Interpreted Words, Un-interpreted Emotions…

Its fun. Sometimes too easy sometimes a challenge. The only setback is that it’s mechanical, no creativity involved. Its something that just came along, never asked for it. But got it. Was the job then, now it’s an opportunity that comes along when it wants to! Never under my control. Wondering what? Well, this act of being a translator, interpreter, transcriber anything that has to do with interpreting things for people just the way they understand it. Its responsibility!!

Five years ago, that’s when it started. The act. But it was only in writing. Nepali to English. English to Nepali. Mind you, the jobs lucrative I have heard, never been paid that way though! Ha ha ha. That’s called struggling and exploited I guess! Still no complains until I go hardcore broke and think: Damn. They should have paid some more!! Ooooh that must be my greed too!! Maybe I have the right to it! Though on one instance I have been asked to name my price!! That was the first and the last! lol And all I had to say was “anything will do, am just a student”. Of course I know people who earn as much as 150$ or plus a day for the same! Or earn one hundred thousand rupees a month for the same job in an organization!! I am in no position to demand too so I just do some mental “Opportunity cost” calculation and wonder “Mera number kab ayega!!”

Translating one to one conversation is easy, comparatively. But when you have to do it Eng to Nep and again Nep to Eng for everything said, it’s a bit tiring. Still a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Interpreters are to translate anything said, regardless of what is being said they say. Especially tiring when the interviewee is beating about the bush. The most tiring translating work I ever did was four interviews in row. Eng to Nep and again Nep to Eng.Each interviewee talking for more than an hour. Thankfully they had interesting stories to make concentrating easier. Sometimes you feel like an intruder too, when the interviewee is talking personal matters and you get the feeling that s/he feels easier talking to the “Interviewer” only.

But the best translation to do it not for a person but for many. Like in trainings and workshops. Unlike individual translations you are the hero there than the actual Interviewer ko “chamcha”!! ha ha ha There’s recognition and hell lot of responsibility though. Well, you need to know at least something about the issue or else you can make the entire workshop useless by saying one thing when the facilitator is saying something entirely different. So, was bit scared the first time as was informed of it minutes before the program! But again Responsibility gives Power! And bigger the risk bigger the gain!

I have only two experiences of doing that though, i.e. translating the facilitator’s words in workshops and trainings for the participants. The recent was something on SRHR. God! How many rights do we need!! But I thank him for the confidence in me! I wonder how people like me can gain experience if not for progressive “Yubaks” like him 🙂 . To begin with when I thought I was translating gender issues I am still wondering which participant raised the “condom” agenda there. God! Never used the word so many times in my life than I did that night. And before the “news” spreads like Fire I would like to explain it was more focused on participation and advocacy than the “things” most will presume I learnt there! And H dear, you nearly killed me with your Deadly Messages!! Ha ha ha Nope it was no demonstration nor experimentation program, gender was only an hour session carried out separately from the regular workshop. And I am still unable to figure out condom relation with Gender!! Though it was contextual, I remember that much! Wish I was more knowledgeable (not on C use) but in knowing the technical terms like Lobbying= “Pairavi” in Nepali and things like “Pristaposhan” etc. It could have been better if I had been able to work with the facilitators from the beginning. But again, March, that’s the trait of the month. Everything coincides. That’s the learning for next Time, Hoping opportunities like these keep coming!!

And nothing made me prouder than an experience there. He was giving his concluding remarks and I was merely listening not taking down notes too, don’t know why but I just thought I wouldn’t have to translate it. But when it was over everyone was looking at me and the participant really caught me off guard saying “Translation?” I was like “What?”(Mentally).However I was listening attentively .So it started with a stammer..ah..hmm then all his words were being replayed in my head and yeah I did a fine translation of his entire concluding speech. (Well, I think I did! 🙂 ) Everyone looked satisfied and I congratulated myself mentally on having done it. I was just telling myself: Man, I did it yar. I can do it !! Never felt so proud of myself!! (I think I never felt happier! Ha ha ha hope it doesn’t sound like “Mapain” 😉 . K garnu yestai sana kuramai khusi lukeko cha 🙂 )

Je hos good food, great place and a productive training. What more can I say? The best part was however dance sessions in the evening!! But such experiences always have a lot of development wala’s dilemma attached to it…. “Kimkartabyabimudhata” to put it in one word. Still taking life as it comes, living one day at a time is fun. Hoina ta someone? LOL

Btw oye Keti the N-kot did facilitate the process didn’t it? 😉 And OMG you are getting married! I mean MARRIED!! I am never going to forget your words of wisdom yaar “ Aten je pani hundo raicha!”
Sure girl, aten yo umer mai bihe pani hundo raicha!! Ha ha ha I think I am over influenced by your excitement, know why? Well, I am beginning to feel Unmarried in addition to Unemployed!!! LOL

Wish you nothing but Happiness yaar!! Kahile auncha ho tyo Baisakh vanne mahina!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



  1. intrepretation is indeed a difficult job for some one like me who have never experienced it earlier,but its even intresting as u can evaluate how quickly u can search perfect word from ur memery box, 4 days long intrepretation le ta i think have groomed me a lot to be more confident on what i m speaking, ani behe ko kura ta jhan ekdum interesting bahi halyo.when will i see my friend wearing sari and attaining he freind’s marriage ceremony,ani blog ma ta tyo kura suruly aula haina.

