Feeling Good ( a day in my life)

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we’d see the day when nobody died

And I’m singing

Amen I, Amen I, I’m alive
Amen I,Amen I, Amen I, I’m alive

And in the air the fireflies
Our only light in paradise
We’ll show the world they were wrong
And teach them all to sing along

If everyone cared by Nickelback

Holidays and Xtreme Laziness go hand in hand. But we sure deserve that after all those early morning rushes to college for six months, don’t we? Come rain or shine be inside the class by 6:45. Especially hard during the winters when it takes exactly an hour for me to get there. Holidays: I should be sleeping till 8 but I can’t. The body clock, I’m always up by 3:30. Ah..but the pleasure’s different. 3:30 yes I’m up by then, but I do nothing other than stare at the ceiling till 7!! Talk of waste of time! Wake up and tune to Hits fm “Namaste Kathmandu” the breakfast show you can almost eat as they call it. It’s a ritual. Then the cup, mug, jug, (thank god yet to get promoted to a bucket) of milk Dad makes sure I drink. What a baby existence! Ha ha more of a pampered existence I would say, yeta ko sinka uta sardina and still complaining!! When will I improve??!! I wonder.

Not that I don’t want to be Active. Active in eating and lazing in the sun of course! No sun these days, so sad so its reading Dan Brown (just finished Da Vinci Code, khatra lagyo) and Dancing! And once home I hate going anywhere else, unless the gain is real tempting. So yesterday it was, a friend made an offer:

“Why not go out and observe the roads?”

“Great Idea.” I agreed. A nice excuse to be clean myself, i.e put an end to my Bad Hair day celebrations.

Walked and then parted. I sat in the bus stop. My favorite pastime, tuning to this and that FM and observing the streets. I was waiting for another friend ( a lot younger 4 yrs than me though) earnestly wishing Dhungz or Dyangu or Budi lived closer to me too.. God! Why do we all have to spread all over the Kathmandu valley. Baluwatar, Samakhusi, Thankot, Bhaktapur.

Then the call. The friend who was walking with me only sometime ago says he’s feeling bad that he had to leave me! Leave me, what psycho I tell. He calls twice to make sure I’ll be meeting the other friend.

Uffffff I tell him.

I mean I just can’t handle anyone who worries or cares about me. I don’t want to be cared for. I mean why does any one even have to give a damn to me.. I’ll be fine. I’m always fine ni. Its always difficult for me to understand why would anyone in this world worry of a selfish fool like me! Pheri ekalkathen haruko chinta liyera kahan sakincha ra…tesmati so chucho ha ha ha

I get on with my relaxed session. Left foot on my right knee cap, hands in my jacket pocket I listen to the song wherein Ash is dancing in pura machhera “Varsore..megha.” I feel like dancing myself! And wonder why life can’t be like the movies, why can’t we dance around when we feel like that and hug people when we feel happy all of a sudden. Why can’t be life be as easy as that?

The road has less traffic. The only vehicles on the roads are private bikes and the food vendor’s moving “Makkai, bhatmas and Chana” stalls. And the only other thing that catches my eye are guys who look at me and I wonder as I always do “ Hoina where do you have your eyes placed, in the pockets?” Ramri bhayepo hernu ta pheri I am not the bholi bhali long haired, kurta wali as well. Here I am clad in the “Guy like” jacket as my friends tell, no tight jeans, no fashionable boots and still why do you have to look???” ufff. And to some onlookers I feel like warning “hey look ahead, you are about to bump into the other guy”. Ha ha ha what better source of entertainment can you have on a bus stop other than marveling at the Weird Men! Poor they can’t even look discreetly. Tunnel vision pare tauko nabataresamma sukhai chaina. Which leaves them to be caught Red handed Ogling Always! And because I never fear looking at anyone right in the eye I feel victorious when they are confused about where to look once you do that! Ha ha ha after all that was what my hobby in school scrap books was “ragging boys”…ooooh I miss those days! But hey, I think I was told about “touch psychology” in case of men and “Look psychology” in case of women. Tough isn’t it, trying to comprehend the opposite sex. Even all Oprah shows can’t help us enough, can it Hysh?? 😉 After all each nutcase should be individually studied, generalization doesn’t work!

