Trishuli Travels :)

You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so we can fly away
We gotta make a decision
We leave tonight or live and die this way

I remember we were driving driving in your car
The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk
City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped ’round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged
And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

Fast Car– Tracy Chapman

The bus was on its way to The Royal Beach.Camp, Khatauti. He took the microphone on the bus and announced: A (a guy) has got a message for K (a girl).

A says “ Aja hami tyo garne jun hamile pahile kahile gareko chaina!…….. (The bus roars with laughter) Rafting” he adds after sometime. But no one bothers. The mind of the young, not always but mostly get “such things” given the slightest hint, you needn’t even mention the word! (And I bet you got it too!)

“Parkhi ma talai chaddina” I could hear her mutter from the backseat. The bus riders were still laughing. Nevertheless the message wasn’t A’s but announcer made! And we didn’t go rafting, the “kahile nagareko kura” never happened either! LOL

It was time to chill for the former and the current Devs Team. I could prefer to call the trip “Hardcore Relaxation” as opposed to don’t know “If I am busy” or in “leisure” lifestyle for most students. Trim tall trees, we walked past them. Someone behind me asked “ Aja ta timi pani “STONED” hune hola ni?”

“Stoned?” I inquired on coming across the “In” vocabulary for the first time.
“Stoned!” S/he laughed. The laughter rung a bell in my head. I got the exact meaning!
“ No” I replied.

The ones who had reached the spot before me were already listening to him. I could hear his “Americanized English”. I was already embarrassed!!
“I’m Ram.” He said extending his hand.
I introduced myself amidst confusion (on hearing his English for sure!) LOL
Wondering why? Well, meet him and find that for yourself. The hint: People like him make me want to speak in “Bisudda Nepali” while conversing with them. Not because their English is immaculate or Nepali is the same but because they’re embarrassingly flamboyant in their “not required” accent! Ha ha ha still confused? Well then the place is a must visit!

Too many wanna, gonna…The only sentence that I liked was “If you are not living on the edge then you are taking too much space”. Not his original dialogue I knew. I’d already heard that before! It was the silver lining in his “Gonna, wanna guff”.

Popcorn and coffee time. The place was RAW. The toilet was being built at a distance. A real cute room though! Everyone agreed. Tents would have to be fixed later. First, it was time to celebrate “Happy Holi” as someone was already yelling on the banks of Trishuli!

I didn’t notice a door. The windows had grills but no curtains. The girls changed into shorts. I was the first to be surprised at the instant KTM to Goa transition for sure. The only reason being the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind, i.e the place would be so RAW, we would be spending the night on the banks of Trishuli and to add to it all shorts were the Dress code! So, there I stood feeling overdressed resulting from my “Lesser the luggage, greater the comfort” backpack! Though having known that earlier wouldn’t have changed anything as I never wear shorts for that matter so don’t possess any. Thankfully one of my friends was in jeans too. And the denting painting finally got over.

Time to go Splash in the Water!!

They swam. I didn’t. I don’t know how to swim. But the instructor was teaching two guys who didn’t too. Bad timing. I had more than one reason to stick to the shores only. That was the biggest loss, and I sincerely regret it. Sochdai bore lagcha, Trisuli ma chopalina napayeko ma! 😦

She was buried under the sand. Everyone worked hard to do that! I sat nearby and laughed sooooooooo hard that I was thinking the back and the front of my stomach had stuck together! The reason for the laughter is too “whacko” to be discussed here!

The swimming continued. It followed by a volleyball game. The guys played, wanted to continue but the girls were sick and tired of being the spectators. Not AGAIN. So we grabbed the ball and kick started the game! It was volleyball and throw ball combination. I played volleyball back in school and occasionally in college but it was first time I learnt of throw ball. But it was great Fun! Suman again had something interesting to say.
This struck me the most: “ Malai ta ESPN ra Fashion TV two in one hereko jasto lagiraheko cha!”

She and I stayed back and had some penalty shootouts. It felt so good to be playing after so long! Fixing the tent was fun too. The girls had tents. The boys spent the night under the huge tent turned ‘parachute’!

