Pokhara trip Guff ( On the road)

Dhungz was ill. Kept throwing up. I didn’t mind. Even took a picture of her doing that and later showed how red her ears looked when she threw up. 🙂 So she slept for most part of the journey. I was busy attempting to take good pictures of the view outside from a moving bus. Kept fiddling with the goddamn cell phone (this term was devised by Kamlesh and I simply love to use it 🙂 ) of mine. Some came out well too, like the Manakama gate. But unluckily can’t put it her because my cell phone’s got some goddamn problem. LOL 😉

on the bus

That’s me on the bus. Sushil Dai suggested me to do something with the eyes so just looked up. Looks Psycho neverthess. ( Pic by sb…I just forgot 🙂 sorry )

We got off to have lunch in a place called Helen rock sth…..restaurant( misplaced the notebook where I had noted the name.) Sorry for the mess. I was having my food when S..JEE came up to me and said ” Now, if you’re eating so less. There’s no telling what will happen next. He can’t lift you if you pass out!” I thought S jee 😉 had gone crazy. ( Don’t try to guess any “He” character in my life because ppl keep linking me with every guy I talk to(ma pani kehi kam ta chuina I link my frens too 😉 ) Je hos Majak cha jindagi).

Anyways I had to defend my Gr8 Man so told her ” Don’t you dare saying something like that, of course he can. He’ll sweep me off in Hindi filmi style. How can you challenge the power of his muscles?You’re doubting my man!” hahahahaha

She’d already had her lunch so I guess the “Batoko Bhat” had intoxicated her! hehehee
She moved on to say ” K jee you’re gonna have problems later on. Don’t know about anything else but it’s gonna be a tough pregnancy” with a mock seriousnesss on her face.
“That’s why I’m adopting” I laughed. But then her words touched my heart LOL I walked in slow motion towards the Rice container and had a second helping. I was overcome with motherly attributes! hahahaha NO WAY! That’s guff. So couldn’t help taking the picture of what I was eating. Looks messy, don’t mind.

dal bhat

The contents here are Dal, Bhat, Aloo ko tarkari, there was Saag too but I had already gobbled it, oh and the peas with radish or something. n finally a lemon. Kedz didn’t find it tasty nor did the others but I did as usual. I hardly ever complain about food unless its spicy. Hostel experience I guess. 🙂

failed attempts of murder! hehehehe

Failed attempts to murder the Good one 😉 , my t-shirt, Hysh’s hands and Pic by Jaz

And once we reached Pokhara, Suman ( the funniest guy in the class) went to K Sir and said “Sir, yespali chahin Fulbari resort ma nabasaun hai. Kati 5 star hotel ma basnu. Kathmandu ma chahin Radisson, Pokhara ma Fulbari. Mero ta normal life nai chaina.” ( Let’s not stay in Fulbari Resort this time. I am sick and tired of this high profile life. While in Kathmandu its always Radisson and here Fulbari. Come on, I need to lead a normal life too.)

The bus roared with laughter. We agreed going ” Fulbari ma hoina hai, tyahan chahin nabasne!” ( We’re not staying at Fulbari) hahahaha

The bus headed towards our hotel “Hotel Alpine Villa and Harlequinn Restaurant” but we didn’t get off. Just saw it and we headed towards the Agricultural Station in Malepatan immediately. Our bus had to pass through a playground to reach the station. There was a large group of boys in bikes there and they were sending flying kisses to our direction. What a sight! I was genuinely surprised.

pokhareli guys

They are sober here. 🙂 Pic by Diwas

“Finally getting to see Pokhareli hunks” I told my friend.
And her reply was ” Hamro ta din gaisakyo aba timi nai hera” ( my time to be checking out guys is gone, you have all the fun) Surely she has a bf. Nyways what’s wrong in merely looking? I told her. But her tone made me feel if she was already missing her man! It had only been hours we had left Kathmandu. I can’t understand people in love, seriously.
But if I had a bf I would surely be showing him all kinds of guys ( halka dadi, stylish dadi,lamo kapal, khatra bike) everything and of course hot babes too, ke huncha ra?? Yehi ta ho umer. LOL

male patan agricultural research station

We were shown around by a researcher in the Agricultural Station.

purple rose infact
Oh when will my love be a Red, red rose! lol 😉
This is a light purlple rose actually. I have got a better pic in my cell. But the damn problem. Yahan ta Pink bhayecha! hehehe

Not the best of pic but just putting it here because my friend had a very interesting comment to make about it. I showed him the purple rose in my cell and he said, ” Yesto dekhera ayepachi mann ke thegan ma hunthyo ta!” ( How can your mind be in place after having seen something like this!)

I don’t think I’ll be blogging for sometime now ( couple of days or maybe a week). Have to meet some deadly deadlines. So have fun checking out other sites till then. And wish me luck. 🙂 See you when I’m done.

