Fine Fridays…

Nothing really.. just wanted to write. Please don’t go any further despite the keep reading thing i can’t do anything about…its mindless writing…

But check these out :Unfortunate Stars
Moi Ko Katha
And Monologues Revisited

Guys I seriously hope, you don’t mind puttin these links hai 🙂 Please Don’t mind hai, though we don’t know one another…
N a sorry 😦 beforehand, if you mind hai. But hope you aren’t mad at me

All day
Staring at the ceiling
Making friends with shadows on my wall
All night
Hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something
Hold on
I’m feeling like I’m headed for a

Am out on the road.

5:45 on a winter Friday evening in Kathmandu.

Baneshwor again. The sidewalk is crowded with people.

The smell of fried street food and steamed momos. Good for the nose, bad for health. I move on. A boy sits on the railing. The countdown begins 25,24,23 people start crossing the road, I am one among the many.

Time for some coffee to stir my numbed senses.

The road leads, I follow. It is the same old place. Light brown settings and yellow-lighted atmosphere. Warm and cozy. Feels almost like hanging out in a friend’s place. But each time its different as it is this evening. Its houseful today.

I wish to go to a quieter place, somewhere inconspicuous. But I’m already in, and moreover it was a conscious decision. Look around and settle in one of the chairs after a moment of confusion. Feels like people, people everywhere but not a single one I know. I need to do something, just anything like write the term paper now. The journal and the printouts, I go through them once again, scribble on my notebook. (Wishing for a laptop). Writing helps, just like walking. Its therapy.

A familiar face arrives, I open my mouth to speak but he makes it easier by asking “ Milk Coffee?” he asks.
“Yes” I smile back.
I get back to my work. Wonder what she is upto. So send a msg “ H..term paper over?”

And before its delivered a get a call from her. Functional telepathy must be.

Makes the coffee date so much easier. C talks, I listen. I talk and I presume her to be doing the same…

 ditto cup of coffee you get at HOTS

Looks more like a Cup of Coffee at HOTS( a new place in Baneshwor)….

The coffee arrives.
A green cup. Reminds me of the first time I ever had a cup of coffee. I smile at the coffee on the table. Add sugar and stir.

The place holds memories.
Sometimes I come to go back in time. Other times I come to move on with time. I’m still carving memories.


Coffee. I answer.

The place is full of people, and I’m not feeling comfortable to be here on my own. I tell her.

She is always a solace. “ That’s cool. Think of a foreign universities, libraries, laptops and coffee. That’s hip.”

I go “ Yah man, I am already feeling better!”

Coffee and Conversations. A perfect evening out.
One cup leaves you wanting more. Two cups leaves you too full to want any more. Almost intoxicated.

We can’t afford to get intoxicated this evening. So its only a cup. Creating history again. Or else two is always the limit.

A cup to get in the mood.

Another to get out of it.

For life’s different outside the coffee house. We have similarities but we’re still not the same. But a moment shared is just fine.

Time to leave. Again this is the shortest time spent over a cup of coffee too.Another memory. Ha ha ha.

Life’s easier when you see the joy in every little thing that happens. Count the blessings and make a memory..

An evening walk would be perfect. But again the evening’s different. Have no time to kill, must head home.

A cup of coffee and no walk after that!! Making an evening with a difference again. But it so damn fine that I find it difficult to believe.

Talking to myself in public
Dodging glances on the train
I know
I know they’ve all been talking ’bout me
I can hear them whisper
And it makes me think there must be something wrong
With me
Out of all the hours thinking
I’ve lost my mind
I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell
I know, right now you can’t tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you’ll see
A different side of me

Unwell – Matchbox 20



  1. Hey Zade,
    Mind re..:O..:O
    Am I insane to mind when I am going to be famous..:D..:D
    Thnx for the visit and those comments…seriously I need them from time to time..:)…and when inspirations are there to give comments, what else can I ask for…;)
    Have a nice day,

  2. And coffee guffs…. I can write a whole story about coffees; But for me black ones… Had this strange intense connection with coffees u know…Someday I ll write…
    Keep Blogging,

  3. Coffee !!!.. that’s what I live with…. Strong black one… every cup to energize myself..

    कफि सँग Cig पिउनुको मजै बेग्लै, त्यो पनि जाडोमा। अनि कफि सप, त्यो पनि नयाँबानेश्वरमा, थाहै थिएन।

  4. Before I gloat, and choke on my celebrity status, and pass away without showing my gratitude to you, let me extend my, ‘thank you.’

