Pokhara ( photo blog 2)

the monument

Institute of Forestry, Pokhara..


Temple in front of Bindyabasini

king and queen

The statue of late King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya infront of Bindyabasini..praying.




The name says it all 🙂

he he he

This must be psycho, exactly the I. tourist kind 🙂 but it was fun making new friends in Pokhara!! ha ha ha



  1. ha ha ha aba tyo chahin fursad ma hai 🙂 have been thinking of uploading pics in picasa or flickr or sth tara takes too much time..tesaile .Btw can anyone tell me how long it takes to upload pics i mean in the pace of the cybers in Ktm..fast ones? that would be a great help!

    n “You know me” sure the comment had me lafin. sb was telling me of t-shirt m wearing above wich has ” ma partipartan chahanchu and m not alone ” on it…t-shirt matra layera kehi hunna , samaj yehi ho and eutai le paripartan aundaina..testai hola yo saab…n kali darlin nat col ka keta! ha ha ha wahan hunuhuncha ra po vanyo priye!lol men are men, the one theory fits all, maile dekhe anusar..aba individual exp ma varparne kura ho…he he he ma jiwan ra jagat ka kura bujhera baulauna ati saken yaaaaaaaar………

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