aND M siCk of iT!

This isn’t an entry. This is simply ranting. So think twice before you start to read. I say don’t read at all. Who wants to hear anyone else screaming in the first place? And chances are you aren’t going to understand it too!

Unusual that the “Need to blog” exists no more. Usual that I write an entry when it falls at the bottom of my priority list. Life’s the same, doesn’t change. History repeats itself. It’s like trouble. It never comes alone. It’s like mass tourism. No work means absolutely NO WORK. Work means, no time to breathe! Darlin……in Extremes. (that’s a line from a song again! Well, the only difference is it was custom recorded for me!!)

What’s new? Nothing. What’s going right in the country? Nothing. What are we doing again? Complaining. The same old talk and the same old sarcastic tone. Sarcasm is tolerable to an extent. Beyond that it becomes an irritation. Motivation. Yeah, the class is motivating but I still need a hint of Optimism in THE TALK. The only thing I like is “Why the hell does no one think of having a cycle track in Kathmandu? We have an evergreen petroleum crisis, don’t we? So much to pay back to the Indian Oil Corporation tis-tat. The foreigners residing here ride on it, why don’t we?” It’s a frog leap. Hop from this to that topic. It moves on to the new Minister of Foreign Affairs. “What foreign policy does she have? What purpose is flying for any programme going to serve?” Agree this time too. And what the hell is the need for Interim Plan for?? We already have people working on the previous plans. As if an “Interim” addition to everything is a SOLUTION to all our problems. As though saying “GANATANTRA” is going to bring an upheaval! I mean what we are thinking by organizing a “GANATANTRIC SPORTS PROGRAMME!” It’s just an unnecessary expense, having to print Ganatantra in everything!! Just when the world is realizing how much time excluding a single letter from word SAVES!

One week there’s a guy who has studied in Yale, taught in Harvard? I just forgot. Nepalese here Nepalese there. So many experts, real experts I mean. Then why this dismal picture of the country for so long? I ask. “It’s the frog habit. Pull the leg of the one who tries to escape from the basket.” That’s the answer I receive. Thanks. Nothing new. Then we have a professor who has really made it big. BIG WHICH MEANS REAL BIG TIME BIG. Why the disgust for no obvious reason? Why the aggression? Just because he wears a Nepali cap, just because he calls everyone “ Chora, choori?”. I mean what is our problem? Challenging the theory of Robert Chambers, discarding Michael Cernea’s theory. THAT IS SOMETHING. If that makes any sense to anyone?!?

So soooooo sick of this what’s right with this country debate. And the same old logic again and again. Barking dogs don’t bite. The ones who guff don’t work. One time or the other everyone becomes the barking dog. So, what’s holding us back? Why not ask why we don’t ride on bicycles ourselves? Figure it out and if beyond our control go to the agencies who were supposed to have the damn Koteshwor-Maitighar route some 4 years ago!! Where has the allocated money gone? Why not? Why not say “You guys do it” rather than discussing all that is flawed…..damn yeah I am the barking one too….

And yeah I forgive, but never forget. So what do you think you are doing by saying “ Shut up!”. And asking the same question again ?!? “Do we need to be in the system to change it?” What was the RDB hype for so many months for?? Bakwash. Wasn’t that crystal clear? We NEED TO BE! Agree the system isn’t always bureaucracy. The system is whatever you have problem with. The traffic is bad, contribute then, take the local bus, walk in the overhead bridge. Everyone’s a stakeholder. We make the system. And the hell with your GOODAMN SHUT. I shut up, and then break the silence real loud well I WRITE. The class is surely making my hackles rise!!! And I want CHANGE! And I want it for GOOD.

feels a lot better now…………! Yeah…just rant and be myself somewhere, The blog…its always there…….