And the evening……Man! Plain heavenly. Do I need to add romantic?? (That ought to be self understood) He’s a great DJ, the ex-president. And Trance music, it was the second time I was being exposed to it. The first time was on a similar trip to Nagarkot. What can I say? It’s wonderful, I meant great! Plan to listen to more of it now. Any suggestion? Recommendations?

The dancing continued till midnight. But had my break from it to lie down under the stars on the grassy river bank. And I was remembering a scene in “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Sunshine” where Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet do the same on the snow. And he says “It’s beautiful.” The only difference was “Lack of Jim Carrey” in my real life Trishuli banks star gazing for sure! Still it was beautiful. A calm, starry night with “I want to break free” being played in the background…..What more can I say…..I was feeling so relaxed that I almost feel asleep!! Ha ha ha

This month was something March 2007, so much to remember. First Nagarkot, then Godavari Village Resort and then the Royal Beach. I am beginning to forget that my real identity is that of a Student not a Relaxed Traveler! Still who cares until I have to spend money from my own pocket! However the first two were fun that came along with work The later was a bit of self contribution too. Each one was memorable, special! Lying underneath the “Salla” trees in Nagarkot …ah kya heavenly feeling thiyo tyo! And what can I say of Godavari? That is undoubtedly the most luxurious place I have ever stayed in! Now, don’t boast if you’ve spent nights in the finest hotels of the world hai, I warn you! Ha ha ha Hamro lagi ta tyo never ending food variety in Godavari nai kafi thiyo! I was like what’s this salad followed by assorted salad, spaghetti, bla..bla..bla…herdai tanna! Oh how can I forget that Cheese cake and its sathi! LOL Sounding Pakhe? Bal ho.I don’t care, purkha tetai bata ta jhareka ta hun ni! Even so, I don’t think I was carved for such luxury because I was having an upset tummy in both the luxurious stays! Ha ha ha and I know I’ll always prefer Popcorn to the Danish pastry and any Assorted salad or whatever else.

March, the month has left me Stoned!
Well, I’M SMASHED! (Sorry if you don’t get it! Its something I learnt on the Trishuli Trip) 🙂

on the road

And Promote Internal Tourism Everyone, Come on You live in Paradise. Flex your muscles a bit and step outside. Wherever you look there is something to see! It’s NEPAL YAAR! IT’S HEAVEN!! And you know it!! 🙂



  1. Now I miss Nepal even more..:(
    But it sure was great to read a travelogue that rejuvenated my cherished memories. I had done the rafting for once: Up to Grade 4 wave I think; And it felt like nothing!! :S
    I think I have to go for higher waves but problem is I dunno how to swim either!! But Trishuli ma chhain dubulki mareko ho; Life jacket layera.. 😛
    And then to keep Adrenaline running I did Bungee jump the same month!! It was one heck of experience.. 😀 !! You should try that sometime; Just to feel how does it is like to fly!!.. 🙂
    And Now I miss Nepal even more!! Heaven it is; And I live one more day in this burning hell!! 😦

  2. daz
    that day in trishuli only i had mentioned that how much i had appreciate of you coming with those stoned groups ……. whatever it is the point is that that message the guy had send to the gal could not really happen
    i hope u got what i mean
    take care
    and yes u r being smashed

  3. It would be beautiful indeed if Jim Carrey was there! I really really missed. 🙂 So I think I am stoned…on that regard!

  4. Hmmmm, well, by the look of it I think that you had a good time. But still am not quite sure if you think you did or not. Sometimes in the midst of being smashed or stoned, its always nice to take a little time out by yourself to lay back and look up to the sky…. Glad to see that you did just that!

    I am interested to see that you have met Ram. I met him on my trip to KTM and quite a guy he is. And that is another time and place and story all together. Let’s just say it was a late night out in Thamel (the place makes me cringe as well!) and an even later arrival to catch a bus to Pokhara… And, should have been a hint to what I was about to encounter on a LONG LONG LONG trek with many unrealized preconceptions and RUDE awakenings… (i think you may be able to read btw the lines? and have a little insight..)

    It seems that we seem to run across the same people quite often, though we have never met, and we live on completely different sides of the universe. Kind of like taste in music. It’s a small world after all! What goes around does surely come around, huh?

    Would love to go on, but that is not for public forum now, is it?

