Bad Days, Chalega!!

The TV should have been my preoccupation. But its not. The stereo then but amazingly it is not either. The FMs have nothing interesting at this time of the day which is 3:50 pm in my table clock. Maybe they do but I don’t know because I am not supposed to be home at this time of the day. I had a class to attend so I took the bus. Got a seat, lucky me! And the route changed from Tinkune, the hell with these rallies. I spent thirty minutes suffocating in the bus because of the same while coming home from college in the morning and now the bus is supposed to discover a new route to Ratnapark! I wasn’t angry then, just certain that I would reach my destination on time. Oh the optimistic me! So the bus headed towards Gaushala. The road to Purano Baneshwor was blocked. However the brave conductor removed the hurdle and the bus set rolling. I was glad. But as we reached the P.B Chowk the traffic policeman asked the driver to head to New Baneshwor rather than allowing it to take the Maitidevi route to Ratnapark. My temperature was on the rise. It kept escalating until we reached Baneshwor and I could take no more when the traffic there directed the bus back to the same goddamn route! What the …..! So, the passengers yelled but of no avail. I cursed my fate and got off the bus. Got on another and headed back home. An hour of journey to nowhere. An utter waste of time.

That’s life. That is exactly what it is like to live in the capital of this country. Ah..I just want to get this frustrating experience out of my system.


Chalega Mentality. That’s the Nepalese way of doing things. Good roads-chalega, bad traffic-chalega, good grades-chalega, bad grades-tyo pani chalega. We’ve gotten used to all bad things in life. And increased our We live through the good and through the bad. Change? You ask us. We’ll all yell YEAH! We want Change. But the change in reality is nothing more than the change in “Chalege” circumstances we face.You might differ, but I know you not. You might be yelling “No more Chalega, I don’t want to put up with this crappy system anymore” but you are somewhere unseen, unheard probably only doing that in the solitude of your room, in the safe territories of your mind.

Everyday is the same. Someday I walk out of home for college and it is the Araniko Highway closure because some driver was beaten up. The other day I am in Bagbazar and am informed this is the last bus back, no more when the last is literally exploding with people. The buses block the highway so what we walk on through the “Nali”. Oh, we’ve got soo many alternatives. So everything Chalega. I think we are immune to any goddamn bandas now, we are all comfortably numb to everything around us. That’s life. This is just enough of a change our so called Mahan Janaandolan 2 has brought. This is enough for me atleast to want anymore out of LOKTANTRA.



  1. after reading this i bet the first thing comes to anyones mind is to salute u…though i do it first…..thumbs up dear zade….i also feel the same way u do….aba estai ho thikai chha bhanera ignore garne baani nepali(esp ktm’uits)harulai parisakyo….they just try to ignore the problem they are facing saying estai ho…what can we do and bla bla bla…..we dont emerge out to change the system we are running with….and who are we to change this????we are just nothing and no one….with no power and no wisdom enough to do it as well….nobody listens us and implementation of our ideas is out of question……banda ani andolan bhayena bhane nepali harulai k napugeko k jasto hune baani bhaisakyo…..sabai ko case ma….if u are heading somewhere and u reach there in time without encountering traffic jam…andolan…julus or something like that….u become surprised on urselves…achamma lagchha testo kei bhayena bhane…..let aside these bandhas…traffic jams are the main problem in the valley here….

    people are mishandling the word “andolan for something” and why wouldn’t they if they are to face this type of system of the country?????if u read the news u can see here andolan, there andolan …here killing, there killing…. here strike ,there strike …..and all this damn things…..we are sick and tired of this…….

    may be some time we all emerge out to solve these problems we are facing…..

    lets hope for this
    and this would happen some day
    thinking optimistically is good…..

