The first night in Dhunche ( from the pages of my diary)

( Hmm let me give a slight background. We just got back from our fieldtrip to Bridim, and I had planned to write a diary everyday but couldn’t.. still plan to put it in series of which this is the first…And Kali All Bridim writings especially dedicated to you! I feel so good that someone like you reads this blog, keeps telling me “Khoi ta new entry, atti bhayo yo ta!” You make me smile. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooooo much honey. 🙂 )

April 10,2007

Cell phone. It exists.But it is dead. I don’t care about the time.
The ceiling is green. Long colorful papers are stuck to it.An yellow bulb shines in front of me. She’s sleeping.She is eating.It is the first day of the field trip. We are staying at Hotel Langtang View. Not the world’s best hotels but a blessing nevertheless! Why? Because I am lying on a single bed this time!! Yahooo. Yah, its only me on the bed this time as in didn’t have to share. Sharing is good, when it comes to other things maybe but Bed, its an absolute NO NO for me. I have no record of sound sleep in any of the other field trips because of the sharing factor. Pokhara was an exception; the four of us shrieked ourselves to sleep!! A tiring act for sure. So I am grateful for this bed. And for the music in the background “Usne baat ki kuch aisi dhang se, sapane degaya hajaron rang ka………Pehla nasa, phela khumar” The evergreen love song. Mere listening to it provides the first love experience. He he he
She just got off the bed and is telling me “ Ke danga pari pari maski maski lekhirache yo ,malai kehi thaha chaina.” LOL


Dhunche bazar

Back to the hotel. The bathroom in our floor is creepy.Take a turn to the right, then to the left it is a dark alley. No latches on the doors either.Don’t know why but a thought of some rapist lurking in the dark came to my mind when I was figuring my way in the maze in the evening. Scary thought! But why complain. Let me just live the moment. Dhunche, Rasuwa. Change of places cannot bring change in habits. She is still talking to me about blogging. Not me, its Kali dearest.
Up in the dining room she was asking me “ Moro le kahile garcha ta?” (When is the guy getting married?)

“Moro lai sodh na.” I replied. ( Why not ask the guy yourself)

“Kasto hola ni halchal?” ( How is he?)

“Thikai hola” I answered. “ Boru swajati ko euta keti khojidena usko lagi” I laugh. ( Must be doing good, instead why don’t you search a girl from the same caste for him) 🙂

She was nodding and having her food.
Hmm seems like I will have the “Moro’s messenger” image for quite sometime now! Ha ha ha

trpap office

Listening to the TRPAP officer on the first day of the trip

“Ani yesle pugena?” (Isn’t this enough?) Sharmaji tells indicating her ever stylish hairstyle. It’s curly. I wonder how it’s done. Sometimes it’s straight and then its curls. Always looks great on her. But the great news is the girl’s got a real kickass High class, high income job now!! That’s Something! With such salary one could easily pay one’s tuition fees and shop till you drop to! Way to go girl!! Congrats!

social mobilizer introducing herself

The social mobilizer introducing herself

Again back to the room. I can hear her voice in the stairs. I am not sleepy but I need to sleep. Someone in this room is turning the pages of a book. I can’t see beneath anyone’s quilt but I know it is the Bible. The boys are noisy as usual. Their hotel is across the road but I can still hear their voices, loud and clear. Tomorrow’s going to be a long day, we will head towards Bridim. So goodnite my Summery Diary ……..

To be continued…

m listening to this gazal at the moment….

तुम् न मानो मगर् हकिकत् है,
इश्क् इन्शानकी जुरुरात् है 🙂



  1. Denial yet acceptance!!
    Love: not just a word!! 🙂

    Field trips are always interesting BTW!! I didn’t have blog back then when I used to have the field trips!! But ah well; I don’t write these days about my trips either!! 🙂

  2. hey girl, what will you do with your husband? I dont think your conjugal life is going to be blissful coz you say you dont like sharing a bed.If not bed sharing bed with husband, how can you persue your marital life??

    Think about it.

  3. Denial yet acceptance!! you seem to read in between the lines 😉 lol je hos I love that gazal by Pankaj Udas its nice on the ears

    N zpt:

    My husband??? ohh whatever with him!let me find him first then go into such details later! N I think you are mistaken about what I have written earlier, thinking I am about to get married. Its my friend mr/miss zpt NOT ME. but thanks for your suggestion ( made me think! lol) but I am still adamnant of my one person=one bed policy for now 🙂 but for the rest : hey guys let’s not discuss the bed for now hai! …

    n kali: apologies again hai dear, I will be out of town again for a few days from today so can’t put another entry immediately…but will be back with great experiences to share m sure …c ya

  4. reminded me of my own trip there. Dhunche trip would be incomplete without being able to make to ‘gosaikunda’. Then, the trip will be awesome. Don’t forget to purchase some cheese from the cheese factory on the way.

  5. i completely agree with zpt ……..
    oh daz i am worried what will you do with your husband?
    i wonder what excuses u will be making …… hehe
    anyways today tourism class was quite intresting haina ta ? how does a teacher manage to cope up with students so well …..
    by the way tyo moro ko kaile hune hola biya ? hehehe
    la c u darling n hope ashish wont irritate u in the trip with his unintresting songs
    good luck

  6. Really Really Close to my Place while I am here in Syafrubesi and posting blogs from here. I have no time to visit langtang and Gosaikunda ………..najik ko tirtha hela bhan6an ni…..tehi bhaera hola…….. while you had already been in the way ………with exciting place Briddim.
    Hoping your journey had been successful with full of jerking ROAD condition little more than all time hit KrishnaVir ko pahiro.
    Reality Bites

  7. hey….
    got to read ur article after such a long time….15 long days after the previous article and it was longer for the previous than this previous one….

    anyways keep in writing….as i am the regular reader of ur blog….(i open once a day hoping for a new article)and this article was good reading about….please put on the next series as u’ve mentioned about the diary…..

    take care daz
    and BTW one thing i also laughed at the bed sharing case….hehe


  8. i had a laughed loud at the “bed sharing”case and the lady at the server came to check on me.good thing coz she was kinda preety .u r turnung to be a good luck for me .and come on what’ so grudging about sharing a bed .god i almos t pity ur to be husband .and wondering what excuse u will have . “mero raja thadai basa najik hune atain chhaina”god

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