Email-Gmail-and Blogs to stay Preoccupied and Have fun!

Read an article in the City Post about Emails. So wanted to scribble my thoughts about The Glories of Email myself. 🙂 Amazing isn’t it when you come to think of it, its only been 35 years and we can’t imagine our existence without it. ( even when we are living in the so called Third World).

Hotmail, yahoo and Gmail: I have two accounts each in all the three. I never check my hotmail account and yah never sign in to msn as well. The simple reason is it saves a lot of trouble . My MSN has got the adresses of all the people I have known since school, so I don’t want to be online when I have nothing really to talk about with anyone there.Yahoo is basically to check out college stuff: handouts, term papers, deadlines and assignment details. And if anyone wants to befriend me its G-mail. I personally think G-mail rocks. Lot of space, no need to delete, saved chats and what not? Je Cha Gmail mai Cha for sure. And the best part is as I have two g-mail accounts I am again on the safe side. One is public, presuming all readers of Kantipur know it, the other private ( which confuses people, most presume it isn’t really my email address but IT IS! ) . This way a lot of people want to talk to me in my formal address but again I don’t sign into it. That leaves only a handful of people especially my college frens and some old dudes and people in the blog world who can catch me online. So through G-mail anyone can approach me but I can still chose to remain unavailable to many! 😉

And for people like me who spend most of their time in front of the computer I feel it is the only way to spice up one’s life too! hahaha wanna know how? Well, I got some real good experiences to share on that one. And surprisingly it isn’t only me, have heard of some really interesting stories of other bloggers too. It reminds of Dajiv sir ( well Rajiv , infact, my Chemistry teacher in school) telling us “like dissolves like”. LOL people with similar interests whether it be blogging or surfing the internet always come together. Anyways delving any further into the topic would be like inviting my “Boycott” from the blog World perhaps so you better take a ride on the wild side yourself and do something crazy but SAFE on the internet ! Interact with the right person at the right TIME! HAHAHA 🙂

Other than that Blog is a world in itself, isn’t it?A place where you can share everything, let go of all inhibitions yet remain Unknown! Its public, yet you don’t care because many a times people don’t get what you write! My friends come to me saying “Read it, but didn’t get it” mostly he- she stuff and I need to do the explaining. It surprises me as I presume everyone to understand it like myself. But it feels good to realize that my things are still my personal inscrutable writings 🙂 When my friends who are the character in my writings itself don’t get it, I can imagine the situation of the unknown visitors. Hahaha I feel so powerful! My Live Journal is still damn private despite all the publisizing done by my informal ‘Blog ambassadors” . Yahoooo 🙂

Here is something Say wrote about my writings in this entry of hers:
यसको लागी तपाईले बसमा यात्रा गर्दा जस्तो काउन्टरबाट टिकट नकिनी उनको आफ्नै काउन्टरमा इन्टरनेटका माध्यमबाट छिर्नुपर्नेछ, त्यसपछी सजिलै सुरू हुनेछ तपाई र उनको ब्लग यात्रा जँहा उनका गम्भिर राजनितिक गफदेखी प्रेमका बारेमा झर्कालाग्दाअष्पस्ट कुरादेखी सामाजिक बिषयका मज्जालाग्दा अनुभवहरू पढ्न पाउनुहुनेछ ।

The other thing I love about the blog is something I call the “Blog-distance”. ( My very own term which refers to the known-yet unknown or familiar stranger relationship between the blog readers and commenters). Let me explain by talking of the blogs in my Blog-roll on the right side of this page. How many of the people on it do I know? I know most as in have met them, or meet them online sometime or the other. To begin with Mr Wagz was the first blogger I met, then it was Avinashi ( over momoz and pizzas), then Mr Deepak near Kantipur premises, Alive and Kickin gals are my Jikri dosts. Pacifist Rebel, we sit together in the class. Haven’t met Say but talked to her on the phone. She’s got a real sweet voice, and I hope my Howde friends didn’t blast her ears by their ” Yes, we’re in love and I love you …” hahahaha The remaining two, well I don’t see the slightest chance of seeing them in this lifetime!But its better that way. I really enjoy commenting on one of the blogs despite the fact that I don’t know the blogger( as in anything else other that what the blogger choses to disclose in the blog). Its fun to comment and easier to interact with people from a “blog-distance”. So hey guys, open up a blog before you clog!!