    To lyrically quote life… “What a long strange trip it’s been…”

    Take it all in, dear Zaded, your journey has only yet to begin! Your future is truly bright and you already are keen to an insight that many search for years and never find… If you are a clue to the future, than I am glad to know that the riddle is still out there!

    HA! Just have fun girl… I truly believe that regret is a waste of time and all lessons learned are just another clue to what makes this world go ’round. Now go and make it spiN! Just always remember to sit back and take notes…

    To quote one of my fav professors of all times, John H. White… Always remember to click that shutter, and take that photo with the camera of your heart… In the end, that’s all that really matters!

  5. “Ohhhhooooooooo paddai kya aananda lagyo yar. Lgachha ki ma pani tyahi chhu tyahi thauma tyasari nai ramairaheko. Aahaa nature sanga ko bartalap, usanga ko ramailo satasat ra usanga ko lutiputi, tyahi nai jeevan ho ki, tyahi nai jeevan ko sharthakta ho ki, tyasaiko lagi nai hami aayeko ho ki yo dharti ma, tyahi nai swarga ra tyahi nai swargiya aananda ho ki? Tyasaimai nai afno sara jeevan lai samarpan garna paye hunthyo, tyasai sanga kheldai, jiskaidai, ramaudai basirahana paye hunthyo, tyo sanga afno dukha badna paye hunthyo, tyo sangai afno khusi satna paye hunthyo, sadai, yasari nai. Tara k garne life sucks, reality bites, tens pressurized every times. Ekchhin mai iisab kuraharu bata feri tada pugaihalchha tyo swarga bhanda bhayankar thulo narka le……………………………………………”

  6. Zade,
    (Naam le sambodhan garney anumati chhaina holaa bhanera Zade maatrai bhaneko ni!)

    That Keshuvko in yesterday’s comment in not me hai.
    May be a volunteer.
    Is email address also same? What about IP address?
    Hope I will get a response. Emailing is the best the best idea. What do you think?

    I need to be cautious jasto chha… kasaile anta-shanta lekhidiyo bhane mero naam maa, responsible ta ma hunu parchha ni!

    Here now I write apropos to your fantastic entry.:P

    Part I:
    Visuddha Nepali!
    Ummm… one can hardly see me conversing with fellow Nepalis in English . However, to take to visuddha

    Nepali has been next to impossible. To tell you the truth, we are unnecessary habituated to amalgamating

    English words in our everyday lingua franca.

    If you speak in cent per cent refined Nepali, you will be tagged as Sahityakaar or Kavi!

    If you use double-dyed Nepali, you will be taken for a bucolic (gaunle, pakhe)!
    Even for the most of people,

    particularly younsters, who do not need to communicate in English, it’s matter of shame to be tagged


    More often than not, for many English-Nepali
    khichadi has been way out from sort of inferiority complex. If

    you can twist your tongue otherwise like a westerner, you won’t be labeled Pakhe
    ! A laboured accent means

    your exposure to the outside world! Your convoluted tongue and promotes you to “Modern.” 😛

    >>>”They’re embarrassingly flamboyant in their “not required” accent.”

    Take it easy. heheh Yours way may be annoying me! *** (see footnotes)
    (Hope you won’t misinterpret me. :P)

    /I am trying to insert smileys, I only know of two…… k bhanchhan…. birsein… esto kya … shortcut? keys

    kya… 😛 and 🙂 only /

    By the way, such an English as you have mentioned embarrases me as well. Though amiss most of the times,

    my impression is: If males, they are MSMs who unnecessarily twist their tongue. If females, they are showy

    bimbos. :P:P:P:P:P

    Part II

    “A” le “K” lai diyeko message dui-arthi chha. But punch is there in his ambiguity.
    Guys are rude;
    Girls are prude.
    (Wah! It rhymes)

    Part III

    Umm. I am relieved. There are others who too do not know swimming.

    Close to biggre water bodies, I always fear of drowning. Swimming ko lessons lai pani basic rights maa

    rakhnu paryo bhanera aba aandolan garnu parchha. Let’s found a new forum and take to the streets!

    I believe “whacko” part would be more interesting! 🙂

    ESPN and FTV! I am trying to seeing the combination in my mind.

