato bhako hola, kasto thaha pako! Ani yo Kantipur le barbad nai garyo yaar. Fail haun bhane pani ijjat ko sawal cha! hehehehe



  1. LOL man, Japanese is surely not for me. Couldn’t help talkin to myself , right now in a cyber in Lazimpat and guess why? well there was a program organized by the Institute in Radisson hotel so came to attend that, tara bidambana Program ta bholi raicha!!! hahaha ke bhannu ma ta purai baulaye jasto cha Date pani thaha chaina pura chamkidai Radisson pugya ta psycho bhaye yaar! hahaha God save me. Can anyone beat me in the Art of Embarrasing myself! 🙂

  2. hey daz
    ma pani french sikna lagya and mero classes chai monday bata ………….. so u wanna impress MR T haina
    its ok aba ta i dont need to impress anyone (hope u got what i mean)
    in love

  3. namaste!

    found your blog from a link in NepaliVoices… interestingly, many foreigners i met in Hong Kong and other places in europe thought i am Japanese, it looks as though some westerners has only one type of easterners in mind, that is the Japanese tourist with a camera hanging on their chest… and the Japanese are also very prominent in many business sectors around the world? i don’t know

    i came across many Nepali people in Hong Kong, especially those in the sevice industry; they tend to live in certain part in the Lowloon penisula side and has a small community of their own… they are beautiful! nd reminds me of all those have to leave home for one reason or others!

    but sometimes being mistaken is fun

  4. ppl don’t call me “vakpatu” for nothing! mero sabda mai aljiyeko jindagi cha…hahaha..yo ta ek jhalko matra ho, malai ramrai sanga chinne bhaye ta you would surely run out of expressions..going Ma ke bhanu! lol 🙂 nice observation though!

    N lee..surely its fun fooling people once in a while 🙂 Sometimes with looks, sometimes with words..and isn’t it amazing to find so many get entangled in the maze you’ve created ..and so few get past…Je cha Sabda jal mai cha..of course Gmail ta birsanai mildaina ni 🙂 Btw have been gettin requests from the ones of name themselves my fan ( kya majak) for gmail because of some article…ani yahan cyber ma pani gmail mahima chaliracha…. LOL 🙂

  5. common dont flash it yar, its a hidden secrect and no one should know why i dont ressemble with my mom and how come u look like mongolian when both ur parents are aryans. common forget it and u have lots of other things to write other then disclosing this secret.

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