    keep on blogging….u rock……
    take care

  2. Zade my fren,
    The problem lies in the same old mentality the leadership is having; not in the system!! Loktantra lost the meaning because the leaders define it in the way they want it to; Maoist have their own way of defining it and others have their own way of defining it!!
    And above all I personally feel Girija is never a good leader!! He is the worst of the leader I have ever seen; cunningly stern he is, he was one of the reason why the 12 years of earlier democracy days went haywire! Dhamija kanda, Lauda and those brutal killing during demonstrations and the Kilo Serra I and II during his era; not only that the corruption that peaked due to his and Deuba’s rivalry made the fuel that burned the democratic system people had fought for earlier on. The UML and other parties were not good either as their lifestyle skyrocketed from footpaths to the mahals filled in with belgian marbles and what not!!
    All of these culprits should have been punished and made accountable; but instead of a good system who did it: a more corrupt leader who had came into rise with a conspiracy that killed his own brother in background and a street goon son on foreground!!
    I would vote any day to make all these corrupt leaders stand in an open ground and shoot them each on point blank range; And shooters should be the people who had suffered a loads from their atrocities i.e. Nepalese common people!!
    Maoists had created some hope in their earlier days, but they are more blinded with their gun power and they can’t see anything behind that!! They are just another case of the blinded mentality; Be with us or get ditched!!
    I am just hoping for a day when we all people can rise from a ground zero and give our country a headstart toward a new direction!! I can just hope for that day and work on my own way!! And I will surely try; keeping my faith on a good system that can make me feel free: free as a bird!!
    Hope you will not lost your hope too!!
    And that surely had become one heck of lecture!! 😛
    Hope u hadn’t slept reading it!! 😉
    Have a good day fren!!
    P.S.- Is A fighter in your blogroll Kamlesh?? Just a common query because I felt the way of writing kinda same!! Feel free if u don’t want to answer!! 🙂

  3. Frustrated, in short. Confused as usual m on the verge of insanity like most here..but you are in a way lucky Sajjan, to be staying in college its hell to be travelling from one end of the city to the other everyday. n these bhaktapur minibuses which are an insult to the Mercedez sign they carry damn bus pani vanna manlagdaina man. Feels more like Bhaktapur Dhwangs , I mean tin ka tyanka! yes and we are all used to every sort of nuisance..last time my teacher was telling us of a rally which had the slogans saying “the hailstorm destroyed the crops so we need Ganatantra in Nepal!!” look at our own insanity! what link has hailstorm with Ganatantra??!!?? We Nepalese need medical help I guess! And I think even I could lie down on the road someday and have a Banda because I couldn’t complete my assignments on time!! huncha ni, yahan ta je pani chalega. I wonder if everyone’s Insanity has become the accepted Sanity now. YCL re, Goit this tat hatiyar le mattikeyaka chan sab….pura desh lai je vaye ni Bal matlab vanne rog lage jasto cha!! N nothing could make more sense than “Point blank range” shooting I agree Juggy. I want to do the same to anyone who lies, I despise liars so and just attained the Brahmagyan that that is exactly the kind of leaders we have. Switzerland banuchu re…kasto bakwash kura kya, sundai gayera galama marnegari thaapad haniduin jasto…but what talk of the leaders..they were always the same. So I think maybe if we the citizens acted sanely then we would have something to our credit of sanity and hold them accountable. But aba ta hami nai baulayisakyaun, so who can hold anyone else accountable? Damn frustrating and I am so sick of complaining too finding joys in in these bus rides like standing right on the edge of Bhaktapur ka tyanka and feeling like a bus conductor. Its fun!! Ktm ko dhule hawa khana. Seriously 🙂 m hopeful..someday I hope everyone’s actions here makes some sense to themselves.

    n for the afighter query. Nope, that’s not Kamlesh’s blog. The writer is a girl. Namely Afighter 🙂

