a TriP with a TwiSt :)

Did I ever mention about the kind of journeys I hate? Let me do so now. This is the exact kind: You know the date, time, venue and itinerary of the days you spend there long before the journey begins and as the days turn into weeks and then to months the excitement (well, for me at least) exists no more!! I am pretty much of an allocentric traveller in that sense though I know it doesn’t apply to pre-travel conditions. I mean I like it unplanned, unscheduled and somewhat unprepared too! Like a call at seven in the evening saying “Want to hit the road tomorrow morning at 6?” and then there I am on the hoot of the bus next morning enjoying the view in Dolalghat heading somewhere near Tatopani. Well, that’s what I called Traveling! No worries about when the journey will begin and no time to think about how much I hate Packing either. When the time is short, you have to do it quick. There’s no time to complain “God! How I hate packing.” and lay on the bed imagining the clothes to fold themselves and get in the backpack either!

Perhaps this journey needs an introduction. Oh yes, it Does! It’s my first outside the country. Second, I correct, India’s the first. It’s Japan this time!! Yuppeee! Well, after that “almost went to London” affair last Jan and well maybe even Davos after that! LOL I am sooooo glad this was no mere “I wish” and not that kind of competition too where my interview began with “Well, lucky to be here without being related to any organization” remark and later ended my European dreams with a polite “You were the second choice” email. It was an experience I agree but SECOND CHOICE! That sucked. First time is a consolation but they don’t say “You never win the silver, you lose the gold” for nothing! After all it was first time I ever dreamt of going abroad. Anyways dreams might be postponed but never unfulfilled. I believe 🙂

So here comes the Ultimate Japan Trip with a lot of First times attached to it. The first flight of my life (I have never gotten on an aeroplane!) Seriously. Though my permanent address explains that I am a “hardcore” pakhe( person from the ‘Pakhas’ or hills) vehicular development is still buses to airplanes for me. I mean when my (well dad’s home actually) only recently had a vehicle airlifted to the place and aero planes were the only means to the outer world till then my experience is limited to merely looking at them flying right in front of my window everyday.

Tyo aakash ma udne bhando kaile chadna paiyena ho vanya? saroooo hatar vaisakyo! Hope you understand the excitement. LOL Now, if it is going to be the first flight you should have figured out the extent of my inexperience! The list is long. I’m excited about seeing the sea. Life has its own way of giving you what you want, doesn’t it? I’ve always wanted to see the sea/ocean (either will do). But never ever thought that it could be some a beach in Japan. Tokyo never figured in my dream list like Tanzania but there it is! Do you get things you never dreamt of? Maybe you do some choices you make, others life makes for you!

Everything has been eventful, from getting the passport to the visa. The officer said,” Sign there.” I did sitting in the premises of District Office, Babarbahal. And I FELT it was my Passport to Freedom. Something within me said that it was Freedom! I thought 10 years and I can go anywhere in the world with this. And at the same time it felt so stupid that we humans had these crazy norms, crazy papers just to travel. I mean can’t we just go anywhere we want. It felt so ridiculous!

3:30 we went to the Japanese Embassy to get our passports, four of us. And as we stepped outside with our prized possessions, we went “YEAH” all at the same time! It was like a voice from within! Her Red Hero Honda Pleasure zoomed in Lainchor, she was telling me” I want to go to Mustang, Gandruk, Gorkha, Manang, Jumla, Humla…” I was feeling the wind on my face and as a bird flew from one of the trees beside the road in Lainchor I felt soo happy thinking that I would soon be flying too!!

Only a day to go now and packing not done though started. I am beginning to get scared now! Meeting our Japanese friends always has me worried. It’s such a strange relationship, could say a stagnant relationship. Maybe it’s the language barrier or maybe it’s just my “unsocial” self most of the times I seem to run out of what to do next or say next to them. Though I have realized that sometimes language becomes secondary and it’s just the attitude that matters. My third partner made me realize that. I mean I have never come across such a wonderful human being. He couldn’t communicate a lot in English but was happy in my company (so was I of course) 🙂 . And he taught me how to use his Digital SLR (most photographers are either too scared or too “lobi” to even let others touch their cameras). So that was something! And he even saw me off as I got on the taxi the last day. I have never come across any guy as gentlemanly as that! Who needs any royal treatment a simple act of kindness will do. Looking forward to seeing him I guess. Hmm, I won’t look forward to anything, expectations always reduce joy. Let’s see what happens.

its rockin!

my first visit to Boudha!( March, 2007)