N Kali darlin, here’s a song just for you( you know why 😉 )

Well I’m done searching now, I found out what this life is worth
not in the books that I find, but by searching my mind
I don’t condemn, I don’t convert
this is the calling have you heard, bring all the lovers to the fold
no one is gonna lose their soul

Love is my religion, Love is my religion, Love is my religion
I’ll take you to the temple tonight

Love is my Religion- ZIGGY MARLEY



  1. oye daz

    timi ta sab kurai lekhi dine bhane. ANi u’re picture is definiely psycho one with spec and sacrf. Was that picture taken by me or someone else??? Aru ta ke bhanne. hajur ko lekhai ko kurai nai arko. ma ta tarif garda gardai thak chuun hai. aba universal truth ko bare dherai charcha ke garne hai. SAchikai ye pali ko field trip ta babaal ramailo bhayeko thiyo haiTara hamro cvollege ko harek field rip ko afnai katha ra gatha hai.

    Lala Baabes, take a break from this blog for sometime.

    See ya

  2. Thanks for the help Jaz ( da password one) now that I don’t know it hehehe feel freeeeeee.. yo blog addiction le ta sarai garo parideko thiyo..was loudly thinking of joining a “Blog Rehabilitation” centre to cure myself of the illness 🙂 now that I don’t know it..Its Great. Maybe I can have a social life! lol je hos good gov assignement le marnai atyo yaar. All the best to you too…. c ya in college.

  3. ani dear nothing in my writin that is praiseworthy hehe mero ta bhagya nai tagada cha jasto matra lagcha to know ppl who feel that.. I think it is more of the events that are interesting so even merely reportin it makes a good read or maybe not 😉 tyo ta malai ke thaha hoina? Je hos Jaz man le testo bhandina ma danga naparne ta kurai chaina hehehe…ani ma ta “He” pani bhayechu ( Tis is a interesting world) isn’t it..hamro field trip ko ta ke kura, sab kura lekhe ta Best seller nai hunthyo hola hai ? 😉 hehehehehe

  4. Look at those eyes! Tigress Tigress Burning Bright, In the pages of the Blog! Where she might be watching? What is up there? The combination of ‘halka dadi , stylish dadi, lamo kapal, and khatra bike’? May be, who knows.

    Please meet those deadly deadlines first, Good Luck! I am eager to know what are those assignments that are putting you in pressure and taking you away from the site.

  5. u refreshed my memories hidden somewhere inside me which i often used to remember looking at the photographs of our trip. i think these five days makes somethign to remember for whole life. its short period but leaves us with unforgetable memories. thank god this time we were fortunate enough to take snaps as much as we wanted.

  6. ahammm darsan bhai hehe it was nice to see my name in screen coz i have hardly seen my name except in assignment front page but not doing any work but just name hehe yestaii rahecha yehako chalan hehe ani k bhanum i have heard abt ur blog from long but k tha afnaii nam aayepachi matra herna lekheko raicha here ramilo lagyo u r good at wat u do so as always this is rocking too so keep on typing dude coz computer ma lekhera ink sakkidaina n wish u all the best get goin……..

  7. Looks like u had a gre8 journey. But, why do u still hide ur beautiful face? LOL. I don’t understand this veil-obsession! U should have born in a Gulf Country!

  8. Some comments here! hey xyz you’rs was a completely unexpected one, left me surprised, hmm I don’t want to be understood the other way, so had to do a bit of moderation and deleting there. n its a free world, you can opt to read or not read anything here the choice is yours… nyways this post is surely not about Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”! i mean come on 🙂 , cud have read some lines at least b4 commenting… ha ha ha

    N dear suvachintak haha know exactly who you are so don’t worry, doing just fine, wanted to take a complete break but seems like sth or other keeps dragin me here, N you sure know what’s keeping me busy. hehehe suvachintak lai thaha navaye kaslai huncha, hoina ta 😉

    Kali you made me smile too 🙂 , rock on dude! n how are the morning dates? heheheh moj garnu honey.

    Ani suman bro yespali ta computer lab nai under your supervision thiyo so surely you did work 🙂 Aba bhai 😉 ko blog ma comment gareko le dhanyabad.

    Thank you dear headphones…

    Deepakji ta ke ho yesto, pura rag garidine bhanya! hahaha pic ta tagada nai rakhthen hola, that is if I were as good looking as you!

    Tada 🙂

  9. how that plateful of ‘dal-bhat-tarakari’ remindes me of all those travels in Nepal, and meals at some thakali ‘vojanalaya’, always ripping you off with, beautiful thakalinis.

    i don’t know about hygiene, but food sure tasted good.

    enjoy, all these while you can, you are sure going to miss them later.

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