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Damn hungry..haha be glad that you aren’t online. I will pour all my anger on you!! lol Am in the computer lab at the moment, on my right sits Bik bro, on the right Su and Ash..We’re all Damn hungry would be the biggest understatement of the century. well, we’re all working for our Agriculture presentation tomorrow… I did my part, this last moment hurry absolutely sucks..sometime ago he was sayin ” Ma atma bhayera janminu parne”…Wht I think of it is: Lallu ko bhok hadtal garne bela bhayecha!! ” Lunch and on time, I lack any record of such an event. My definition of a normal day is “Lunch at 12”. Based on that every day is an Abnormal Day. Ghar pugda samma ta sadhai Lunch = breakfast, lunch, tea cum dinner huncha! hahaha Barbab Hungry existence yar. Still good that I have dudes leading a similar existence.. He’s saying “Bhok pani marisakyo yar, time ma khaye po!” I replied : “Yestai ho Bikashe karyakarta ko jindagi!!”

Other than that just stretched my body..again a voice telling me ” compile matra garne ho, two hours job”..Only 2 hours!! Man, I hate Liars…Then there’s a discussion on “Privatization of Water supply in Kathmandu” going on in Martin Chautari today, yah tyan gaye afailai faida huncha so kina najane..Life…its unnecessarily hectic?? not hectic but psycho, kehi bhujnai saki rako Confusion!! I am sick of this confusion too, sadhai confused…waihat existence!!( uff this must be the hungry tummy ko effect) God why the hell do I blog! Someone tell me this is a Capital Offence! I m goin absolutely Nuts here!…



  1. Yeah!!! it sure is capital offence to make us addicted to your blog….;)
    And day I eat my lunch or dinner in time would be a rare day for me too….have anyone of u tried dinner at 3 in the morning, student life eh!!!…:)

  2. hmm dinner at three?? that’s crazy! have been days where i have lunch at 5 or 6pm and becoz of these Group( ko name ma kalanka) works…dinner at 12 or 1 am,ahile kina testo khanu parne holajasto lagiracha 🙂 hehehe.. student life surely..
    today is gonna be another weird day as well, with tat ” Priye report edit gara hai ” mail by the bahot chalak dost hahaha gotta do that now..

    hooked up to blogging, you will mess up your life

    So true. Many a times this virtual existence feels so real that its unbelivable…was walking on the road two days back wondering about all the ppl that comment on this blog!! ( who are they, wht do they do sort of thing) hahaha feels as though this virtual existence is dominating my Real existence!!

    Writing is an Addictive Affair… And Addiction, can there be anything more dangerous? 🙂

  3. hehe…everyone bets on the winning horse, so di your friends, since you must be the smartes among them, thus delegate all the works to you.

    end result is: by the end of the final year, good chunk of students wouldn’t know how to format documents in MS Word, sad to say, that’s how our education system works.

    same bunch of students would be happy to get an A, without having learnt anything, such a shame.

    i guess i am going over board being too judgemental…hehe…

  4. first of all i am so sory to be inactive nd i knw i dont even deserve to be forgived.i think we need a leader who is capable enoughto coordinate the grp properly.ani aru ta i dont hve any thg to tell

  5. Yar might sound mean and all but …i think this need for a better person to coordinate a group or whatever is a waihat excuse..i have overthought abt it, spent so much time thinking it is my fault, u know the coordination thing but now i get it..kam garne manche sadhaii kam garcha..u know the proactive kind?? ani look at us we are already in our 20s, how old do we need to be to act on our own initiative, aba ta horns and tails matra grow huna baki cha..I mean yo age ma manche ke ke accomplish garchan and look at the tal of our pathetic… yar sab bauama ko paisa badi bhayera aako jasto lagcha malai ta..3rd pugisakyo, more than one lakh already gone and u want to go abroad!!sometimes i feel our college is a place for spoilt brats u one knows the value of time and money here and that’s the saddest part..such a wonderful subject and so few who are really into it…sometimes makes me soo frustrated man.. and today’s presentation! God, makes me want to screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam, kahile buddi aune ho, sadhai tehi tal. thank heavens i am not like that, damn it why do i even know ppl like that?? Presentation re, testo ni presentation huncha, kam garnu chaina and last ma wht should i doooooooooooo re…yo kura ma ta ma mahabharat lekthen hola let me stop and rather concentrate on tht individual( WOW!) paper…

  6. daz

    so true, yo grp ko kaam ta “sucks” like anything especially in our classma ta. Grp presentation and the whole thing is done by one or three people in a group of 10 people. I sometimes wonder is it only in our college or also in other college grp presentation is like that. And you always have to be rude to people and be pissed off only because of some people who don’t work in a grp.

    It is high time that one learns to be independent and move on rather than spending time gossiping and doing make up and talking about only guys and fashion. Give us a break. It is not that we can t talk about these stuffs. but c’mmom there are other issues which are trendier
    There are certain people in our class who are like talking continuously like anything as if they don’t have life left to talk about it. It is too annoying.
    lala ma ta ali topic bata divert bhaiyo tara aja class ma yesto ris utheko thiyo just because of two ladies in our class.

    Thank god, grp work yo semester ko lagi sidhiyo. Natra bhane ma ta sab ko dushman bhai sak thyo hola.

    Tara baalai bhayena. Third year pugda samma ni kaam garena bhane ta pachhi ke garne ho.

    But the more annoying thing is that, some people tend to project themselves in front of teachers as if they have worked and act as if they are the key persons involved though they have done nothing. How can people be so mean, selfish and self centred??? Is this what knowing real world mean?? Knowing all selfish people and learning to be like them???

    It is too flipping ( this is a code word that only daz, me and hysh know)

    lala daz, timile bhadas nikalyo. Must have felt better. Maile yeti lekhera ta I have felt better.

    All the best for your ind. term paper.

  7. Haha..
    Lots of work and no play makes you furious..:D
    Go out and have a cuppa coffee out there,will ya???..;)
    Maybe you will cool down by then..:)
    And yeah group work sucks when you have crappy partners; specially when they even don’t appreciate your hard work…
    Duh!!! Bugger off crappies..;)

  8. Thanks Jaz 🙂 hope u are done with ur paper by now too.. timro gaun tira loadsheddin hune bela auna atyo hoina ta hehehe.. grp works are undoubtedly Flippin and floppin !!
    Ani dear Juggy ji thanks for the suggestion, will surely Have a Gallon of Coffee after I’m done with all this! ahile le lai house arrest ma chu 😉 , ke garnu sadhai ko banda… rag bhaisakyo

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