The trip is an educational program. Eight days is not a long time and six students is not a huge number either. But the plans exist ” ankha farera Japan herne” he he he be back in Thailand and rest the eyes for a day and chill out in Pataya for five more. Let’s see what it feels like to be a “Sun-lust” tourist. K wants to ride the bullet train; S wants to ride on the 1800cc bike! Wow! 1800cc bike has me wishing for the same. What a ride it should make! Speeding in Style. All the time I have spent on the bus stops of Kathmandu checking out bikes on the road should qualify me for the feat! Personally I don’t have any “Want to do list” in Japan but there’s one for Pataya. I want to write a Beach Blog 🙂 .There’s a picture in my head, the sun setting down in the horizon, the dark waters of the sea, the gentle wind and on the spot expression of the experience on MY laptop (I don’t possess any!). The dream is not coming true this time, I already know it. (I don’t plan to buy a laptop). Still, the feeling is strong. I know I will the next time! Just the optimistic me, it is after all just the beginning.

The waters remind me of her. I have already remembered that conversation a hundred times now. Then I had almost rolled down on the aisle of the bus on hearing the crazy wish. Now, it only makes me nostalgic. They were Goa plans. She’d said,” Here is the idea. I wear a pink bikini you were a red one and then we run in the beach!” I had protested about the color and told her “What if some Kantipur reporter is busy roaming the beach, takes our picture and we are in Koseli with the photo caption: “Goa ma masta nepali taruni haru!”(Phool Man Bal had an article on Goa recently published in Koseli then). “Can you imagine yourself in such clothes?” she had asked. Amazes me now but it was the funniest thing I ever heard then. We loooved to be in water! Here’s a happy pic of us in Rapti


In Rapti, ( Fieltrip to Chitwan)

Wish you too experience the joy of seeing the ocean when I do my friend. And together we can feel small beside that vast expanse of water, splash and run…..

Bon Voyage Gang!!

Let’s take a walk together near the ocean shore
Hand in hand you and I
Let’s cherish every moment we have been given
The time is passing by
I often pray before I lay down by your side
If you receive your calling before I awake
Could I make it through the night

Cherish the love we have
We should cherish the life we live…………
Cherish by Kool & The Gang



  1. Yeah, It is always an excitement when u do things for first time…
    I did have such excitement when I first wanted to see the sea.. and I thought once I see that sea then it will be same as others; the memory just remains but u get used to it.. But I was wrong, and my heart always want to leap for the beaches whenever its summer. I was in beach for first time in GOA.. Wonderful beaches and wonderful people there.. I can write a whole entries of my trip there.. and entry for a day.. We stayed there for 7 days and each day was a experience!! It was just not enough!! Here in Europe also I go beach every summer.. This time I had not gone but now u have mentioned I am planning it next week.. Beach just takes my breath away!!
    I had been to bangkok for a day; wanted to go beaches there but couldn’t 😦
    But as u ll be going to Pattaya, which I heard is wonderful beach, you sure will bring good memories from there!! Just don’t forget to take loads of clicks!! Memory remains in mind too but I still repend I didn’t have enough pics from Goa!! Ahh Those seven days…. only memory remains!! Want to go there someday soon!! Maybe next year!! 🙂
    Best of luck for your trip to Japan!! Just make sure U don’t forget ur passport home when u leave for airport!! 😉
    And yeah click on your sat belt!! The plane is taking off— Make sure ur mobile is off too!! 😛
    P.S.— Did I become first to comment again?? 😉
    Ahhh I should break the streak now!! 🙂
    Good day!! 😀

  2. Damn I forgot one thing last week!! :S
    I thought I would remember then again its me!! 😦
    It was ur birthday last week innit?? I forgot to wish ya!! But here is belated wish for birthday!!
    Happy belated birthday!! 🙂
    Hope u had blast and best wishes for anything you do!!
    ROCK ON!!

  3. Hey Thank you for the comment ( i almost wrote a trip) and the tips 🙂 Btw what is the time difference between Nepal and ur place? Man,you sure are faster than the bullet train!!

    and I will make sure I beat the Japanese when it comes to taking pictures 😉 he hehe

    N wow! how come u remember! wishes accepted as I still only some days old 🙂 thought would blog but it was too sad to do so , but thank you once again! It feels good.

  4. Have a fantastic trip ZaDeD! Great to see you back in da blog (and Juggy too!). Look forward to reading about Japanese coffee (or most probably tea!).

  5. From Japan 🙂
    its been two days and I am already having enough of so many things here, esp the train here. ( normal, automatic, rapid)..The AC only feels toooo cold, and the food! I am slimming down with nothing to eat, even the coffee houses don`t tempt me at ALL. ah..so tiring.I guess I am just not made for such high tech living! malai ta ghar kaile jaun nai vaisakyo! hope tomorow is better!!

