He looked at me twice; my specs sure got him confused. Not what I wanted but I did the same as I couldn’t recognize him without his cap either. We don’t know one another, we have no reason to. I know him by face; the driver calls him “Chotu” as I have heard many a times. I am just a frequent traveler in their bus. His concern is I pay the fare, mine is to reach my destination. Yet we wasted our trying to figure out one another’s appearance. That’s life, most times, utter waste of time, indulgence in the meaningless, sometimes its people other times mundane acts. Like what I had just done (created a profile in some social networking site) and got on the bus.

Sometimes indulgence is all one seeks I guess, anything will do, but the mind needs to be engaged .Especially when you can relate to a philosophical(if I may) line like this “Was life nothing more than a storm that constantly washed away what had been there a moment before, and left behind something barren and unrecognizable?” (The Memoirs of Geisha) So I was in between wanting the exams to get over and wanting it to last forever! “Exams over” would only mean that I had all time in the world to miss her. Hmm but I’m great despite this cloudy atmosphere today. Don’t really have time to waste but am enjoying my leisure reading “The Memoirs of the Geisha”. I’m halfway through the book but haven’t really understood why there was sooooooooooo much hype about the book. It’s good but nothing great about it?!? Or is there??


Books I never completed! 🙂

I got a similar feeling about “The Alchemist” .Liked it but isn’t the greatest book I have ever read for that matter. I think I am just incapable of understanding anything that is over hyped. Now, what if I said “Eleven Minutes” touched me more? A friend handed me the book making a rather unusual comment. He said “You are an innocent baby, read this and get enlightened” with a roar of laughter. If you are wondering what sort of enlightment he was talking about then this entry might turn into some porn discussion so find it for yourself .But in addition to that part ( some enlightment I must admit!) its a nice story about a girl with ambitions, dreams things I could relate too I guess. Especially like the page in the girl’s diary where she talks of a bird who is caged (best part actually) and a part where she states how desiring for something is better than the fulfillment of the desire itself. But again you might not enjoy it at all too, like me unable to understand the magic of Harry Potter!!?? (The secret is I haven’t even read the first part, I try to but the hype doesn’t attract me AT ALL).

I wasn’t planning to discuss books but I already did! Seems like the devil is ruling my senses at the moment. The devil’s workshop is my mind as I am in total leisure. No one to call, no place to go but a lot to look forward too. Something like a friend told me ” Aba sab dukha ka din gaye, sab ta sukhai sukha matra cha!” (All the bad days are gone; it’s all happiness from now on!) A strange conclusion to draw regarding how uncertain life actually is, but what the heck? She would have been happier than me if she were there, even so life has to go on. Still here’s to our happiness my friend. Miss you in a heartbeat….. hard to write anything without remembering you yaar….

And for the cause of excitement, will mention in the blogs to follow 😉 N here is my heartfelt Dommo Arigato Godaimas to Kali for yesterday’s afternoon. 🙂



  1. I thought the earth gobbled u up!! or was it the exams?? 😉
    Well! Had been checking your blog almost daily for any new updates but in vain, wanted to write some words earlier but it would have been “utter waste of time, indulgence in the meaningless, sometimes its(life’s) people other times mundane acts.” if you had decided to left us as not appropriate for reading your pieces eh!! 😛
    BTW have u read ‘The kite runner’ by Khaled Hosseini?? Its mind blowing, tryna find it out and read! I think you will enjoy it!! Its fiction but gives u taste of reality. 🙂
    The Harry Potter series never charmed me; once I tried to read a book or two but it was not so much interesting for me and left the whole series, didn’t like the movies either!! Too much magic when there was none for me!! 🙂
    Anyways, I just wanted to drop few words as it has been loooooooooong time commenting on your blog!! Felt like I missed a friend dearly!! 🙂
    Keep writing; and let that make your life go along the road!! Happy holidays!! 😀

  2. felt really nice to read ur LEKHOT after an age! Keep on tryin with some more books to find interestin one! Did read Noam Chomsky’s HEGEMONY OR SURVIVAL…? hope u’ll like it! n also hope that we’ll be able to read more blog in the future on ur page. ‘Inshallah’ we’ll not miss u; like that poor fella, on the bus!

  3. Sure! I owe one Kali 🙂 And feels great to be back! ah..and for the moderation here, every comment is moderated as sometime ago I had some girl/guy whoever utilize the space for writing “yucky” words 😦 N i simply hate the “fohor sabdaka bhandar” sort of ppl..so this it my precautionary principle , sorry for the inconvinience.

    I will surely read the books recommended here both Khalid Hosseni and Chomsky( i love the pronounciation of this word 🙂 ) for I surely have all the time in the world at the moment !! yahoo….. he he

  4. Moderation is called for in the very case of yours.

    Are you talking about Noam Chomsky? The MIT professor? “The A 20th Century Rousseau” ?
    He is much of a pragmatic philosopher. He is simply awesome.

    Well you read his:
    1. Understanding Power and
    2. 911

    (I have these books, I read these books; that is why and I am recommending these books.) 🙂

  5. I haven’t read Chomsky’s books other than ‘Hegemony or..’ I found it really mind blowin; will definately luv to read his more works. I had came to know about that book, when Venejualan president Hugo Chavej was referrin it in UN general assembly!

  6. zaded zi 🙂
    Thanks for updating your blog in long times. For leisure time , book reading habbit is realistic and knowledgeable too. I am not a book worm but I had seen the movies The Memoirs of Geisha on some years ago. The ending of book is so much interesting. If u complete reading this book, please see the movies oscar nominated at one times. Then you can feel the story with full background motion of the characters of the book.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. Good to see you writing again; but does one’s senses need to be ruled by devil to write about books? :p

    I liked specially the one you wrote about ‘chotu’. There were one good article on ‘chotu’s from the experience of one commuter (a girl) in the kathmandu post; that was also very nicely written.

  8. sometimes boredom gets the better of me, so i am here. it’s not that i visit your blog when i am bored. i do often, even though i myself have given up blogging for sometime.

    so looks like a chomsky’s fan club here. have to give him, he is a great political commentator with extensive references and related stories.

    never read Khalid husseini, but keep hearing about him, have read ‘the alchamist’ didn’t like it, too childish. Arabian nights stories are better than that. tried reading ‘memoir of gheisha’ but couldn’t finist it. found too boring.

    these days i am reading V.S Naipul on India, for some reason i like that guy.

    what to say about harry potter, i always wish that he falls from his flying broom and die (sorry potter fan). i was so happy that there was a rumour that j.k. rowling would kill him in the last book. god! what a marketing policy, i personally wish potter dies, so no more of potter crap. if this nonsense continues for some time, i will shoot him myself.

    so much of book reivews..hehehe..

    anyway, glad to see you back.

  9. I couldn’t understand where the conversation was going but wherever it was going ..get going….books n music what else is there to enjoy in life…gulp down every book on sight.

  10. couldn’t agree more with Gols. HP books too thick n filled wiht never ending, distrating details. read the first couple of the series n never touched another again. n abt the Memoirs…. movie – it’s almost always dissappointing to watch a movie made out of a book u have read. dissappointing to ur imagination. but enjoyed reading it nevertheless.

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