    Since my blog is directed on your site, traffic has tripled, in otherwise, obscure and maddeningly quiet cyber corner—my blog.

    So, the Kathmanduites have switched their allegiance from ‘tea’ to ‘coffee.’ Last I remember, we were tea-people. I remember most people would make tea like ‘rasbari ko chasni’ sweet, dipped with all the spices that would go into ‘pulao.’ – crazy people. God damn! Someone needs to tell them it’s a beverage not a desert. I am glad; they can’t do that to coffee.

    Don’t worry about the amount of coffee you have in a day, you need to have some kind of indulgence in life, if not drinking, or smoking, coffee nai sahi.

  5. Hey daz

    Don’t mind hai about what I said to you about this entry. See karki, we are on a look for new interesting stuffs from you because we know you are capable of doing it and you are so much stuck on coffee guffs that hya hamro lagi ta normal bhai sakyo.

    But having said this, I want to tell u also that it is your blog and it is your space and u can write and do and express whatever you want. It was just what I wanted to say being one of the regular readers of ur blog. uhum… I can imagine someone smiling with pride.A FUnny girl.:-p
    lala I know you will surely comment on this So just waiting……..

  6. aja chahin maile darai darai afnai blog comments padeko yar, worried if I had angered the Ladke log ha ha ha 🙂 Je hos the positive response made me feel warm in this cold, rainy afternoon in Ktm.. sarai jado cha aja, not drinking any coffee would Be a crime!
    Thanks for the comments guys, ok Juggy ji or Mr Juggy or..don’t really know the proper way to address ha ha ha je hos am linking ur site now hai

    Had this strange intense connection with coffees u know…Someday I ll write…

    Waiting for that Day For Sure 🙂

    And dear KeyBoard Jeeeeeeeee if you start keeping such Waihat dialogues for your Email adress then I’m sure gonna Punch you the next time I meet you! ha ha aha.. and go for a third cuP? Rag nagaraun na yar, Miss Broke ko Upadi jitne bela cha. Manche ko ghau ma nun, khorsani ko mixture haldine, bhayenani Yar!! Don’t you have a heart 😉 LOL

    अनि कफि सप, त्यो पनि नयाँबानेश्वरमा, थाहै थिएन।

    baneshwor ma coffee khane thaun ko ta kurai nagaraun, I can give a Tour of all the places !! ha ha ha ma ta pro bhaisaken 🙂 pyunda pyunda

    obscure and maddeningly quiet cyber corner—my blog

    I think its a serious offence for ppl not to link ur blog to their when You’re such a World class writer, not trying to make you realize the elastic properties of your nose , well that’s exactly what I Think. Testo khatra lekhera ta quiet cyber corner banaunai mildaina ni 🙂 My pleasure to link ur Blog here.

    And the bottom line “Guys I think we should meet all meet for coffee sometime, Ha ha ha 🙂 As all seem to be Coffee Bums ” So here’s a toast of our Cup of Coffee ( if that makes a sensible expression) to all of us! ”

    Stay Warm And Happy with a Cup of Coffeeee!

    N jaz kya timing, this is the end of it I promise. aba ta ma Coffee ko C..F …E bata suru hune sabda pani bhandina hola!! Wht was it we had in Adb…..that brown liquid! ha ha ha yah sure I think I am overdoing this coffee guf myself..hoina mero life ma baneshwor ra coffee bahek kehi pani chaina ki kaso??? la ta m writing sth on that ADB khatra place now…not even a word about that creamy TEA wE HAD 😉

  7. I have to disagree with gols on this one…. coffee tastes like mud to my sensitive pallate. I still require a large with cream and sugar to get started early in the morning, but do not enjoy the taste. I still prefer the chasni with masala chiya 😀 hehehe

    And this is Zaded at her best. Nice writeup about nothing in particular. That’s the mark of an exceptional writer…..

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