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I do my thing, and you do your thing,
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not mind in this world to live up to mine,
You are you and I am I;
If by chance we meet each other, it’s beautiful.
If not, it can’t be helped.

on the way to pame, look whose's the model!

This picture was taken on the way to Pame. A place which is very famous for fish.And of course I am doing the modeling here. Forget my face, I could be a model too! hahah LOL (Pic by Sushil Dai)

If I just do my thing and you do yours,
We stand in danger of losing each other
And ourselves.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations;
But I am in this world to confirm you
As a unique human being

And to be confirmed by you.
We are fully ourselves only in relation to each other;
The I detached from a Thou

I do not find you by chance;
I find you by an active life
Of reaching out.

Rather that passively letting things happen to me,
I can act intentionally to make them happen.
I must being with myself, true;
But I must not end with myself:
The truth begins with two.

A day before the field trip we had a workshop in our HRM( Human Resource management) class. And these were two poems given to us. On reading the first one I thought wow, so true but no sooner he handed us the second one my reaction was “This is the Real thing”. Well the second poem was written in response to the first one 100 years later. Isn’t it interesting? Simply loved it because I believe in one thing : You get what you want. Nothing happens by chance. Life is but one shot you get to make the most out of it by wishing, and working to get what you truly want. It always holds true in my case.Begins with a thought, then moves on to action. But everything I have or every single person I know too are a part of that wish to know them. No chance here 🙂

I do not find you by chance;
I find you by an active life
Of reaching out.



  1. yea this poem was really mindblowing and i love the 2nd one. i think its the perfect reply. how can we be so selfish and give a damm to someone who cares for us. yea sometimes its really irritating to live a life full of compromise and tensions. we are born free and always wants to be free but the fact is that there is hidden pleasure in living for others. with regard to the first poem i think it too individualistic and does not always work as we want some one to share our feelings, plz i am not talking of BFonly but normally also we cant imagine a life of isolation right. i knw u can imagine a life with dogs and rabbits and horse of course but i cant. and i think even to imagine a life with pets is also expecting someones company is it?

  2. hahah ke ho Dhungz making the whole thing sound fishier ( i mean parents stuff) and for this seeking company thing hmm I know you aren’t only talking Of BF…hahahah I agree ta sanga, ( tesaile ta we are frens ni) 😉 in saying that there’s joy in living for others… you know my fav saying ” Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier”..n gee thanks honey for revealing my “Dogs,rabbits and horses” dream here! Yah maybe complete solitude is impossible, Whatever the case I know am not being lonely ever, when I have a friend like you. 🙂 la, yo ta pura senti comment bho yar , but who cares, hoina ta?
    euta gazal yaad ayo ” Har kohi sath chahata hai yahan, apni tanha jindagi ke keliye” heheheh 🙂

  3. I want to join force with PRAVINA to stress that I also liked the second poem. Be optimistic!

    Beautiful lines, here I quote:

    “If I just do my thing and you do yours,
    We stand in danger of losing each other
    And ourselves.”

    Lets come together, lets have unlimited cups of coffee and dekha jayega 🙂

  4. LOL couldn’t help checkin out the site! as i don’t know the password of my own blog can’t say its YOU for sure….but still Coffee Hahaha, ek bar ko jindagi mai dui char cup coffee nakhaye ta kasari bachne! tehi garirako ta ho ni, banki dekha jayega. 😉 namari bache daibale sache anything is possible! 🙂

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