ADB Guff ( Dedidated To Dearest Jaz Only!)

Let me remind myself with what I should not be mentioning in this entry:
No mention of a drink called C..O..F..E
No way about the same damn route home esp NOT Baneshwor

The Sole Reason:
Highly likely of being punched in College Tomorrow 🙂
(Can already hear the likes of Dhungz, Hysh and Jaz yelling Bhayooooo Pugyooo ta ra Tero Coffee Guff le wakka , dikka banaisakyo!!!) I am soooo Obedient, How can I not abide by THEIR rules!!
Gals, worry Not. This Entry is Strictly Only Conversations No Coffee.

What can be hotter than a cup of Coffee on a cold, rainy winter supposedly DAY according to the time but looks more like evening already outside my bedroom window. Wait…girls don’t close this page!!! Ha ha ha I ‘m writing about the visit to ADB.

Thanks to Jaz, she let me tag along. We leave halfway through our Agriculture class.
And get on a Safa Tempo.

“Do you think they’ll offer a cup of Coffee?” I ask.

“ I don’t think so. They didn’t offer me anything last time” she replies.

“But the weather’s chilly, it’s different so I say highly likely.” I tell her.

We get off right in front of its gate in Kamaladi.

It’s drizzling. She signs on the register. I observe the TV in the room. Then he hands us two visitors card. No 6 and No 8.

We headed to the reception. She called, and gave directions. We took the stairs. Blue thick carpet, Real Cozy I observed.

The Chamber of the One we were to meet. She smiles at us. We take our seats.

Tea? Coffee? She asks. We looked at one another. (Silly girls surprised at being treated that way for sure!) A moment of confusion then Jaz speaks out “ would be alright.”

“Milk?” she asks again.

“Yes” Jaz confirms.

The officer picks up the phone “ 3 cups of milk coffee

“Sugar?” she inquires again.

“Yes” Jaz replies.
“Sugar in two…” the other person hangs up.

“Aba tin otai ma chini haleko lyauncha” (Now he’ll get all three cups with sugar) she tells us.

White complexion, a black dot on the forehead ( Bindi) and eyes that are bordered with black lines, she wears a maroon hair band which has a twisted shape. She is clad in black from head to toe. “Lady in Black is talking to us” I remix the “Lady in Red is dancing with me” in my head.

“ I got some stuff related to the questions you had mailed me” she tells Jaz.
Another woman enters the room; she’s got a thick wad of papers. Placing it on the table she leaves the room closing the door behind her. The thick carpet hinders her act. It stays half open.

The officer hands us the thick report.

She’s in the middle of talking to us when her phone rings.

“Excuse me” she says and picks it up.

The report reads “ 14. Mr Siwakoti accepted that he was not directly affected materially and adversely by MWSP……..15. Mr Pandit’s complaint…..”

She sits across the table and talks on the phone freely.
Her na year ko end tira sadhai kasto busy bhaincha..yah I got your email. … ya sure, you can kill me after I give you my reason.

Phucche 8 month ko bhayo pheri tyo stage ma baccha haru lai khali cling garnu pardo raicha…I go home, spend one hour with the baby, And then have started taking Spanish lessons these days.
Hoina..ajkal life sarai monotonous bhayo tesaile leko. Private tuitions at home…”

The conversation is over.

“ Well, there was more…” The officer tells us. “Will be back in a while” she excuses herself.

White curtains, white walls and a unique design on the ceiling above. We observe. The room lacks any personal touch.

“Must have moved to this room recently” I assume.

“ You making an ass out of yourself?” Jaz replies. “ Who knows she mayn’t be the kind that wants any personal flavor in her workplace?”

“ How can you say that? I guess we’re both making an ass out of ourselves by assuming things” I conclude.

We laugh. Why? Well, that’s a PRA secret!

“Khatra office hai? “ The conversation continues.

“ Yah..but the other officer’s was cozier than this.” Jaz explains.

There’s a Garfield cartoon in front of us. It reads, “ Work hard and do your best! It makes it easier on the rest of us”.

Man, don’t you want to work in a place like this.

Of course.

“Do you want to work in an organization like ADB?” I ‘d asked her on the Tempo.

Why not? To change the system, you need to be in the system, hoina ta? She’d answered.

(Surely We should all be in the systems everywhere, some in the IFIs, others in the government, some in NGO, some INGOs..That would be something Check and Balance one another. Development dreams. Future Development Walas dream big. Right from the grassroots to the UN..)

Rockin Quote

In addition to this sayin is sth I received in sms yesterday which reads ” In dreams begin responsibility!” ( the sender says that’s what Yeats says 🙂 )

I think you’ll make big like this. I tell Jaz.


