The Year 2007

The local FMs have started their yearly reminiscences of 2007, so have the television channels so I thought why not do something similar. After all who is going to remember 2007 for what Amy Winehouse or Britney did no matter how many times Hits FM talks of them. Though some events will have a lifelong significance like Bhutto’s death or the constituent assembly elections that never took place every year is in the end a personal thing. I have the habit of remembering things in numbers and colors. Anything from 1992 to 2002 would be which grade I was in. Its always “We were in Grade 1 then, nope 2”. After 2002 would also be the same, that goes on till date. Everything I remember is by relating it to the grade I was studying in. Other than that I remember the colors around me when a certain event took place, the clothes others were wearing and things like that. Now, that Grade 16:) is coming to an end, I wonder how I will remember things that happen next. For now, the habit continues…

Pic by Bikash Kunwar, Gorkha.

2007 was a rather bizzare year. It was a year of life, and a year of death. Of love and of loss, of marriages and then murders…It was unthinkable, unexpected in both good and bad terms of life. It snowed in Kathmandu in Feb 14 , first time in 63 years perhaps to signify all the unexpected things that were to happen later. Still who knew what would unfold, until they did. There was marriage first. And for the first time in life I thought marriages weren’t scary but rather cool. It was and still is a stupid notion but I thought I would really love to get married if we could get so many new clothes!! A very childish thought, I know but that was what we would laugh about in the streets of Baluwatar saying “I want nine pairs of jeans, please find a guy!!” Let me just remember the good things now, there is an entire lifetime however short or long that may be to think of the worst…

Hmm so there was marriage. I observed the entire ceremony for the first time in my life. There was death, I sat through the entire thing for the first time in my life, I think it was the second time. Dreams shattered, hearts broke..I saw the downfall and then the rise too. New dreams were dreamt and the hearts were mended too again with the memories. Happy people don’t create sad memories. They help you find yourself eventually. They guide you and then become a greater part of your lives than they were when alive. You talk more of them, think more of them and even talk to them more often! Still the loss remains but so does the lessons to be lived…You love, you learn. You lose, you learn. You live and you learn.

the marrige

But here, I wouldn’t like to deal with all the stuff I learnt but only a few, moreover with this entry I would just like to digitize my 2007 in the shortest and most effective way possible. Only little bits of the entire thing, so that for the rest I will have to come back to Grade 16 memories and think of the details 🙂

Let me begin with whatever comes into my mind; hope it is coordinated later….

Places I visited: Dhunche( Rasuwa),Briddim, Chisapani,Pokhara ( twice), Nuwakot,Lamjung, Gorkha, Hetuada, Borderland Resort, Japan & Thailand.

Best Get-together: Arti, me, Ku and Dhare in Java

Best Cup of Coffee: Borderland Resort

Most interesting people I met: Dan Wright aka Dan Bahadur Upadhyay!, a guy in the American Library, Binesh Katuwal ( on the way to Gorkha), Poojan Aryal and Bikash Kunwar ( Gorkha), Sita Pun ( Gorkha), Ronald and Jostein ( SRHR Conference), an American lady at the Korean film festival

Most inspiring: Krishna Kumari Bhattarai, Sita Pun

Biggest Regrets: Meeting him, Writing only two articles in ONE YEAR

Conferences attended:
National Youth Assembly
National Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
National Conference of Women Journalists

PERSONAL experiences:

Best date with myself: Coffee and Parathas on the terrace of Hotel Gorkha Bisauni, Lying down underneath the trees in Nagarkot for 2 hours

cofii in gorkha
Coffee n parthas in Gorkha

Most romantic walk: Fagu Poornima, walking from Jadibuti till home at 8:30 in the evening

Saddest moments 😦 : Flight from Narita to Bangkok I felt as if I were returning back to a place where I had no-one though it wasn’t the flight to KTM…n of course I got a lot of other people in life too, but again that’s exactly how I felt, the multitude of people I know couldn’t stop me from feeling that

Sweetest SMS received: Interpreterji, how do u say “ma timlai samjira6u in English? 🙂 hamlai pani intrprt garidinus na!! (March 7, 2007, 17:22:36)

Thankful moments:

A dear friend accompanied me to Pasupati on her death anniversary,
J stayed by me when I was in utmost physical pain,
S sat by me on the last field trip,
K took me to Snow Man’s for a caramel cake treat and then we three enjoyed the sights and sounds of Thamel riding on a bike
K brought me home made food (on a goddamn hungry day)
A Big Heartfelt Thank You to you all!

