a little change

The Economist (forgot the edition)has dedicated a good part of it to blogs. A guy has an interesting thing to say about blogs. The words to follow, though not the exact quote ,suggests that blogging is a spontaneous act. If edited and re-edited it no longer becomes a blog, it’s just another form of conventional writing. I liked what the fellow said. Concluded, blogging is raw writing. So inspired by the guy I am writing just for the heck of it. Raw and unedited version of anything and everything on my mind. The only reason being: can’t sleep. Its 10:39 to be exact. I can’t stay beyond 9.Maybe it’s the change of room. The final shift was finally made. Won’t be going anywhere above this storey now. Ceiling of movement, I guess. Looks pretty neat (everything here other than me), not a speck of dirt in sight, spacious and bright..hmm a pat on my back for that. Feels good too, Baastu milejasto cha!! 🙂

Silence rules; time to listen to Gavin De Graw “I don’t Wanna Be”. COOL.She just entered the room and commented “It looks like a moonlit night.” It surely does, the room rocks so may be a romantic number to go along with it too. Pehla Nasa ..Udit sings. It’s the remix version but as the song isn’t tampered with, it’s still good. The song reminds me of Trishuli. I lay on the grass looking at the stars and somewhere on the background I could hear a voice calling the couples to dance as this song played. Later she was telling me there were two couples on the floor and she felt so shy dancing with him, but danced anyway…I am smiling as I write this 🙂 (Let me give her a missed call).

Back to the room, back to reality. It’s my haven. Everyone’s too, it must be? I never had one until I was out of school so my study table still looks childish with pictures of Larry Page, Angela Merkel, Martina Hingis , Bachlet etc pasted on it ( as though I am fulfilling my wish to own a room dirtied with posters now!). A blessing nevertheless isn’t it to own a bed to sleep on and a home to come back to everyday. Or how about home is where bed is as is for a friend of mine! Its experience, it is undoubtedly the course life one has lead that turns a cemented four walled into a blessing. And no matter how much a blogger wants to write in a stream of unconsciousness the brakes have to be used. After all they don’t say “History is personal” for nothing. 😉 What a gain to have made. What loss to have experienced..but there’s nothing called compensation. It’s a different law we live by……………………………………….



  1. Shall I be first again to comment again?? 😉
    Oh I became one already !! 😛
    Writing my blogs always had been a whimsical experience to me; I do it at sad times, happy times, bored times, drunk times, high times; but basically when I am in mood o blurting out blahs blahs!! 🙂
    It feels good to write once in a while innit? 😀
    Anyways, happy room moving!!
    Have a nice day!!

    May you discover all your undiscovered strengths and ambitions in your safe haven. Be all that you can……..SEIZE THE DAY…..aduie

  3. its been a while since i last “commented” here. i have to use so slow a connection here in Tamale that the only thing i manage to do when i’m at the internet-cafe is to download my email for offline viewing. so “spontaneously” commenting on the blogs that i frequent is mostly out of the question…i usually download the new entries on blogs that i frequent for offline reading however, so i’m writing this at home (10:50am GMT, thursday) offline, and will hit “submit comment” button next time i’m online (most likely tomorrow morning)!

    anyway, through this one-day-in-transit comment, i just wanted to tell than in juggy, you have found a great reader…every post here in recent times has him as the first commentator! i am just amazed how he manages to synchronise the timing given that he has to deal with the time difference…or may be time difference is helping him…just kidding juggy, hope you won’t mind 😉

    as for spontaneity in blogging, i agree with whoever said it being a spontaneous act (and probably for the good reasons)…although, having to write offline and wait till the next time i go to the cafe to upload my posts, i have probably become more and more used to editing my posts more than once, and in the process making them sound “superfluous” as one of my reader put it recently.

    anyway, its great to read an entry written “just for the heck of it” 🙂

    keep writing…

  4. Mero ta life ko nai Vaastu bigrejasto cha… everything is going wrong 😦

    anyways . sorry for expressing my frustration here….

    if you dont, dont publish it… or edit it 🙂

    Nice to see you back. All the best

  5. hey,
    so good to hav u back, though i see u’ve already had sth written earlier. haven’t read it. but reading this entry again reminds me of our school days. ur oh-so-neatly made bed, the sheets tucked in tightly without a single crumple. made me ashamed to sit of it, but tht was the favourite spot for all of us to lounge on after class….. n u remember how we scrubbed and brushed n rubbed every inch of our classroom in grade 4 for a special visitor? that never fails to make me laugh.

    have a great day dear

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