    Part IV
    “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Sunshine”
    Jim and Kate. Those dialogues you recalled.
    Pity! You were alone. Where you alone, by the way? No ‘sapana ko rajkumar’ at all?:)

    Part V
    Drug non-users (esto word pani huchha kahin?) and nonsmokers can learn from you to get stoned. And you

    are a great mentor to teetotalers to be smashed.

    Let me digress for a while 😛 : You while writing in Nepali unnecessarily infix Hindi words. Is that to be

    stylish ? (………………:P:P:P Mr. Ram’s Americanised English..heheh ma sochdai chhu kasto bolchha holaa tyo maanchhe le…)
    Or, just because of overdose of movies?
    (I am nagging myself now: I was supposed to do something very important but I wasted time writing
    comment on your entry. Thukka ma!)

    All the best

  7. Hmm from where do I start? Bungee jumping I guess 🙂 .I have been thinking about that for ages, but you know the same “No money”problem. Student life..tehi ta ho ni..I think I will go rafting first, the deal was pretty reasonable though we could not do it..have planned it for next time…kunai subha din! I would loooooove to fly though there’s one worry I have which is again too crazy to discuss!

    N Utsabji…you sound kind of depressed there…but life’s what you want it to be hoina ta? Could be a moment of pleasure lifetime of pain or otherwise..I think the way out could be like sth my fren’s dad would say when she was a kid “ Work while you work, play while you play this is the way to remain happy and gay!” Just live the moment. Here’s my favorite quote “Nothing is there to come, and nothing past, But an eternal NOW does always last.” it keeps me high on happiness of course always..

    Thanks Kali! The Shivajis were busy with themselves so I guess I was preoccupied with making sand castles, dancing and getting lost….Stoned by the atmosphere! Ani dear ke ko hatar, sara jindagi bakin cha ni to do the unthinkable!! 😉 ha ha ha

    N Jim Carrey!! Oh ho never knew Da Jim Carey knew of this site too!! Whatever name you keep, whatever the email address I can always track you honey!! Lol and for your misssssssing part…oh sure you oughta have been there because I was in Hilary Swank Mood! Would set you rolling down the beach and you could take a midnight bath! N I could still enjoy the night on my own! Stoned? He he he

    Welcome Redde! And what can I say to this But still am not quite sure if you think you did or not. Surprised me cuz that’s what I have tried to avoid here..the issue if I really did have fun or not!! He he he the entry is thereby very superficial which is just opposite of what I actually wanted to write! All I want to say is….when we are small, kids then no one really bothers if you enjoy being alone or keep playing alone you know…that becomes an easy to handle, good kid. If you carry on the trait for long you become the matter of concern for everyone, which is hard to handle!! So unwanted! So sick and tired of being asked a million times “Are you having fun? Are you…why alone…bichara( pity) they both are couples..she doesn’t….” Damn! Still the hope persists: the one who isn’t afraid of being alone should make an interesting friend for someone at least! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    N for the “LONG LONG LONG trek with many unrealized preconceptions and RUDE awakenings” ha ha ha I surely got that one! Sometimes the best of walks turn out to be the worst because of people around us, doesn’t it…like an overextended story, and you’re dying for it to end! One of my Marchy trips was like that! I never sought an energizer after a trip than I did after that..was dying to take a walk underneath the familiar street lamps of ktm ….and I did the moment I arrived..had a cup of coffee and walked rather than heading home…..people make so much difference! 🙂 And walking’s like writing a journal…time for self-introspection. Look back and learn and move on! And I really loved the quote. Thank you! And I could go on and on too…he he he and most times I do despite it being soooo damn Public!

    N dear Sumee, we had a real good conversation on the sand that evening hai? Like you said…Straight from the Heart! Had wanted to put it here too but ended up mentioning everything superficially only…I guess the best things in life can only stay in memories! And I will remember that evening for ever!

