Pictures of the Pacific

Through the leaves

On the way to a cave near Enoshima Beach, a peek into the seaside settlements.

The Pacific Ocean

Pacific ocean

Pacific ocean

pacific ocean

enoshima beach

हामी खुशीले बौलाएको त्यो क्षण

pacific ocean

Kamakura Beach

( Well, I have been busy ( Thankfully) with other assignments.Hopefully I can come up with some writings soon enough) 🙂



  1. Yup ! I was there, but I can’t say who you took to be me, cause I was with my sister and we look similar. ( if it was sb like me without specs it was me, with specs my sis). And It was You in the Kumari hall,wasn’t it? 🙂 I had seen you too. You were busy taking pictures before the “Every Good Marriage Begins with Tears” documentary began.

  2. I took you photograph! 🙂
    YOu the one wiht braces hoina ra? you were talking to a kaale kaale mote ketaa..
    err….. errata…
    ***i took your photograph too…

  3. Lau barbad vayecha teso vaye! I hate to be captured in anyone’s camera!!I hope you don’t put the pic anywhere in the internet . Its my humble request. Yah it must have been me then with braces. The guy’s a friend. There were four of us. You looked “gambhir” and totally engrossed in taking the pictures. But I never noticed you looking at our direction though I was somewhat observing you and had even introduced you to my friends without even talking to you!
    The music videos show was good too.There were fewer ppl but it was a great experience.

  4. Very very bueattiful!! Are u done??? now can u please go check out alive and kickin coz ive posted something about u. And do drop into my blog$#%& as well.


    Bijaya Dasami

  5. if u look carefully, the view between the two cliffs looks like the lower part of a peninsula, maybe the lower end of africa, the way u see it in the world map. the last picture’s great too…..the slight tilt giving it a feeling of watching the sea in a stormy night out of a porthole in a ship (it’s called porthole rt? even if it isn’t u know what i mean).

    happy dashain !

  6. Dont worry!
    Unfortunately your temple only could be captured….but yes your blue and sky blue t-shirt is quite distinct
    And, was that beautiful lady to who you talk for a while in the tiresome crowding ( 🙂 ) Sujana?

    Btw there was another pair of sisters too. 🙂

    shall i send the photograph? if yes shoot me a mail.
    just to make you sure that your face is not captured 😀

  7. Hey Hayah, chill out dude, I am busy with the mundane working on the entertainment blog too. will put it soon I hope! I will. I like what you have done on ur blog the picture at the top especially. This theme seems to have grown popular ,No?

    N dear K, its so nice to hear such detailed observations from you. It looks somewhat similar to what you have said I guess. And for the last pic I wanted to capture the motion of the waves so its kind of blurry there , but its good to know that it looks like what you see from the porthole..I was standing while taking the picture though I had wanted to lie down and take the shot with some photographer style lol, I had found it so funny when my teacher had taught us the way to stand or whatever while taking pics.. Btw in the first one the three leaves that are away from the rest, the two ones at the sides look like small hearts hai. i hadn’t noticed while taking the pics but seeing that now felt good , lovey dovey 🙂

    What about you putting ur fabulous pics in Picasa or Flickr. That Indian Ocean one is a knockout! The other ones you took while traveling in the boat too, the trees in the water and all.. A happy dashain to you too, I m in no mood of celebration though. doesn’t even feel like dashain. Hope you aren’t feeling that way.

    N Manche ji yup I was talking to her, oh you saw that too! And I know the other pair of sisters you are talking about 🙂 Well, sisters are the only “Bharpardo” sathi to go out with tesaile hola, aruko ta bharosa hunna . It would be good to see my Temple on the pic ha ha ha, Temple and T-shirt only captured is Great News! 🙂

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