sCribblinG ’bout A SaTurDay…

“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.”
– Robert Fulghum

“The world doesn’t run according to you. This is the fact. Life sucks and you need to know it.” She sits on the blue chair lecturing me. “Tere bin besuwadi besuwadi ratiyaan sajana…..” the stereo is singing to itself. It’s not soothing my senses this evening. The more she speaks the more confused I get.

The morning was no different from it. She was scribbling in the big fat diary of hers and scolding cum “trying to make me see the light” as she put it. The topic of discussion was different this time. A well planned “ how to save the world” guff nevertheless.
Tell me, she said.

“Graduates….experts”…..I spoke my mind while she took it down on her notebook.

Don’t exactly remember how it came up but it did.

I think I’d asked something like “How do they do it?”

She looked at me and spoke those words as though it were as true as the sun rising in the east.” They sleep their way to the top.” She said coolly. We debated another half an hour or so on her statement.

“How can you?”

“You’re in denial.”

“Might be in a lot of things but you’re being a pessimist here.”

“No I’m not. That’s the way the world works girl.”

“If you go looking for it, that’s what you will find. If you don’t think so, you won’t face it either.”

“Do you think they ever thought that would happen?”

“Everyone? Oprah?? Name me one?”

I can’t convince her to come with me. She can’t convince me her “Hit the sack” theory either. But she does make me THINK. College is over. We depart.

I live with a film critic. I agree to watch the crappiest of movies. The hell with this, “WHY NOT? Spirit”.

He’s the best of cooks while I walk out in town as the hungriest person ever.

A bad movie aint much help to a hungry person. Money can buy food but it can’t get you to sit alone in strange places and EAT. Still the hunger is dear to me. I love the hunger, love the headaches it brings. And love the dreams it prepares me for..Its a personal Training!

“Thank you. Bye.” I mumble and leave in the Intermission.

And sometimes, not always though, I get Lucky. I know Ozomalti are in town, I know the entrance is free and all but I am confused about the Concert venue. Then, I hear them sing on my way to the bus stop. I change my route.


Ozomatli The Band

A Grammy award winning Band!! What can be better than that? Alone? But who cares. I push my way through the crowd to get to nowhere. I ‘m just in search of a spot where I can get a better view of the guys on stage. I’m pretty far from the stage anyway. No people I know, no confusion, it’s just me and my happy soul. Where’s the headache? I don’t know. I’m tapping my feet to the beat.

Get ready on a Saturday night”

I repeat after the band but don’t say it loud. Might have if I were amongst a cooler crowd but except a few “waist twisting” guys, people around me weren’t even tapping their feet to the beat. Just standing and staring at the heads in front of them. It wasn’t a lively concert from where I was standing. Occasionally I could see some guy throw his jacket up in the air but that was it. And of course a psycho clad in jacket with “Well worn since 1942” written on it would keep turning back and smile at me as if I was in any mood to smile back!!

“Go f…kng crazy” the band order! The crowd likes it. They yell in support (no one around me yelled though). Use any word that’s still not so widely acceptable (here) and surely anyone will LOVE IT! Sometimes I feel everyone’s bursting to go “…..vulgar”, like a balloon ready to explode. Start and then there will be no end to it. Especially guys for sure. ( well that comes from a certain experience..)

“We’re not gonna take not…we’re not gonna take it anymore……”
Another number…

“Thank You Kathmandu” they say and leave.

“Once more, once more, once more” there’s a continuous demand from the crowd. Prasan( an RJ in Kantipur FM) makes the crowd cry out louder by repeating “ they can’t hear you”. Well, this time a few guys standing around me yelled “Once more”. I did too, but not that loudly. eklai karauna ta garai parcha ni 🙂

“ Ozomatli lai Kathmandu ra Nepali haru khatra lagyo re” Prasan announces.

“वहाँहरु आँउछ भन्दैछ” he said.

