Movies watching and the latest release ( Salaam e Ishq)

“The Departed” good to know that it’s nominated for the Oscars but sadly it Departed from Kumari Cinema before I stepped into the theatre premises. The same with “Da Vinci Code” which was being shown in Gopi Krishna. Last week, I watched “Happy Feet” in Kumari. Yesterday it was Salaam e ishq. Hmm but if you are a movie lover in Kathmandu, options are limited. Good movies?? Whatever that means to an individual aren’t shown is what most say. Again whateve that means. The understanding of it is personal.

muble with friends

Mumble with his friends 🙂 I enjoyed watching it.

Let me talk of my few good and the bad movie experiences here. I had once been to a documentary on music shown by the Spanish Language students of Bishwovasha Campus. Concentrated hard on the movie. Nice I was telling my friend. Later I thought I had forced myself to like the screening. Was on music, all passionate music lovers somewhere in Brazil. Anyone would love it if they FoRCed themselves to enjoy it. A guy sitting nearby commented “ Yesto to ni film huncha?”. On listening to it I’d felt that was exactly what I had wanted to say but fearing to do it!

Then there was French Documentary Show at the Nepal Tourism board. The theme was Globalization (some 5 movies were shown for a week). I got to watch a documentary called “Mondialisation, violence ou dialogue” (Globalization, violence or dialogue). It was a good one. The only problem was the French on screen which was louder than the English. It sure had sub titles but not for everything. Nevertheless the moderator of the discussion after the show apologized. So I forgave. Had wanted to go to watch the others too but sadly was busy with assignments.

And if there is anywhere else I have seen anything on the screen that makes sense. Its at Martin Chautari. Salaam Mumbai, Arms, and ( I’ve forgotten the name of the rest) he he he. They showed “Water” ( by Deepa Mehta) last Thursday. I didn’t go. “Water” was in our Gender course last year. The film, in short was disturbing. Had to write a review on it and all of us know everything about the movie. And once you watch it, you too will feel that all the hindrance caused by the Orthodox Hindus during the shooting of the movie in Varanasi is baseless and A shame infact! They had to shoot it in Sri Lanka. And it was banned in India!! For what??? Watch it and find out. But I wouldn’t, the white white everywhere..kasto life, distressing in short.

Now,let me discuss the latest movie I watched. Salaam e ishq. Great music. My Favorite song “ Saiyan Re”. (The bachelor party song) in the movie, esp. love the way they clap in unison, the sound and rhythm) Akshya Khanna’s opinion on the music album “I am ready to go on record saying this is one of the best albums ever. Like Taal , Dil Se.” Akshya, I like the guy. The way he smiles. Check out his t-shirt in the song “Saiyan Re”. Unique. Its got the picture of a skull, red glitters, black coat and blue jeans. Cool dude. But the best albums ever? Hmm I think it still can’t be compared with Dil se. Shankar, Ehsan, Loy do make great music but A. R. Rehman is the King. I think the Rehna He Tere Dil Main album is one of the best ever too. ( music by Harris Jayeraj , well that was something i didn’t know myself Thanks Jugggy……….g ha ha ha).

John and Vidhya Balan make a sweet couple. Everyone seems to have loved the pair. Maybe because everyone’s seeking something similar and it relates to the ones already in love. Whatever the case, they look good on screen. I loved the background music played whenever they are shown.

the tweet pair

John Abraham and Vidya Balan

But the movie, so- so in my opinion. The Himalayan Times review on the movie published today is what I exactly felt. Inspired by Love Actually it’s said. But Love Actually and Salaam e ishq? Incomparable. Some scenes aren’t inspired but copied. Like Anil Kapoor running to Juhi’s plane just like the 10 yr old kid does in Love Actually. I hadn’t even found the running in LA realistic, come to think of a 40 yr old doing the same? And the “You must leave” by the officials only after the “rona-dhona” is over. Typical Bollywood Scene. Sohail Khan- Isha Kopikar might get you to laugh. (depends).The last scene of them together is the most interesting one! See it. I guess that means they finally do it.

aks and ayesha

Akshya and Ayesha

My favorite scene is the one in which Akshya looks at the camera and says “I’m Dying” in the middle of the dance in the title track “Salaam e ishq”. Why? He’s the guy with the “Commitment Problem”. He’s played it well. The other pairs are Govinda and a foreigner and Priyanka- Salman ( je payo tehi).

What you like in the movie depends. I say it still lacked coordinated scenes, better than Dhoom 2 but still so-so. But whatever the case journalists aren’t going to enjoy the way they are portrayed by Amar-Prem. LOL The jhole-journalists who are caught hiding in Salman’s ( Rahoool) cupboard. Investigative journalism must be!

So wanna waste some money? Then go, watch it. Dhoom 2 ta heriyo bhane, yo ta balai vayena ni!After all Good movies in the theatres are an improbable happening for now. It’s the talk of the town so go with the crowd even though you don’t want to!!

