Meeting the Fortunate Pig, Finally :)

There was a story we all knew by heart back in school. It was about a pig. Once Lord Indra took a pig from earth to his abode in heaven and provided with it all sorts of good food and luxury. But the pig wanted to come back to earth and enjoy his staple food i.e rubbish. Well, perhaps the pig was a person cursed to be a pig, a rishi (alike other myths) but I have forgotten that part. The reason I only remember this much of the story is because of the term extremely popular term back in school “Unfortunate Pig.” It was one of the many “things” invented by our Suman Sir the Great. As the pig did not realize his good fortune Suman Sir brought forth the term “Unfortunate Pig” into practice. Anyone of us who acted likewise would be tagged the same. Fortunately I was “Mom” LOL so was spared the UP tag. I had forgotten about the term long ago but in one of our recent get-togethers a friend revealed that once Suman sir had told scolded her saying “You are Tending to be an unfortunate Pig”. Well Sir , if you ever happen to see this entry then I would like to thank you for making me laugh like nuts in a long time because of your crazy self!

But here is the story of a Fortunate Pig. I was walking down the stairs from visiting Gorkha Durbar and saw this. The moment I saw this pig, I told myself “Here grazes the fortunate pig.” Well, look at the picture. The pig grazes at a place with such a wonderful view!!


Fortunate Pig on the way to Gorkha Durbar


And here’s a Hansy Dog, someone I met the very day. Kukur Tihar ( Doggy Day) in Gorkha. Nov 8,2007)

I should have written this all in order i.e Hetauda, Pokhara and then Gorkha. But I hate the rigidity of being orderly so the travelogue is going to be “whatever I want to put up” hai. And yah I went to Gorkha alone, no real nor fake Akash 🙂 .I did meet a lot of interesting characters though, no bokas, only gentlemen clever boys and singing women 🙂 THANKFULLY!!



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