Come men and they go. Time passes. Time to meet her now. We walk around for an hour.

“Ke cha love guru?” she asks.
“Waihat. Malai love ko L pani na sunaunu” I warn her.

She laughs. Younger but older than me in a lot of ways. Almost everything actually. She tells me of the way to make pizzas. The information enters my right ear and comes out from the left. Me and cooking??? Sambar, idli she goes on. I stop her.
Then what?

The guy’s getting engaged.
You’re friends so be happy.
‘Yah, usko khusi mero khusi.” She tells and laughs.

Starts giving me tips to lure a guy. I give her the pleasure of talking.

Why don’t you do this? Why don’t you do that? She goes on.
Life is such a Majak. I can’t help thinking. I keep laughing helplessly listening to her whacko look at the guy and then look away tip. There are some five of them and by the time one she is done with explaining one it is banished from my memory too.

Khoob sikichas I tell her.

Walk, walk and walk. I’m too tired. She’s gone. Back at the bus stop.

Then time to have the divine drink. I have two holy grails of it 😉 Less sugar in both. They’ve got a different practice there. I can’t add anything too.

Its six then. The streets look yellow under the street lamps. I love that time in the evening. The street lights remind me of the time I was eight and he’d told us “ Always try to be like the street lamp not the street dog”. It had struck me so. I remember it to this day, every time I walk under them. But I don’t like the negative tone towards Street dogs. You can’t say anything wrong about dogs. I just don’t like it! 😦

The banda feels different. It’s not like the innumerous we had before this. Despite the frequent clashes and strikes the hope exists. There’s optimism in the air. I breathe hope. I live in a dream where everything is possible. It’s just a transition and I know we’ll emerge as winners out of it too. The best is yet To Come…the best is always Yet To Come!

Life’s like a road that you travel on
When there’s one day here an’ the next day gone
Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand
Sometimes you turn your back to the wind

There’s a world outside every darkened door
Where blues won’t haunt you anymore
Where brave are free an’ lovers soar
Come ride with me to the distant shore

We won’t hesitate
Ta’ break down the garden gate
There’s not much time left today, yeahea…

Life is a highway by the Rascal Flatts



  1. ” I don’t want to be cared for. I mean why does any one even have to give a damn to me.. I’ll be fine. I’m always fine ni.”
    Hmm…I would never doubt that.

    A wonderful read right there!

    And also, it was fun meeting you and all over the VOW thing. Look forward to the issue now.

  2. ur caring and loving dad is always there in ur bed with hot cup of milk and i guess with the blend of most probably complain or honey right but its no where the reason to justify why u r lazy. n ur dinner is always there in ur bed every night by ur really sweet sister. all u do is read and write and hang out with some one in phone and most of the time its me. yea these all proves that u r lazy but despite this fact also if u r doing good on what u r supposed to do then it does not matter. i m sure u have done great this time and we will surely get a chocelete from bhatbhateni for only reason…..( well Dhungana i deleted this part! 😉 )……. kasto coincidence yar i was commenting in ur blog and u called me. aba malai kai lekhna mann lagena although i was planni to write long today but all of sudden every thing disappeared from my mind. so we have morning date tommorrow so baki comment face to face

  3. Now banda no more effect me…. coz i’m Cal now….
    yaar i think something needed to be done to stop these bandas….
    coz it severely effects our economy(up coming one)

    also our international image……..