  2. hmm, something to read to start the weekend…after a long gap…and enjoyed reading too!

    “taking life as … …” – indeed 🙂

  3. Sometimes you just sit there in between the words and then u can not find the exact word what can define you at those moments. Interpretation of emotions: next to impossible if not impossible!!
    I definitely run out of words every time I try; Others I can only guess!!
    Just discussing some things out of topics!!..:)
    But I surely missed you.. :(!!
    Welcome back!! And there goes the red carpet for your comeback!!.. 😛
    Have a good day!!.. 🙂

  4. In case you remember I first didn’t know we could pick our own topic and that was my idea and if you want to sulk keep doing so. I don’t care, I am so sick and tired of sacrificing everything for others! ideas, time, bus seats, just Everything.well, high time I acknowledged my own existence! sorry that I was born rude. But I am not sorry for this brutal honesty of mine! Have a Great Solar Esclipse Miss H and yah get well soon. ( anger 4 no reason is not healthy btw)/hope to see you seated beside me tomorrow and please have the pleasure of gettin on my nerves!! kasto waihat kurama risako??!!??

    N to pravinaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha malai ta bhanna ni afyaaro lagcha. don’t worry will celebrate womanhood on the marriage of my best friend! 🙂 btw malai tyo “Sutiko sari” and ghumto odera chiya to sasu ma and ba samjhera yeti hasuthiracha ke bhannu!! ha haha too much distraction yar, khali bihe kai guff matra sunna manlagcha, but we are too silly and immature I guess to be roaring with laughter on knowing such minute details…yaar keti le herda herdai Bihe gari!! 😉 sure blog ma ta auncha, my pic with the dhula dhulai lol and yah translation, I would love to be the Interpreter of Emotions rather, at least wanted that in N-kot and be a telepathic communicator 4 reasons nly known to me! 🙂 Ani Trisuli was khaaaaaaaatra yaaar, m sooooo Refreshed! mini goa dude! lol will write abt it hai!

    Thank you mp ji for the striking comment… taking life as it is……………….wow.. tyo garda sarai majja aaundoraicha!

    N Juggy, wow! you just got me there! by writing sth on the title bcuz tesmai sabai lukeko thiyo! 🙂 yup hard to interpret emotions! for the best things and the worst in life can only be felt I guess ….ani words many a times only pollute emotions… And Yah I love the feel of Walking on the Red Carpet!

    Ani Vahsekji Surya aba udairahanecha! … 🙂 Thank you!
    N Miss H again: Anger is one word short of “DANGER”!

  5. Swthrt, if we get into detail of what exactly happened that day, i could beat ur argument hands down. But lets not drag on our laundry into open airs. Put it behind us and move on.

    Happy blogging!

  6. hmm beat ur argument, hands down…linen in the public bla bla bla Nice wordplay honey! just a sentence 4 u: You aren’t always right. and this time you outta know you are wrong! whtever the case we reconcile and we fight and we bring out the best and the worst in one another I guess….well that’s a real relationship! that’s just us…the discussion on age-marriage-economic independence was really something….urs was a very unique perspective on things I must agree! that’s yet to continue hoina ta….have a great Week hai…he he he and this time I know no one will be missing me! 😉 my recommendation is Country Villa….It was just fabulous! but places bal ho, pokhara,jiri…people are more important 🙂 have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

  7. Hi Zade,

    It was easy for me to identify myself with the above article as I am also occasionally doing the job of interpretation and translation for foreign journalists who visit Kathmandu. It sounds like an easy job but sometime I find it very much challenging. I have no experience of interpreting at seminars and in similar programs but loved the way Nicole Kidman does he job in The Interpreter. I think all translations and interpretations are more or less similar but my experience is that it’s quite different for TV. It becomes even more challenging when the speaker continues speaking for several minutes. To have live translation on the spot is even more challenging.

    Recently, I was interpreting for a foreign journalist and the speaker, a Maoist leader, continued speaking for minutes that putting me in very difficult situation (for the on-the-spot translation). I could barely transcribe his words in my notebook. Thankfully, the interview was also recorded in video camera which made me easier to do the exact translation in the evening. Whatever the case I am loving this job that I have started doing recently. Hmmm, let me not talk about the money thing!

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