Ani the World Wide Web ko ta ke kura! Many a times when I am surfing the internet for one thing or the other, mostly reading materials for my studies the world of information just leaves me baffled. Does it happen to you too? I mean, come to think of it, the glories of the Human mind, everything is but a finger tip away. Online libraries, videos, journals, and what not? Its like entering a black hole-there’s just no escaping. 🙂 But other times it feels like an illusion. We’ve have created everything out of nothing. Just another of the entanglements to keep ourselves engaged. A typical human trait which seeks to be preoccupied with one thing or the other at all times. I wonder how life would be without the Internet!

( Guff garya pani sadhain entry po bancha yar!)

Cringe! Worst emails ever
November 25, 2006

BELIEVE it or not, the email has just turned 35.

IT programmer Ray Tomlinson sent the first message in late 1971.

“The test messages were entirely forgettable and I have, therefore, forgotten them. Most likely the first message was QWERTYUIOP or something similar,” he says.

And now, 35 years on, we’d be completely lost without the joys of emailing – just imagine actually having to work all day!

That said, for all the advantages of knowing your buddies are just a few clicks away, incessant emailing has also been known to backfire. How many of us have clicked ‘reply all’ by accident? And remember Claire Swires? Lucy Gao? Richard Phillips?

Let us jog your memory with the top 5 embarassing emails.

Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy

In 2000, Claire Swires cemented her place in email history by sending a saucy email to her then boyfriend while working at the London law firm, Norton Rose.

The email alluded to her love of a very specific, and often debated, (gulp) sexual practice, which was obviously very private indeed. So her boyfriend decided to forward it to a few of his closest chums – albeit ‘by mistake’.

They then forwarded it to their pals, who sent it to their pals, and on and on and on. It wasn’t long before Claire was a global talking point, and the word ‘yum’ had a whole different connotation.

Her then-boyfriend, Bradley Chait was cautioned but not sacked, and word has it she has since married and put the crippling shame behind her.

Putting on the Ritz

For her 21st birthday party, Lucy Gao, who worked for Citygroup in London’s Canary Wharf, suddenly morphed into a diva-ish Jennifer Lopez type, demanding that her 39 guests adhere to numerous ridiculous demands.

Via email invite, Lucy insisted that guests contact her through her PA “between 8.30pm and 10pm” if they have any questions, announcing to hotel staff “I am here for Lucy’s birthday at the Rivoli Bar” on their arrival, and dressing “upper class”.

“I will be accepting cards and small gifts between 9pm to 11pm,” she continued.

The only problem was that Lucy wasn’t Jennifer Lopez, she was a lowly trainee at a city firm and clearly somewhat deluded – a fact not lost on the millions of people the ridiculous email was forwarded on to by one of her colleagues.

Four reddies and a funeral

Richard Phillips ended up leaving his job as a senior associate with the world’s biggest law firm, Baker & McKenzie, after an embarrassing email made him a laughing stock among suited business folk.

Jenny Amner, a secretary in her 50s had accidentally splashed ketchup on his trousers, so the £100,000-a-year city boy thought he’d email her demanding £4 for the dry cleaning.

And on returning from her mother’s funeral, Jenny thought she’d take some action, replying to his email, with all the 250 staff on their floor CC’d in.

“I must apologise for not getting back to you straight away but due to my mother’s sudden illness, death and funeral I have more pressing issues than your £4.”

“Having already spoken to and shown your email to various partners, lawyers and trainees in ECC&T and IP/IT, they have kindly offered to do a collection.”

Unfortunately it didn’t end there. The email was then pinged around the whole business world leaving tight-fisted Richard more than a little red in the face.

Smile though your heart is breaking

Poor Joseph Dobbie thought he’d spill his heart out to a pretty girl over email, blissfully unaware that his warm words would soon be a thing of online legend.

He’d met Kate Winsall at a party, and rather than just casually asking her out, he insisted on working some gentlemanly magic as well.

“Your smile is the freshest of my special memories,” he gushed. “I will hold it in my heart when I need inspiration. I will keep it with me when I need to find a smile of my own.”

It goes on. “I know that it makes me feel good to believe that maybe, if you are ever upset, knowing that I will be keeping your smile alive might help you through.”

It must have been some smile, but unfortunately for Joe, it seems that the person behind it decided to show his email to a few choice buddies. And then the whole world.

Poor bloke.

World’s worst boyfriend

Trevor Luxton, a clerk at Credit Lyonnais, made a big mistake when he thought he’d boast about his cheating ways over email with his mates. The office worker bragged about how he’d got down and dirty with a girl called Laura while his doomed girlfriend Jo was bored at an airport.