    Ani Vahsekji,
    Glad to know you don’t swim too! Yah felt relieved! As in Okay I’m not Alone this time!! Ha ha ha And the whacko part would leave you rolling with laughter but something I would find embarrassing to write it here! A pic could do it all! Sadly, I can’t dare such things!! 🙂 N Espn cum FTV combination…keta haru ta esail extra chalu junchan so hope your imagination hasn’t gone toooooo wild! Lol

    Pity! You were alone. Where you alone, by the way? No ’sapana ko rajkumar’

    Take back that pity part hai…even though it’s a joke…malai ta wakkaaaaaaaai lagisakyo tesaile! Ha ha ha…Well, I was alone because mentally compatible pani dherai vetida rahechan tara I just realized that I want someone Morally Compatible!! Morality is vague, personal, but my opinion is the more compatible u are on a Vaguer level..the better you’re together!! Whtever that means!! He he he anyone got it? If so I would start dreaming of some “prince on the internet” rather! LOL

    Couldn’t get how I could be a mentor….well I have never been stoned or smashed either by G and booze (the day I do I’ll surely but a khatra blog entry!)…I have a dream, a dream where my generation can have fun without the two of em…I wish for a change…might sound idealist still…I mean can’t we just be ourselves and enjoy rather on depend on some substance, get ecstatic on seeing a “Grass” plant?…. malai achhamma lagcha…but nothing I can do just watch and wonder..

    And for my Hindi mix..well, I never meant to be stylish or anything..that’s the way I speak and many a times don’t even know the “Hindi” element in it. You could help me improve 🙂 Thank you! Ani tyo thukka ma bhannu cha vane kina comment garnu?? you could prioritize your work and never regret!!

    Good day everyone. And here I go again blog about everything and anything in life. God, why can’t I bottle up my emotions and shut up!I wonder why I have to be so expressive..Ufff…

  8. Hi zade, i will comment u later on ur recent comment towards me. But, i think that u r confused and deleted my comment. Actually, Kathmandu Speaks is not me, he/she has only quoted my comment there and u may have deleted as thinking that both are of mine.

  9. >>The day I do I’ll surely but a khatra blog entry

    I cannot believe you here.

    You will be down! How will you write, gal?

    I am a teetotaler but for a couple of time I have ‘tested’ grass…
    Not good experience, however.

  10. namaskar,

    hajur ko uttam lekhai ko ma prasamsa nagari rahana sakdina…

    ram dai ko pani uttikai prasamsa garnu parne huncha…

    ghum phir ta sarai ramailo bahyo…

    tara nagareko kura garna bhane bhagya le saaath diyena…..

    j hos yesto mauka pheri pheri aaos……..jai nepal

  11. wow!!!!!!! ~
    what to say mind blowing……
    dude that was a great piece of something what we all experienced….
    I always imagine that one day i would stars in the clear sky with kate winslet as in the ESSM..,..eternal….mind…wow that movie …great fiction though and gr8 love story too…
    what a day that was., volleyball in the beach..diving was the most fun part..swimming with the life jackets on.. but u missed it bro..
    we even did in the rapids it was fun…
    we had a damn gr8 time in beach camp….
    we had footprints on the sand beach but by the time it would be blown away by the wind….
    but the memories remain…
    unless anybody doesnt erase it like in the ESSM
    I was also stoned……hehhehee
    i hit a stone in the dark………..
    U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oyeeeeeeee ma ta ko hola Ahem kumar vanna thanirako! ha ha ha kya name rakheko yar! And you love the movie too, uhile vannu parcha ni lallu kya kura garna hunthyo! I can relate to the movie so much so that…ke bhannu some parts ta pura emotional nai banaidincha!Ani tero hairstyle khoob charcho vako cha aajkal! lol milauda milauda I think I will open a men’s barber’s shop myself! kool style dude and yah you guys roamed in the “lover’s beach”? as he’d said…ah tyo chahin khatra thiyo yaar, those ripples in the water gently touching your feet…that timing of reaching the shore and returning back….left footprints but surely got erased! c was telling taile laginas re! ( look taile pani ta miss garis ni!! 😉 but yah regret that not jumping in the water part) arko choti janu hai..with your Kate Winslet 🙂 …malai ta eklai dulda pani WooooW bhako thiyo! he he he And you Rock toooooooooo honey! Danga parya? SMASHED!

  13. Day 11!!
    Dear Diary,
    I clicked on the bookmark hoping that she will be back with new blossoms!! But the garden remains with same old rose!! I smell them again; and it gives the same freshness! But still heart yearns for new flowers to come!! Spring is going to end and I just hope for wonderful flowers to bloom once and again!
    Days and days gone and I wait here wishing for once and again!!

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