Well, because you’re so good at it. Ten years later, just imagine an office like this and your kids running around the place “Mommy, mommy” I laugh.

“Ten years. Isn’t that fast??…she thinks for a while and says 31..maybe then.

“ How about 35 then?” I give her an option.

“Too late I guess.”

“ Yah. I read somewhere it reduces the men’s capacity of production too, at that age!!”

“ What about you?” she asks…

“ Hmmm No kids for me I tell her. “At 40?”

“ Hundaina, didn’t you read in EHP (Environment, health population and)” she asks.
We laugh again.

“ Do you think there’s a surveillance camera here?” She asks.

“Man, I hope not. “ I reply observing the room.

“Reminds me of Japan. Cameras everywhere, I would get really worried in washrooms.” She tells.

We talk of The Officer.

“ This is why Women rock yar. Look at her; she’s done so much research for us. Men are never that sincere, what do you think?” I ask.

We agree. After all we can’t back out when its WOMEN we’re talking about.

Hardcore Feminist Cha Jindagi!!

The officer is back.

Battti gayecha ani AC ni banda bhayo. Jado ma jhan jado bhayo..” (AC’s not working, so it feels colder on a already cold morning)

“Hamilai ta yo nai luxury ho” I think to myself and smile. AC ta dooor ki baat! 🙂

Back to business: SUPs, MSWP, 50 years in Enough, the procedures (we only make sure its done, she stresses), Privatization and Private Management.

Some questions are answered. Others remain unanswered.

“Read this and any queries will be most welcome. Maybe I can even get you an answer from the ADB (Asian Development Bank) head in Manila.” She tells us.

We’re genuinely surprised. We never expected So Much Cooperation! Happy? Talk of Joys That Shock!! Ha ha ha

The visitors’ cards are returned back. We are outside.
“Man what a fruitful meeting! “ I tell her.”Khatra raicha ADB. Ma ta ekchin ko lagi coffee khana ni birseko jasto lagirakya”
(N Jaz I forget to tell you this: I was feeling as if the coffee was making a Junga around my lips 🙂 )

Jaz starts laughing out loud.

“ Ke ho testo hasutdo?” (What’s so funny?) A policeman nearby inquires. (I guess it was only me that heard that)

It’s raining. We don’t have an umbrella.

Maybe we’ll make it big someday, maybe even have someone to hold an umbrella behind us. But for now the struggle continues, busy running from one part of the town to another on crowded buses with Matteka Matteka manche haru. LOL

Even so Life Rocks. Rain Does too!!

( P.S Homework For Jaz Darling Pleasssse Count the number of times I have mentioned C…o…f…f…e…e” 🙂 Lol Garyeu bhane Canteen ma Coffee My Treat 😉 Btw Have a nice time at the Party Babes .. C ya )



  1. daz

    thanks first of all for this dedication babes. ADB actually rocked. They are so cooperative. Last time when I visited, her (Ms. S’s) room was so cosy. It wasn’ t even like an office room.,Pictures with her family, her son and her husband. Cool man. I would really want my office like that. And it had such a homely environment.
    The way she was talking to her colleagues… it was so informal. I really liked it.

    Though we are so much against ADB especially for the M..project, my one meeting with Ms. S changed my perspective. I mean not totally but like we have to consider both sides. For GG term paper I was most of the time searching for the negative things about ADB but after talking with Ms. S and Ms. K from ADB, it is necessary that we consider both the perspectives. I mean this is something which everybody knows but when you are surrounded by people who are always talking against something, you also tend to have that negative mentality.

    Ani karki thank you so much for not going into detail about the “creamy tea” we had. But it was so good.
    But anyways, I have to thank ADB for their support and time. I would surely love to be in that organisation man. It is so tempting. So karki, hami kahile dekhi ADB ko dhoka khat khataune ta???

  2. I am not Jaz but couldn’t stop myself from answering: The mention of Coffee in the above write up= total 10 (including the last one). Okay, it could be 11 if you include the one at the beginning: “a drink called C..O..F..E.” Will people other than Jaz are qualified for the coffee treat should they selected as the winner?

    About the blog itself: one hilarious piece that I happen to read in a long time anywhere. Sounds like a short story with brilliant characterization.

    “White complexion, a black dot on the forehead ( Bindi) and eyes that are bordered with black lines, she wears a maroon hair band which has a twisted shape. She is clad in black from head to toe. “Lady in Black is talking to us” I remix the “Lady in Red is dancing with me” in my head.”
    Ha, ha ha.. You know what, you coud have been more elaborative. I can learn more about THE Officer from other lines that follow but somewhere in my mind I felt like reading more about her right in that paragraph.