  6. It is just beginning friend!! Later when u get used to it, You tend to do everything planned according to time!! And hope that same goes back home too, But I won’t argue that how much developed anywhere might be, there is nothing as warm as home!! Home sweet home! 🙂
    Have fun in Japan; but I guess, there is still Pattaya beach remaining!! 😉

  7. Wow u r in japan now! .. in Tokyo? Think u r fed up of human sea by now! One fren of mine had taken me to Shibuya station only to show me human sea crossin road on traffic lights. Its an amazin country n people r more amazin, bz like hell n extremely polite. Only bad thing about Japan is its too expensive. If possible visit an entertainment park near Yokohama, ..’seaworld’ if I m not wrong, to see the sea n have some fun. Dont miss Tokyo Tower n Disney World. Its natural but if u’ll keep on thinkin about n missin home, u wont b able to take 100 pc ‘swaad’ of travellin abroad, esp a country like Japan. Wish u nice time there n safe journey back home!

  8. Welcome to Japan !

    Yes, food is always a problem here. Best way to have good coffee is make yourself. You may also feel difficulty in buying things (due to language problem). They have everything written in Japanese. But people are really nice and they sometimes make you feel home.

    Looking forward to reading your live Japan blog and experiences.

  9. hey z!
    so good to see u! i guess it’s not goin well bcoz of the food. not to worry. m sure it’ll al go away once to visit Disney Land. don’t forget the pics! enjoy the sight around u, may not b a natural beauty but what humans create have their own beauty too. i’d hav luved to see the ‘architectural marvels’. if u get to visit a really cool home, a unique vacation home kind of thing which incorporates all sorts of ideas or anything interesting, plz don forget to take some pictures.
    u know wht, when u travel, it sometimes feels like hell. but when u visit the place again in ur memory, those tiring journeys make it the most memorable n u cherish it for long.
    m sure u’r goin to have a blast in the days to come.
    hope to c u soon again.
    take care.

  10. Ever think of calling some place called HOME??
    Ha……ha……who hated my noodles??…Ab khao coffeee…..JAPAN….HA..HA….HA….Hipeee friendship day!….Have a blast with ur Japani sathis…….

  11. hey k visited disneyland today and now back at our living quarters,its 12 30 here and well i am doing worse..nothing with the country, not missing home or sth like that but sufeering from energy lag, nothing goes inside my mouth so always tired from morn to night like now: ( remember I had the same problem once in school?…its so horrible..and though i enjoyed the space mt ride ( was my best) and others I kinda feel grown up for the stuff ( disney land) like visiting Pooh house ( very popular here re) adi ityadi, a lot of pretty interesting spots there nevertheless. have a lot of pics of the artitectural marvels here…

    n dear bird I am still hating ur noodles here, kehi khanai sakdina!! ah i am shocked u want to hear my voice dear , keho missing me!! ??( 8th wonder vayo ni yo ta ! lol ) btw i forgot the number! he he he
    had planned to go to Shibuya but couldnt get time, but still got some days hope I can go there…gotta sleep now, dead tired byeeeeeeee

  12. Had been forever since I last visited your blog. After reading your blog, I want to try travel somewhere….soon. Without any plans. And see where that takes me.

    Don’t think I would have commented otherwise…but our first matched:). Years ago I remember that same excitement. The Japan going fever that had engulfed me and the family….did u try to remember a few things here and there outta the serial Oshin?! I did. Try I mean. Did not help any.

    Tokyo disneyland. A world of its own. Do they still play the song Its a small world?
    To think Walt Disney was fired because “he lacked imagination!”

    And yeah, I developed a dislike for sushi. For all the first timers, if you ever plan on sushi…dun’ try their best the first time…start with California roll (do they have cali roll in Japan? no clue!) or something VERY light. I remember tears streaking down my face…and the noodles became my favorite for the remaining days.
    Even the 100yen (or was it 99) stores were a surprise. Did most of my shopping there:)

    Visit the shrines if you get time. The pagoda style will remind you of Nepali temples. And the peaceful environment…worth every second spent.

    Have fun out there…and make the most of it. The firsts have a way of remaining in the memory in ways more than conceivable. those 7 days have been itched in mine.

  13. hey
    happy frenship day! though a bit late. i expect u’re in thailand now…Pattaya? having fun? juice bhayeni khayeko bhaye hunthyo ni/ anyway, waiting 4 u to come back wiht all the guffs. missin u . E pani gayo. 😦 but we’ll talk a lot once u get back! c ya, n ENJOY baby!

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