  4. me waiting for that issue too Plain jane 🙂 malai name lekna man lagyo.. was nice meeting you too.ah but the photo session..ufffho…wish didn’t have to do that …ha ha ha

    ani rag bho ni dhungana, sab udyo but our early morning was fun hai REAL FUN! tara so cold hami pani ho ekabihan ghumna jane..lekna ni garo bhairacha so cold…and ke ho mero baudik sathi le tero nidra udaye ki kaso 😉 but nice guy hai, some 27 year old are chahin rockers hoina ta? ha ha ha je hos ek ghanta dekhi tehi email padirachas ta! mahakavya ho kii kaso ?? je hos dude lai kenya bata…not chocolate it sounds so not suiting..pics of giraffe and lions share garna bhan..blog ma rakna hunthyo ha ha ha ani mero hi bhande, malai ta heroin ko sathi ko jastai darja dihale..heart break bho bhande! lol
    aren’t you feeling FREE! as if life just started ? malai testai lagiracha! yahoooooooooo

  5. ho yar we have always enjoyed pizza and fernch fry of ndys but aja ta piro pakauda ma fasio haha but it was gr8 ani kofe ka tao kya kehena.i think chocelete of kenya wont be that bad as its being brought by a special man haha just joking.aja ta we talked too much of child love to adult so call budo love but was really interesting. any ways i will surely come with two pairs of shocks next time so u wont have to walk bare foot again.yea yar i m really feeling free(khula panchi jasto).ani aru kura pachi garaula some thing personal.haha

  6. hehehhe…someone said she wud kill me if i dont drop my precious words here. hehehe. Daz man Oprah is the love guru yaar. She wants to know something about everything.
    Nway…daz man…great read as usual!!! so something garna haina ra??

  7. Nice one!! Hadn’t got time yet to go it on details!!
    –>I mean I just can’t handle anyone who worries or cares about me. I don’t want to be cared for. I mean why does any one even have to give a damn to me.. I’ll be fine. I’m always fine ni. Its always difficult for me to understand why would anyone in this world worry of a selfish fool like me! Pheri ekalkathen haruko chinta liyera kahan sakincha ra…tesmati so chucho ha ha ha
    —>>Why do we think same??…. Have you stoled my soul?? If U have You owe me a IPhone!!..:P
    —>But I don’t like the negative tone towards Street dogs. You can’t say anything wrong about dogs. I just don’t like it!
    —>>Same feeling here, and I think I rememble one of them..na ghar ko na ghaat ko!!..:)
    Aaabo out of subject:
    Tyo timro display pic le yeuta kura yaad aayo: Jammaile gundi bhanyo bahndai ma rumaal bandhera gundai bannu parchha!! …:P
    I have seen u that once in that pic, but tyo bela teddy yetro thulo thyo ki I remember that teddy more than you!!..:P
    Have a good one!!

  8. Oprah the love guru..hmm sometimes guruz fail too! if you know what i mean honey.. 😉 sure garne ho ni, after Salaam e ishq i guess LOL

    Have you stoled my soul??

    Tuf question there! but nothing a Daku can’t answer 🙂 Remember, A robber steals only that which was never yours!!

    I think I resemble one of them..na ghar ko na ghaat ko!!..:)

    No Way! The ghar ko na ghat ko is my evergreen dialogue…C whoz the chor here 😉

    yah, kya bujeko for the Gunda display pic. That’s the xact reason.have similar kinda pic in a social networking site and a guy ( who thinks I don’t know) always asks my fren “How is Daku?” ma ke bhannu, afno expectation anusar bachna sakiyena arkalai ta khusi banauna bhanera trying to “Daku myself” 🙂

    n soooo sad you remember only teddy not me..he he he. but tis good as my gundini image remains intact! its so close to and far from the reality… ha ha ha m sure you can’t read this all. tesaile

    Wish you a Jhakkas exam.

    Its Your Performance. Make It Large.

    best Of Work! JuGGy Jeeeeee 🙂

  9. hehe
    Comment nai herna birsiraa..:D
    Chor re, Mero line copyrite agrnu paaro aabo..hehe then I will sue everyone who thinks like me..:p
    thanks for ur wishes!! Hope I will kick all those khaire arses!!..:D
    U too keep rocking!!
    Ok off to comment new entry of urs!!..:D

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