Perception: The pains of Blogging

Dearest D,

Where would I have to start if I were to fill you with all the details of my life since the day you were gone? The Bhotekoshi adventure must be. Did you know that I had gone there? Anyways here is what I came back with in spite of not being a CLS graduate: “Everything in life is 90% attitude and 10% skill”. That’s the best thing I ever heard so I would like to talk on a similar theme with you here. Huncha? Vaye ni navayeni sunnai parcha coz you have me no option. Do I have to say I miss you?? Always, always always. Leaving that part I just want to share this with you, because you would only understand…


Once he called me for a cup of coffee. I went as usual, coffee khandai ma ke cha ra I thought. So we met and I asked “Wouldn’t you rather like to be with some hot girl? I mean I can’t understand why a guy like you would even meet me, a Jassi like character with these braces, thick specs…I mean no guy, a typical guy especially would hang out with such a character? He said, “Well, you just answered that. Why should I want to be with someone else? The rest are the same, no one wears those braces like you. You are unique, that’s why.”
I bet you know what I said “Waihat”. Still it struck me. Everything is the way you perceive it to be.

She called me to meet her. I went, just for the Heck of it. I ask myself, why I do that again and again?? She sat across the table. I don’t exactly remember the context but you came up in the conversation. “ U kasto thiyo?” She asked.
“Full of life, carefree, bindaas, full of smiles” I told of you.
“Testo keti haru sadhain testa nai hunchan.” (Girls like that are always like that.) She replied.
I was drinking a glass of lassi. No, I din’t feel like splashing it on her face. I just looked at it. Beautiful Liar. And that instant I realized what it meant when others ( our friends) told me that they want to defend you against others. I didn’t defend. I said nothing realizing again that people only see what they want to see. I instead pitied her. Well, you can only think of other people the way you are, hoina ta?

Two examples should be enough to go into this. It will sound a bit out of context in the beginning though. The thing my dear is I no more blog like I used to since you’ve been gone. Initially I refrained from it because every time I wanted to write you came to my mind and I would rather want to write to you. It was a struggle to do anything else. Still I did neither of the acts i.e write to you nor blogged. Now I wonder why? I have the answer. Though I blog for the satisfaction of my personal ego there’s a limit to how personal I can get….I realized. A blog can never be a personal journal in the true sense of the word. NEVER. It is a depressing realization if you keep a personal blog. How I had blogged in my head about all the little interesting things in the training and I ended up writing a condolence to the very person I had thought I would relate every minute detail in one breath….That’s life honey. I am glad that you never had to experience that kinda shock…

Now to the crux of the matter. Read the Love in Tokyo entry? A got a nice comment, Nice, my foot. It was such a horrible, vulgar comment that had initially got me sooo damn mad that I wanted to throw the computer monitor. Yeti risuthyo ki ke bhannu. Even wanted to reply back but then thought: Why wrestle with a pig? Rakshyan ma thuke afailai chita parcha, hoina ta? I wanted to stop any comments from being posted in this site altogether. But its only moderation now. Hey, don’t you think having no comments is the best option after all. I mean I feel I could blog more freely then. No unwanted craps. Why be forced to go through such vulgarities? That’s having a serious attitude problem, perception problem. And to end it all whoever you are Mr/Miss Ramro Or Namro well, don’t even dream that you comments will start a discussion here. Go create a ******** blog of your own. As far as you condemnation of my strategy to increase readership is concerned: all I can say is I pity your dui paise buddhi and Ghatiya manasikta. Increasing readership??? If the dead could read then yes I would like to do that. I don’t blog to be popular like you commented to be somekinda Hero or Heroine. And if you think blogging pays then it doesn’t in WordPress for your information. You’re sooo vain, pathetic indeed.

Ah..balla halka bho yaar…ta sanga hat halayera debate gare jasto .. aba arko lekchu ..ta pakkai hasthis 🙂



  1. zade … felt good reading this article .. today i dont even wanna disclose my name…
    yo article padera marma bujeko chu jasto lagyo mero pani testai bhako cha .. ma sari khusi thiye afno zindagi sanga …tara aja ka bata k bhayo .. zindagi lai samet da samet dai thaki sake ma …. marma bujne ni koyi chaina … ko sanga gayi chichyai chichyai rou jasto bhako cha .. kasali gayi afno marma sunau jasto bhako cha …. thaha chaina yo kura kina maile lekhi rako chu tara …. khai kina kina … afu lai rokna sakina …

  2. Dear Zade Diary ,
    I hope you have to tackle the dirty comments of readers. At least they are trying to supress and dominate you and want to stop your hand in this blogging world.
    At least , you have your own identity and variety that they can’t find in googlee than yours.
    I don’t agree with no comment is best comment. If you don’t have to read comments, then you can buy a personal notebook and pen. If u want to go through world through blog, some difficult steps are ahead. You have to cross it anyway finally.
    Don’t be so harrash and suffocated by all bloody comments, after all they are product of your writings. Not actually , they are friction of our society ,we have to walk above them , if we want to go a long journey.
    A friction can really inspire others to walk confidently too. I mean, without friction in your life road , u will face more slip and skidding around the world. Finally u can’t control urselves.
    Last, you have power to control friction that mean moderate comments, and decide your walking level. I don’t know my level of comment. Plzz zzade, its ur time for another commentssss.

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