According to the hopeless lothario’s email, Jo called him while he was fooling around with the saucy minx. She carried on doing whatever it is she was doing, while he smugly talked to the missus.

“Am I the worst boyfriend in the world or what?” he asked at the end of the email.

Presumably his mates thought so, as they forwarded it around so the dirty rat would be found out – as, of course, he was. No doubt Trevor didn’t make the same mistake again … using email that is.



  1. Interesting thoughts as usual. Seems like many Nepalis use gmail nowadays and have at least 10 different e-mail addresses (minimum!). Those worst e-mails examples are all from UK. Many people here r a bit backward in e-mail use! – texting is more popular. It is amazing how quickly people everywhere adapt to technology n create new ways to communicate n also waste time! N u r right that Blog is a world in itself but blogging is still connected to ur experiences in the world outside the computer screen, hoina ta? Not like other things such as the internet ‘world’ of Second Life (google it – its crazy!).

  2. England-the English and text messaging it reminds me of a sweet scene in “The Edge of Reason”, no sooner they bid a goodbye Bridget Jones text messages “Already missing you” to Mr Darcy. So presuming English movies to be more realistic than hindi ones..Text messaging must be cheaper there, hoina ta? Here its Rs 1 ( Ntc) for anything even a hi or tc, though its more when the word limit of 50 or so is crossed…but yah text messaging and Cell phone in Nepal will make a mindblowing read…wow I guess I will write sth on it…its getting real popular..we rarely see anyone without a cell phone these days..but taking of its utility..well that’s debatable.

    Nevertheless I hate ppl who just carry a cell phone just to boast of its function and stuff, esp one person, replies messages after 1 hour reasoning didn’t listen to the msg tone re! What an excuse! What use replying when the moment is gone! ..anyways I got soooooo many interesting facts of these cell phones LOL..maybe will start writing sth on it Now!. thanks for the inspiration James Ji 🙂

  3. Hum…. great conversation going on here, huh!!

    Correct me if I am mistaken, its Rs. 1 Plus 10 percent VAT and another 5 per cent tax. But texting (I like the term SMSing) is really cool and I love doing that. I consider myself the most sensitive SMSer becasue I instantly respond the SMS and I use it maximum so as to reduce call minutes. I prefer SMSing to calling!!

    I think I agree with these lines of Zaded: “Nevertheless I hate ppl who just carry a cell phone just to boast of its function and stuff, esp one person, replies messages after 1 hour reasoning didn’t listen to the msg tone re!”

    The person must say sorry in such situation!!

    That too on SMS!!!

  4. I guess a Sweet Sorry is always Welcome,Eye-contact. Every problem should be solved the way it was created… Bhetera gadbadi bha cha bhane Coffee date januparcha, bolera bhako ho bhane call garnu parcha n of course sms garera manche lai risutako cha bhane you need to send an Sms!! lol 😉 Love tips ko area ma ta ma Guru ma hun ni Eye Contact!! hahahaha ( Wat a name to keep for yourself!!)

  5. So, I see, this blog is about blog acquaintance and ‘jikri-ness’. IMHO, blogs are nothing but a monologue to oneself, things you would like to tell, but no one is interested in.

    One of the miracles of the Internet is, connecting such disconnected people, and—fools seldom differ.

    It’s a small world, and crazy things happen, so, who knows, we might cross our path, somewhere, sometime.

  6. Never sure what SMS means Eye Contact n ‘txt’ is easier to txt than txting ‘SMS’!

    Here it normally costs 10p (around Rs 13 I think) per txt which is cheap for UK but some people even get free txt deal. Nepalis are very text savy but Brits would surely win gold medal in speed-txting world championship (I think we actually did)! Mobile is not just for fun here – there are basically no public phones in UK so mobile is ekdam necessary n we get lots of practice.

    It should be illegal to reply sooo late to txts. But worse than this r people who always have mobile switched off (like my hajurama but she is scared of the mobile!) or frens who do missed call on my mobile everytime.

    About English movies er they have no singing n dancing bits n can be realistic but nowadays they often copy Hollywood sillyness. Gols is right (in Dhoom 2 comment box below) to suggest u check out indy movies. Little Miss Sunshine is great. Here is another great blogging thing: free film recommendations (n free inspiration for ur blog)! Jehos, looking forward to the future thoughts of ZaDeD on mobiles n txting in Nepal!

  7. excuse me…what was that about carrying cell phones? feel like that cynical comment dear zade has my name written somewhere. Seriously thou I really don like the phone ringing these days, it gets on my nerrrves , so its usually on silent. So what?