Read Say’s Say 😉 on the Movie, movie review of Guru, Salaam e Ishq and a few good words on the Nepali movies tooj! 🙂

N here is a great review on the film



  1. —>Rehna He Tere Dil Main album is one of the best ever too. ( music by Rehman of course if you didn’t know).
    –>Bad Job bad Job!! And U can’t be fan of AR Rehman, if u don’t know the basics!!..:P
    The Music of RHTDM is given by Harris Jayaraj If there is no other movie than that hai!!
    Well I had been the fan of that guy since I heard his music on Roja, Tiffin nakhai nakhai kana kineko Roja, Mighty 80 bucks at that tyam!! manchhe kyaa pet dukhtyo bhokale, But for love of AR Rehman, Kini chhoden!!..:)
    Kya nostalgic banaunchha tyesko music le.. I personally think Dil se was best of his music!!! He had the difference in music, but like all indian musicians, he also copies some of bits from old english songs!!
    If You don’t know, all background scores of the Lord of the Rings 3 was given by him!!..:)
    Now with all these knowledge, one and only Juggy claims to be obedient fan of AR bhaijaan!!!
    *** Taliyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan***
    P.S.- All things in Dhoom 2 sucked except Aishwarya!! I watched it 3 times straight just to see my babe!!..:D

  2. hello Hayah …dear! ha ha ha Traitor ooooooooooohh. Beat me up if I don’t make to your faithful standards! 🙂 Just wait and watch honey…..

    Ah, mistaken again ajakal am always wrong yar. ha ha ha Thanks anyways.but no that can’t make me any less of an Rehman fan. perhaps i am a mistaken fan, but still a huge admirer of his music. knew of the lord of the rings chahin, but yah surely wrong of RHDTM , just surfed and found out, to be exact this time lol agree on that Dil Se one, there is one Lakeer bhanne film ko “Nachle” bhanne song, which is really kool too, film flop bhayeni. Lagaan ko pani music pani mindblowing lagcha, Yuva…yesterday we were paying a tribute to Rehman (me and sis) singing all his numbers as no lights.. he he he . So no dear you can’t Only Be His Obedient Fan, to err is ta human ni, hoina ta? 🙂

  3. I watched Salaam-e-Ishq last night. Surprisingly good movie considering the name. Initially I had no inling to go and watch the movie and literally had to be dragged in. And my first comment on the very first scene – “the couple wake up in the morning and not a single hair is out of place, ever seen that happen?” – which elicited a sharp jab from the elbow from my par amour.

    But the movie is good, even though long and rambling sometimes. One thing I noticed, after watching “Rang de Basanti”, “Kisna” and “Salaam-e-Ishq” (my! typing Ishq does take and effort!!) is that white (kuireni) girls have started to get roles with some “meat” (er…. maybe cabbage for you vegeterians?) in them as opposed to always being potrayed as a vamp. And Govinda does shine in the movie. I was clapping my hand (alas! I don’t know how to do the “sitti” thing!).

    On a more (pseudo)-intellectual tone – what the story teller is trying to show is various stages of a relationship – there’s Govinda who’s just starting to fall in love, Salman Khan whos courting his love, Akshaya Khanna who’s in the verge of getting married and has second thoughts, the Johnny guy who’s just married and has a wonderful life that gets caught in a crisis and finally Anil Kapoor who gets a mid life crisis after 15 years of marriage. All these events could possible happen to a single couple in a single lifetime, but the director chose to show it in a single time frame – similar to the story plot style used in the movie “Crash” or “Babel” – A new story telling technique in Hindi movies, at least not the linear story telling line as run of the mill Hndi cinema….. my two cents worth…..

  4. Think its Happy 1st birthday to Zade X-PReSS (at wordpress)!

    If so then congrats to the official Realm of Reasoning! Often read it but didn’t get it, mostly read it, got it n njoyed! Made my study easier too. Look forward to another year of coffee obsessions, regular goddamns n more rockin ZaDeD!

    Jehos, that’s my own dui paisa on this historic day in the Nepali blogosphere 🙂

    (Informal Blog Ambassador – UK branch)

  5. Wow! I had forgotten about it myself. Thanks James Ji. Was just planning to write of my coffee on a hectic day ONCE AGAIN! 😉 But I guess I should do that after I treat myself with another cup this evening to celebrate blogging..maybe should have coffee and black forest.! Thank you so much, mero ta din nai banyo. I think m a real nisthuri ( ajakal everyone tells me that, ke bhanya hola..)Je hos to be forgettin my best fren’s birthday is a nisthuri act for sure.
    So Happy Birthday dearest Blog! Ha ha ha wish you a rocking year ahead. Thanks for being there always. A place to rant, to shout, to scream, then mellow down and to do some ..not some but a lot of Ghoch pech ha ha ha( and drive away blog readers!), to send encoded messages to some fellas out there and What Not?..Basically Being a Place To Chillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…. Blog dedicate garnu parne priyatam ko lagi ke garnu fursad chaina.. ha ha ha forgive me hai zade xpress! Lol ( I think I have gone psycho! Duh!) This goddamn pressurizing writeup! 🙂

    But thanks again James Ji! I will surely have two cups of coffee this evening. One in your name hai!

    You Rock Oh The Informal Blog Ambassador! 🙂

  6. Oh ho Its a birthday!!
    Where is the party!!..:P
    I have finished exams today, and definitely need a big party!! Am I invited for party or not??..:S
    Commenting for long time makes it liable to sue blog for not inviting to party or not??..:P
    Anyways Happy B day!!..:)
    Keep rocking the blog world!!..:)

  7. Neglecting ur fren is the worst thing ZaDeD but I fully understand the pressures u must have bein a Nepali blogstar 🙂

    Looks like the celebration is just an online global coffee party Juggy! U n ZaDeD both seem to love the black stuff but only tea will do for me (English style, not xtremely sugared water!!) Nways, I raise my mug to u all – cheers!

  8. The story and the feeling of JOHN-BIDHYA couple was superb…You liked Akshya while I really didn’t like that CHINDE in that particular movie.

    Akshya having hair like in Hamraaz and Race while i liked ..he ..he..

    जिस्के पास बाल हे वो कमाल करते हे …

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