Indeed a Phantom of Delight

She was a phantom of delight
When first she gleamed upon my sight;
A lovely apparition, sent
To be a moment’s ornament:
Her eyes as stars of twilight fair:
Like twilight’s too, her dusky hair;
But all things else about her drawn
From May-time and the cheerful dawn;
A dancing shape, an image gay,
To haunt, to startle, and waylay.


I saw her upon nearer view,
A spirit, yet a woman too!
Her household motions light and free,
And steps of virgin-liberty;
A countenance in which did meet
Sweet records, promises as sweet;
A creature not too bright or good
For human nature’s daily food;
For transient sorrows, simple wiles,
Praise, blame, love, kisses, tears and smiles.

And now I see with eye serene
The very pulse of the machine;
A being breathing thoughtful breath,
A traveller between life and death;
The reason firm, the temperature will,
Endurance, foresight, strength, and skill;
A perfect woman, nobly planned,
To warn, to comfort, and command;
And yet a spirit still, and bright
With something of angelic light.

She was a Phantom of Delight by William Wordsworth (composed in 1804)

They all start with “In the fond loving memory”, the condolences but I can’t frame a sentence with that. Thought hard to come up with something sensible but failed there too so I continue what I am good at…talking to you! Remember how you had said ” Mero bihe ma dherai icecream khanu hai”. Well, I don’t mind licking ice creams these days. Strange. I’ve changed. Your parties have changed me. From marriage to the death ceremony. It’s the 13th day. I wonder about its significance. Even so I would like to extend a heartfelt condolence from every one of us here (National College, Bachelors in Development Studies (BDEVS) 6th Batch) my friend. Hope you still remember us.

We are the same, you should be too. The classes go on, the timings haven’t changed, and the canteen still has the same menu: fried rice, momos, chola-bhatura… we eat, we have started laughing, joking. And you linger, your smile, your super cool attitude, “ma jasto hunuparcha no tension” dialogues. We thrive on memories, every one of them something to treasure.A complete circle of life. You had it all, you did it all….What fate to be writing a condolence yaar…what existence….but no more tears for all your smiles. I smile in the memory of the truest of friends, in the memory of an unforgettable journey that only few get to share, and a friend so few are blessed to have.

May your soul rest in peace my friend…….

Gone for the days, gone for the nights

when the goat was chewing the grass
the slaughter took a chance
he thought that was the end…
of love and pain
and later in the evening they burnt the canvas…
of goat and blood

hit by an iron hush you slept like a baby
were you scared? did that hurt you, the unfortunate’s lady?
unable to go home, did you talk to the pebbles
in a painful babble?
did you wait for your best friend to know of it,
or you thought Monday would be too late
to mourn over your fate: the death?
and before walking into an unknown territory
did you touch the wound,
or you secretly entered in a new womb?


“Gone for the days.
gone for the nights.
where should we look for you?
in the stars?
in the flowers?
or in the monsoon showers?
lost in a whirlpool of memories
you often float in the surface
and in our common dreams
you sing: live and don’t be afraid

Written By Kamlesh



  1. Pravina you will always remain in our heart. I will always cherish the million dollar smile that you had on your face.

  2. zade, i read the story in Nepal Magazine and shocked to read in your blog that pravina is your friend. she is really beautiful anjel. may her soul rest in peace.

  3. her smile and cool attitude
    we all express our gratitude
    the numbers have reached thirty nine
    but u will always remain in our hearts and shine
    in this time of mourning we all do is miss
    we pray for your soul to rest in peace

  4. At first, my heartfelt condelences to the departed soul.

    This incident has really made me sad although i hadn’t met her. I got shocked when i heard that she was wife of my close friend to whom i have known from my very begining days in Kathmandu.

    God! give the peace to the departed soul and provide the beautiful place in the heaven.

  5. You are special,
    because you’re someone’s friend.
    You’ve touched someone’s life
    in a unique way
    like no one else could.
    You’ve been there when
    someone needed you,
    when someone felt
    sad and all alone.
    You’ve given comfort.
    You’ve made someone smile.
    You’ve been there to celebrate
    the good times,
    and to lend an ear when
    someone needed you to listen.
    You are special,
    because you’re my friend,
    and I appreciate everything
    you’ve done for me.
    (poem by Bobette Bryan)

    u’ll always be special n dear to me like always. may ur soul rest in peace in heaven. we luv u dear fren n u’ll always remain in our memories forever n ever.

  6. Sometimes life only makes sense when looked at in reverse. But yet at other times it still makes no sense at all.

    I was driving to a photo assignment for the paper today and thought of you and your recent loss.

    I couldn’t shake that it has been exactly one year ago that I left for KTM, and even more so that we never met while I was there…..

    Then 311 came on the ipod and I realized that not only is this song from a far distant past of mine, but yet it is still hits home.

    I am sorry that we never got to grab that cup of coffee still, but more so sorry that we never really met on equal grounds…..

    (and yes, I am reposting lyrics in your blog… and you know what I really think about that)

    Amber: 311

    take me away from the norm
    I got to tell you something
    this phenomenon
    I had to put it in a song
    and it goes like

    Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
    whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally
    you ought to know what brings me here
    you glide through my head blind to fear
    and I know why
    whoa, amber is the color of your energy
    whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

    Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
    whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally

    You live too far away
    your voice rings like a bell anyway
    don’t give up your independence
    unless it feels so right
    nothing good comes easily
    sometimes you gotta fight

    Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
    whoa, shades of gold displayed naturally
    launched a thousand ships in my heart, so easy
    still it’s fine from afar, and you know that
    whoa, brainstorm take me away from the norm
    whoa, I got to tell you something

  7. I read in a book recently “When pain is freshest, words should be fewest”. Most important of all “LIFE GOES ON”. You are trapped in an unavoidable circumstance, your best friend didn’t even say goodbye before she left, one fine morning you realized all your beliefs have crashed down on you, you are proved guilty for a crime you never commited and yet life goes on.This is the beauty and irony of being human.
    Time does not stop to sigh and never will.It is the best healer. Nothing and noone can ever transcend it.Let the boat of your life float along the waves of time.

  8. Rest in Peace Pravina . You were wonderful person and had gave some meaning to my life . I will always cherish your memories and you shall be in my memory for ever . I hope you doing all well wherever you are .

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