    And this line is superb:

    “Do you think there’s a surveillance camera here?” She asks.

    Exact translation of thoughts and feelings that people have about the new place they reach. I have often asked the same question to myself (or with my friend) whenever I got to different places. Just imagine you being filmed in a lift (or in washroom for that matter!): people talk all kinds of talks there.

    Send this link to the lady in ADB. I hope she doesn’t discover the article latter by herself and send you an email: “ke lekheko ko testo, sabbai kura?” He he he. I guess she never though even for a second that she was dealing with the HOTTEST blogger in town!

    So ADB guys, be aware of bloggers!

  3. Seems Jaz won the race (to respond). But I swear there was no comment when I started to type!!! It was a long comment so it took time. She hasn’t yet answered the question so it seems if there is a fair judgement, I might win the game!!!

    But I must conclude, after reading Jaz, that more details are pouring in. For instance, Ms. S and Ms. K. Will anyone crack the codes of S and K here? Yes please, also describe in detail the creamy tea. But where does this creamy tea come? Didn’t you have milk coffee with little sugar, I suppose?

  4. “A black sedan parked outside college , 2 million bank deposit and on her way to have Power Lunch” Hysh gave the perfect description of the way u looked in college Jaz! testo black and white khatra combination ma college ayera ..timi ta ajai dekhi ADB takna thaleu ni, I think I should back out and try for something else!!” he he wish all our wacko dreams come true hai, waitin for ur coffee treat in Switzerland lol 😉 ani Hysh ko hot guy ko pose ta chadaina cha, I think she really acted superb when she said that hai? Je bhayeni timile kada takkar di halyau, so i think I have to give up my Jonkey( never really understood wht that means) converse and tryin sth closer to ur high heels lol 🙂

    Yah the folks there were sth…and isn’t it a strange coincidence we could call ourselves miss K and Miss S as Well! thyakka milne kya..but good that we got sth to preoccupy ourselves with as usual! (Let’s be busy, hoina ta? 😉 )

    Ani dear dreamer hmm nikai samay nikalera koi napayera mero mahima gan garnu bhayecha, tesko lagi dhanyabad. ani ajnabi 😉 lai tyo ali pachena bhanna pani garai lagiracha! tara ma and the word “Hot” in any sense whether it be bloggin or whtever else are the last thing that fit. Tyo ekdum napachepani thanx!

    ani for cracking the ADB miss K and S mystery ( u remind me a line ” Married Women are Hot!”) still nepal has plenty of hot and happening single gals, fiercely independent too ( ADB ma na bhayeni there’s WB and Nepal rastra bank for that matter 🙂 ha ha tetai tira energies lagaye boru sth hola… but if its business u’re talking about u can easily go to adb and find them out for yourself!! ke garnu tapain Jaz parnu bhayena natra ta “coffee ko count” gare bapat ma pakkai coffee guff ba sab elaborate garidinthe!

    Thnks nyways 🙂

  5. daz

    hijo ko hamro swizerland ko guff ta ati ramailo nai thiyo ni. I so much wish that “that” conversation of ours will come true in the future.

    Ani dreamer, we had coffeee actually. And since zade has promised not to write coffee, she replaced coffee with creamy tea. ANd thanks for counting coffee.

    zade, see you are still using coffee so many times. kahile sudhriyela zade aba. coffeee bina ta zade kota zindagani nai chhaina.

    Anyways, thanks daz for all those compliments about my dressing yesterday.I am so encouraged.

  6. Coffee..A’ ko Black coffee and ulcer has left me scared man. thankfully black isn’t my preference je hos eye opener kinda bho tyo ( i’ll start having more food on time ha ha ha )..ani for the Swiss thing if dreams came true if it were more precise lol, i could chose that city to be Davos , yaar….kunai din tyo reason pani duinla 🙂

    ahile lai i dedicate ” Jingle bells” the song for u ..he hehehe.. stay encouraged and Warm in this Sarai cold ktm man, kati jado bhako! ok btw honey kina voicemail activate nagarya…muft ko facility hami students ko lagi ta ho ni!! 😉

  7. k ho yar adb ta akthar bhanda pani babal theo jasto cha ni. Nepal sano cha tara aha ka office haru chai pakki pani hi fi chan . aba yaha basna paidaina re so baki ko comment later aram saga.

  8. nah yar Aktiyar nai the most khatra ho , tara ke garnu only new building the same old mentality..sud write abt it hoina ta, nrb cum ciaa..hehe hamro subject kya kool hai kati kurako experience huncha.. ok ta sanga tangal samma nahide ta din nai kharab huncha so comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing 🙂

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