Pathetic Nepali I think to myself scribbling his words on her thick diary. ( I think I speak better than that at least! A lot better actually!!)

Men, men, men everywhere. Where are the women? A band with ten great looking guys and such minimal female audience? It always takes me surprise. Is it that we girls aren’t much of music lovers? Or does every girl need a friend to enjoy? A boyfriend to drag us to concerts? Dependence? I mean we talk so much about being able to do everything but does anything we think and say matter if we don’t ACT accordingly?? Why don’t we girls act the way we talk?? How can we say there’s always a danger of being harassed in crowds of men if we have never been there first? How can we say we’re at par with men if you don’t say but do what they PROCLAIM they can only do? I’m not saying we should be equal to them but saying we SHOULD be what we PROCLAIM ourselves to BE. Garepachi po patyauna milcha…..( oh…I am beginning to realize I can write another entry on this..with ample of examples..devs students haru ta ..I mean aren’t progressive actors aruko ke kura..ufffff yesari ke change ko expect garnu??….) Well, its not the first time the thought has crossed my mind. Won’t be the last either I know.

However the concert’s over. I get a seat on the bus…and think of my day. A good one I conclude. Plenty of food for thought. From “The way they do it” to “Where the hell are we?” So much to learn….so much to experience…so much to do….. Life’s just begun.

” The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.”
-Alan Ashley-Pitt



  1. Ok me first!!…:D
    Concert and alone…Hmm, Sounds cool idea; would love to try that out!!
    But concerts in Kathmandu and me go parallel!! Had an obsession to go to every and each of them..Most amazing experience being the one by 1974 AD, remember the wildest crowd ever!! and another by Lucky ali…Parikrama from India rocked as well.. But I missed the one by Junoon!! Exam thyo bholi palta!!..:(
    And I heard strings gave concert too in Ktm..One of my all time fav band!!..
    –>And of course a psycho clad in jacket with “Well worn since 1942” written on it would keep turning back and smile at me as if I was in any mood to smile back!!
    –>Bichara kyaa aas lyera hanseko hola..:P
    But you know what I do whenever any stranger smiles at me, I smile back mischievously and If they stare at me, I stare back more at them..Try it, it works!!..:)

  2. You’re unbelivably Fast!! I remember that 1974AD concert. I hadn’t been there, was too lato to do anything like that then!ha ha ha but a fren of mine had and she’d even got some “Lathis” from the police which had made a good tale in our get together party 🙂 so no Lucky Ali too.. yah Strings did give the concert Pulchowk campus ma thiyo..I am a HUGE strings fan myself, but was too broke to afford the 200 hoki 400 rs ticket then.. a fren had been rained so they had to cut it short.

    N for the great smile tip. ha ha ha maile hasen vane ta tarsine sabvawana badi cha! lol pheri yo mahango braced teeth ma sab aire gaire nattu khaire lai kina muft ma dekhauthen ra! Dhanna herera hasyo, hasera kina bhau ghataunu bhanera kya 😉 LOL and oh ho aja Mischivieous Smile re! Testo bold hunachahin malai Intensive Training nai linuparla ha ha ha 🙂

  3. Dang!! I used to pay any amount to go to concerts and then would go broke for months!! I was crazy abt those things back then..:D
    Once a friend of me commented why I don’t smile on most of my pics re; I told her I would scare anyone on the 3 miles perimeter!! Now it seems you are copying my dialogue; dialogue chor!!..:P
    Training cost a cup of coffee everyday!!
    Interested?? ..:D

  4. What if I said more than interested! lol ek cup coffee khatra thaun ma Rs 30-40 pareni teti chahin jasari ni kamauchu 😉 ha ha ha aja maile paile bhaneko kura reiterate garna ani ultai Chor dos laune! how “chor like” that is afai decide garnu! kya batho! 🙂

    N well read something a lot more sensible here Talk of town: Social Inclusion

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