    The cell phone is attached to a person, not a person to it. The person can leave it anywhere they wanna!!!And u know i gotta ancient nokia godness knowas what….:(

  8. “It’s a small world, and crazy things happen, so, who knows, we might cross our path, somewhere, sometime.”

    Sure is..hmm i want to write sth more…tara I feel afraid of you to explain myself!! ha ha ha seriously

    “But worse than this r people who always have mobile switched off (like my hajurama but she is scared of the mobile!) or frens who do missed call on my mobile everytime. “

    I switch off my cell phone when I am mad at people too! haha I would love to give a high five to ur Hajurama for that. N it really works. 🙂 talkin of missed calls, that’s so irritatin..I have a fren who sends 200 missed calls to us( his frens, poor us the victims) everyday! Can u believe it! will be mentioned in an article ( sadly in nepali) above this.published in a Ktp journo 🙂 then will put my own kura….after that.

    N Hayah
    ” The cell phone is attached to a person, not a person to it. The person can leave it anywhere they wanna!!!”
    Hahaha, the person can leave it anywhere. Sure they can! but look whoz talking.. Sb once told me a babbal dialogue ” Buda lai missed call deko..moro le utayera sab paisa udyo!” hahahaha btw was it you?? ooh one call, one sms and then Someone flying tooooooooo the Mooooooooon! ha ha ha

  9. akhir ma cell phone ko kura niski halyo and someone is talking about not replying to the message. This reminded me of sth. When I was supposed to meet someone at 5:00 somewhere, someone did not reply my sms and didn’ even pick up the phone when I tried almost ten times. And she simply said that she didn’t feel the vibration. Was that u daz???

  10. Ah..poor you Jaz, who dare do that to You! Malai bhanya bhaye ma thik paridi halthen ni, next time it happens “Give me a Call” I will surely pick the phone! The person whoever that was must be Some Funny Gal!
    Surely not me! I am tooo serious or Gappe ha ha ha 🙂

  11. I just don’t want to clog..:D
    But yeah I should literally force myself to keep my spirit alive…I am too lazy..:S
    But seeing inspirations sure do a trick..;)
    Keep blogging,

  12. SMS sounds sweeter than text message.

    I still wish Nepal Telecom reduces the price of SMSing to 50 Paisa (tax included) per SMS. That will encourage people to use SMS, increase the volume and there by their business. Khai janeko NT le? Hire consultant yar 🙂

    I feel cell phones have brought people closer than ever. Gmails, then Gmail chats then SMSing!! You will never see me and then you saw me in coffee table. I mean the whole dinamics of communications has been revolunationized.
    Ah.. dnt wnt 2 potre mslf as cmn xprt here btw. (tyo chai SMS lingo!)

  13. Hmm Eye contact, wanna do sth daring?? THen Be Yourself!! ha ha ha Can you?

    “You will never see me and then you saw me in coffee table. I mean the whole dinamics of communications has been revolunationized.”

    well as usual, you are FORGETTIN THE FACTS 🙂 the credit goes to g-chat. tehi ta so many times I wish I never had that Cup of Coffee!! Bhetiyera chutnu bhanda nabhetekai bes hoina ta! ha ha ha…kya rag the lyricist of the song is already married… LOL..

    n though you Oh Eye contact u keep boasting of being a spontaneous replier, m experience tells me you R Not!! so be more punctual first then advise Nepal Telecom 🙂

  14. my current mobile habits (and some tips too :-)):
    1. I always keep phone in silent mode. Best way to avoid embarrassment when with someone or on a meeting or a class!
    2. I ignore calls when not in a mood to talk/call back. Learn to ignore calls sometimes, not all the time you are in a mood to talk or call back! Plus, if its urgent or important, they’ll call again!!
    3. I give missed call to as many of my friends as possible. Let others (usually who have free minutes left or more credits on their pre-paid) call you! I’m a poor student, and a lot of you are probably like me!!
    4. SMSing with mobile seems to be the thing of the past for me. (I remember spending all the credits just txting or SMSing if you prefer during my undergrad days…now can’t be bothered fiddling with those tiny number pads to text). Now I send SMS from Skype! Wonderful and cheap (only about 5p to Nepal from UK!). I know, you have to be online for that, which, in my case, is pretty much all the time.
    5. Never worry about being unpopular or annoying others with your mobile habit. I don’t…

    Now am I gonna be the most unpopular mobile-user-commenter here? Doesn’t matter 🙂

  15. i just re-read this in paper after coming across my old blog research. omg it was funny to read n the comments too! 😀

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