  4. ya a bit lucky in this case….dont need to face those bandhas and jams over here…and i feel lucky in another sense as well…i dont need to face the dhuwa and dhulo of kathmandu….i can breathe fresh air over here…the best part over here is the environment….and about the mercedees logo….that mercedes logo might probably be the only thing they have saved …all other parts of the vehicle might have been changed….i bet there are no vehicles(mini buses on bkt route)newer than late 70’s……they should have been replaced a long time ago but those newars of bkt……tiniharule aafno route ma aru gadi ta halna didainan …tyo pani hataune ho bhane k chai garne hun……u see…sabai testai bus chan ni….

    instead i give u a suggestion…..u dont need to walk muh from koteswor or jadibuti… u better take buses for koteswor or jadibuti and then walk home …ali ali exercise thapinchha timro legs lai…..

    ani desh ko kura ta k garnu….sadhai estai ho….jwala samuha ra goit ko fight with maoists…with others…..k k ho k k….and the most disappointing thing is the YCLs….tiniharu le k socheka chhan…tiniharu ko bau ko birta ho ra yo desh jata pani hastachhep garnajane???????yo kura ma chai malai ekdum naramro lagchha…..usai ta maoist mann naparne tesmathi tiniharu le gareko testo kaam le garda jahai mann pardaina malai ta…..

    anyways tiniharu ko k kura garnu.,….

    u remember my suggestion….take care

  5. Like Dor Bahadur Bista said “Nepali and Fatalism”, you’ve now coined new word “chalega”. When you look these sort of things from abroad it seems insane, but people are still living simply because they adhere to “Chalega” . We are used to so many bandh’s, now how abt Chalega bandh?

  6. I am looking from far abroad and even farther outside, and I have to say it doesn’t really seem that insane.

    As for adherance, that is always going to exist and so is “chalenga”….

    But then aren’t we all just striving to step out of that box?

  7. Rene.

    We all are striving to step out of that box, agreed. As far as being insane, it depends on how we define it. I don’t think in Georgia you have to encounter a road blockade because a passenger bashed a bus driver and the whole buses in the city stop operating, not just stop operating but blocked the way for other to pass. I don’t think in Illinois you have to worry if you are headed to the airport and there are mass rallies going on, blocking every access to airport. These incidents are not once in a life time, its happening almost every other day. I think every citizen has rights to a normal life, but there are so many varibles driving the uncertainities. Has your telecommunication or Internet service been stripped because some ruler wants to assume power unlawfully? We have encountered that. Looking at all these activities and many more (which is indefinite to explain) how can we say it’s sane. I know optimism is what we require, but it’s hard to ascertain that when we have to keep living in the same place for rest of our life, compared to someone who was just there for four months. Even though at present I live abroad but I was there for more than two decades.

    Anyways, It was nice to hear a different perspective.

  8. I was not trying to say that my life in America may compare to Nepal. But, I do think that Nepal is not the only place in the world where problems such as there, exist.

    There are also places outside of Nepal where worse things happen every day.

    As for bad things happening, they are also all relative. What may be bad for one could be no big deal to another, but would that make it feel any less horrible to the person? No they would still feel like it was just bad.

    Secondly, Do I know you? I find it odd that you would mention Georgia. I can see it would be easy to see that I live in Chicago, Illinois, but knowing GA is a bit odd to me.

  9. Rene,

    I am definitely not picking on you, if I sounded that I am sorry. Many things happening around the world are far worse than what Nepalese have to endure. That’s why I said definition of insanity differs from each context. We all like to compare ourselves with sth better than sth worse, which is typical of human nature. Nepalese tolerating all these mishaps are certainly below par of basic living norm of a civilized country. And other places that you have mentioned are simply inhuman.

    No, I dont know you. I went thru u’r resume, that’s how I figured Georgia 😀


  10. Rene is right about the things like that don’t happen only in Nepal. Just last week, we read about the outrage in Argentina from CNN. Train was late there and the people tried to burn the train and vandalized the shops in the stations. Many people got injured. ‘Shutdowns’ like ‘Bandh’s do also happen in countries like Italy too. But I’m not trying to justify that it is good. It is certainly bad.

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