Glimpses of the trip

Some pictures of the trip, just a glimpse. The best ones will be put later with entries. Might take time though.

tokyo to bkk

On the flight from Tokyo to Bangkok

train journeys

Ride on the train in Japan

for the fireworks

People waiting for the fireworks to begin beside the Pacific Ocean, ODAIBA


The firework has begun




Cinderella’s castle, Tokyo Disneyland

last eve in japan

Japan ka pat pani kira le khanda raichan ho! 🙂



Siam Ocean World

hardrock cafe bangkok

Hardrock Cafe, Bangkok


Pataya beach



  1. From Sky to the Sea- top to bottom. More lives please! By the way, what are they doing inside that train? Mediating? Sleeping? Reading? Mourning? Chewing? Fiddling? Playing? Dancing? Again, Mediating, sleeping, reading…… ?

  2. Well the people mostly fiddle with their cell phones on the trains, read and sleep even standing( a friend said it was her precious time to sleep, that’s the way they utilize their time i.e by sleeping while traveling) and kali ( u are in the hrd rock pic if u notice carefully!!) he hehe I was just afraid of putting anyone’s pics here, permission chahincha ki garriiiiiiiiib pakhe haruko vanera! LOL 😉 will put up the enoshima beach ones in group hai, us wearing yukata too, really cute pic cha euta 🙂 voli college ma permission linchu timiharuko ani rakhaunla

  3. Great pictures! Just keep the camera rolling…………..
    The view from the plane window is marvellous.
    It’s just another day in a Japanese train.
    Waiting for someone is always boring unless the wait is for fireworks that not only beautify the sky but fill your heart with esctacy.
    If only we had our own castles like Cindrella…LIfe would perhaps be a fairytale.
    Nature with all its beauty: it could be caterpillar eaten leaves or colorful tiny fishes.
    Hard ROck Cafe: hmmmmmmmm… looks kinda weird… the yellow thing yogurt? The flag’s cooool
    Beaches: Crushing waters, cool breezes and romantic walks….even skyscrapers cannot steal its beauty.

  4. Not to find any update for long in ur interestin blogsite is (…dunno about the others, but) really ‘frustratin’ for me!

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