Life is like a chewing gum

Its after the break some one hands me this Strawberry flavored Chewing Gum, I said no ( as usual thinking of the Braces problem it will create) and then I say “Thanks” and have it. The class starts, I chew, the class ends, I still keep chewing, and I keep chewing, chewing until I get philosophical because of the Act. Life’s life a chewing gum these days, not the kind you just pop into your mouth and relish the taste but the over chewed ones which are tasteless, just bland. There’s no person, there’s no purpose. Thank the Chewing Gum, it gives me the attitude, it takes away the emotions in me too, just like the sweet taste of the gum itself. I chew the gum for a continuous 2-3-4 hours or as its lab time after class. The bus ride, I still chew. Some old hindi filmi songs are being aired “ Tere bina jindagi se kohi sikwa to nahi” I listen, I think but I don’t feel anything. Chewing Magic, it gives me overconfidence, gives that “So What” attitude. Gone , gone , gone. Remembering feels selfish. Hah, I go in my mind. The bus stops, I get off.

I like the chewing gum. What a perfect company it makes? What philosophy it holds? How close it is to reality? Its psycho. And I realize, oh I ought to be hungry, I haven’t had anything since five in the morning, its 2 now! Then the revelation: Philosophies are always born in a hungry stomach. Generally philosophies suck but I like this one. My life is surely like an over chewed chewing gum: bland and boring. Lacking any goddamn purpose.



  1. Great comeback after a sizeable pause! No life could be purposeless since livin without any definite purpose itself is also a ‘purpose’. There is no doubt that readymade philosophies, available in the market r suckin – always contradictory to eachother n we can not decide which is right n who is wrong. Long time back I had read a Nepali book named AVICHAR by a Dharaane called Ramesh KC (UG Krishnamurthi follower); I dunno where he is nowadays n doin what but thru his book I had come to realize then that negatin all established ‘ism’s n bein free from them (like UG Krishnamurthi) is also an ‘ism’. I think ‘Nirashaabaad’ (..dunno what it is called in english) is the right philosophic term for not findin the purpose of life. (at least) For me, Purposeless life without any philosophy (ism) seems impossible! Little things, which may go unnoticed, like ur blog n my comments here have some purpose (.. may be sharin own feelings); number of littlle things like these form a complete set of life- which is beautiful n livingworthy! People say n they r right that life is a journey- eutaa aviral yaatra; Hidne maanchhe laai thes laagna sakchha, but every ‘thes’ in this journey gives a lesson for the steps to be taken further, tesaile, I do think that it always happens for good! Come on Zade, Cheer up n gear up for next blog to make this beautiful life purposeful!

  2. befwaaaaaaaaaaak kt .. didnt expected i had to wait so long just to read a blog regarding ur chewing gum …. ufff (lol) lala mukh na bangaye huncha … it was juss a joke …
    anyways ur chewing gum philosophy i could not get it

  3. talai pani din bhari eutai chewing gum chapaune training diunla ani bujlis. Befwwwaaaaaaaaak bata jindagi ma kehi Fwaaaaaak ko khoji ho kya! tetro mahan discussion garya hoina. ok hope hamro kehi huncha ani dui din ko beijati bida ma kehi gariyela!

    n well, soorry for this long time no see in this blog, first I got lazy and to add to it my computer crashed down, but I will be back with a bang hopefully 🙂 nirasabaad le kehi hola jasto dekhiyena tesaile 🙂 🙂 ani garna sakne kaam ta garaun na! Thank u so much for the comments guys.

  4. At least life is like chewing gum. 🙂

    No matter whether it’s over-chewed, thanks to its elasticity.

    Want to go now
    To come soon
    To be child again

    But I cannot
    Because I cannot
    I dont know why I cannot

    Life is like chewing gum
    At times sweet and then humdrum

    No more conundrum
    Because Life is Like Chewing gum

  5. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE Life’s really Chewing gum. I have been gnawing my share of chewing gum too lately. Mint, blue berry, green tea and spearmint. Can’t do without it. They just remind me that atleast I am chewing….or breathing….or living…or surviving……

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