  1. Sometimes I really think if our country is Sati smitten although I am atheist then again I conclude it is not Sati smitten it is rather the politician smitten; Each of them ready to rape it everyday and the people they turn their deaf ear and closed eye encouraging them for even more. The country is in need of a new leadership which can put the country above of PARTY and SELF. The person who can sacrifice and lead not a person who can suffocate others and grin.
    BTW, I think the high profile Yale or Harvard Uni grads are not real experts(i.e. ones who have graduated from there and spent most of time talking big on BIG conferences) when it comes to country like ours!! They are rather interested in bigger picture than the smaller needs which needs to be addressed. The expert I think are the ones who have gained in depth knowledge no matter where they have studied and have worked in grass root level where they want to apply their ideas.
    I read your rant; Rants are the reason I come here for. And this is what makes my day!! 🙂
    Welcome back friend!! 😀
    P.S.- M.P. , Globe trotting eh?? Have fun trotting the globe!! 😀

  2. Hmm reading despite the initial warning!! Well that’s very bad…boys!! Lol but “cool” again considering how hot my temper was 😉 ( the line is heavily INSPIRED from somewhere!! ha ha ha) but I agree with you Juggy… we need CHANGE. But change doesn’t come so easy and I wonder how it the GREAT change will occur …sort of torn apart looking at the situation of the country ( wondering “if not us who will?” then again have teachers tell us to think big, dream of working in Morgan Stanley…..what not?) global dreams..and local ones…..Ke garne? Ke nagarne?

    N for the Harvard and Yale ones…true..too. But the case here is we have a teacher who is just the kind you have mentioned, a real expert. Worked in grassroots for almost two decades, so experienced, studied here (no foreign university)but is called to the best of universities to give lectures but then…the problem is no one gives a “bal” to him..its the culture here I guess, anyone who has studied abroad is worshipped even if that be a nameless whatever college…I mean we don’t have the culture to appreciate OUR THING. He’s the guy who discarded Michael Cernea’s theory.. brought forth a new one based on his own experience in Nepal.. but the scene is bombarding him with questions as to bring him down, prove him wrong …Its so depressing. its so frustrating…( did I deviate? Maybe I did..but again it’s a rant entry so maybe I just want to rant about anything that pops into my head!)

  3. I know how it works in Nepal!! The people who can whoop a million if they work elsewhere but they choose to work in own country but still get victimized of the politics and natabaad kripabaad! I have seen people getting utter frustration, but yet again they are the inspiration for me to say that I am going to work in my country: My Nepal, My Pride!!
    (Don’t take it as surya churoot ad!! 😛 )
    Yeah, people always get victimized when they start a new theory, but warriors never gives up and left a inspiration with their continuous fight that fighting for truth is NEVER wrong!! 🙂
    BTW wanted to ask u one thing! Were u also criticized for living a virtual life as they call it?? 😉
    It was really terrifying silence over here without ur presence…. 😉

  4. Nothing wrong, m surprised too! but talking about the virtual existence..well, criticised yup plenty! ha ha ha got into real trouble by being too virtual and less interactive at home sometime back. but well too used to it I guess, friends often ask me a question and then go “Bharai blog ma hera vanna aten ko ho ki kyaho?”… you seem to be real angry too ( in your blog 🙂 ) about that. These days, it doesn’t matter anymore cause the ones who matter to me are only in the virtual world! So its ‘BAL HO’ for me 🙂 The virtual has become real! Well, that realization comes only to a few. Lucky the “net ka kira” ( was nicknamed that by a fren) who know that!! 😉

  5. well i read halfway through got bored and just skimmed the next half ………. but still nice posting …….. if only i had a lil more time to read the whole post ……. maybe sometime leter

  6. Take care about your health….” Rest isnot a matter of doing absolutely nothing. Rest is repair”…and start trekking on the hilly side……so that you havenot to ride bicycle in Ktm….
    So much moderation on comments……so at last one line from one famous book : ” Do the very best you can; and then put up your old umbrella and keep the rain of criticism from running down the back of your neck. ”
    Thanks .

  7. Isn’t it the basic human nature to do what we are not supposed to do. So when you say don’t read it, naturally curiosity will drive you to read it anyways.

  8. hi there. Enjoy life. also i agree with prajol. Many of us have got into blogging, and some of are so occupied we are missing times with family! Just a thought dead are the so called personal home page, here comes blogs!

  9. Happy New year fren!!
    Naya barsa ma jammai phaloos phuloos kapaal baahek!! 😛
    Hope you are having wonderful time out there!! 🙂
    have a blast!! 🙂

  10. woooooo!!!!! awesome…….
    u were bit pessimistic on the top but later on seem to be optimistic.
    But I could sense a lot of hatred in the blog….
    ah uh!!! too much hatred is not good….
    hatred brings -ve ions…..
    but who cares
    everyone is wasted and doesnt care about what others think abt…… u donot wish for others to change but the thing is change yourself…..
    be the change to see the change…….

    gr8 stuffs anyways……..
    ……u rock dude……

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