Landmark events:

Wore Kurta THRICE (vibrant colors like orange, green and Pink!)

Did these for the First Time:

Said NO to a person for the first time in my life!
Chased a harasser and yelled an explicit word in public
Traveled alone with a guy
Traveled alone
Traveled Abroad
Flew on an aero plane
Touched the Ocean
Rode on a motor boat

Dates I will never forget:

Feb 14, 2007
March 19, 2007
May 20, 2007

Worked Hardest: On an assignment on Situational leadership and a Proposal Writing term paper

Best Comments: Maam said I could do a PHD seeing my presentation for the subject Urban Planning (It wasn’t that good so I was wondering what degree I would be awarded if it had more focus!! LOL)

Best Book I came across: The World Is Flat


Best Movie Watching Experience: Ekalavya, Life In a Metro, Taare Zamen Par, Chak De, Die Hard 4.0

The Only Nepali I watched: Paridhi ( based on the real life story of a bar dancer)

Most danced in: I hate how much I love you ( Ne-yo & Rihanna)

Most cherished: What’s Love Got to do (Tina Turner) – though a very old number

Songs that touched me: Home (Daughtry) esp. the line “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it all”…. (A lot many but not remembering them at the moment)

Right Song, Right time: I feel the change…flight from Bangkok to Narita…

Lines of songs I often hummed walking on streets:

रिस्ते तो नही रिस्तो कि परछाइया मिले

ए कसी भीड हे बस यहाँ तन्हायियाँ मिले
( OST Life in A Metro)

(I unknowingly started humming this song after watching the breaking news of Benazir’s death too, the killing reminded me of D…May their souls rest in peace)

और तो सब कुछ ठीक हे लेकिन,

कभी कभी ये चल्ता फिता शेहेर अचानक तन्हा लग्ता हे
कहीँ कहीँ से हर चेहेरा तुम जैसा लग्ता हे

तुम को भुलना पाएगेँ यैसा लग्ता हे

( A gazal )

मनपरेका नेपाली गीतहरु : चिना जाना भएपछि माया बस्दो रैछ छुटिने

बेलामा मुटु दुख्दो रैछ ( Karma Gyalden Bomjon),and “Mero Prarthanama” By FAITH


Sexiest voice: Chad Kroeger 🙂

Interesting dialogues on men and life:
जिन्दगीमा दुईटा कुरा मात्र पाइन्छ बोका , अनि त्यो नभए चाहिँ धोका ।
हैन , ग्वाँक र बोका बाहेक अरु खालका केटाहरु संसारमै पाइन्न कि क्या हो ?
(Told by someone who doesn’t want to be named here)

Learning on Men from Pokhara N Gorkha trip : By and large men are bokas by nature but then all men are not BOKAS and all BOKAS are not Men!

Learning on Men in General: Lonely men are dangerous! Stay Away From Them! Run if you can!

Hmm but women are no less, I admit to the fact. A soft-mellow voice, innocent face, intelligent looks could hide a foul heart. Well, men you need to do some background studies on women before falling for them too! You can all be easily fooooooled! You guys get so entangled in the looks and the supposedly intelligent talks that you never know when you get shot through the heart!

Lots of lessons learnt I see…but the biggest one is Life’s too short to hold grudges against anyone therefore forgive and forget. But again life’s too precious to entangle with people, knowing whom, you are nothing but disturbed. Thereby, let go of them too. Some people are best forgotten, others left unknown but few are worth the memories…very few , so be with the ones who want to make memories with and stay happy. Good bye 2007, I know I will often come back to you to remember a million things but that’s future. The present is that you are leaving…leaving for good. And I believe as always, the best is yet to come…..

new yr

Wishing All the blog readers a Very Happy New Year 2008!



  1. hey ur year was full of everything i guess………
    new experiences……
    new sorrows……
    gud read …………………..
    wishing you too a very happy new year……
    but i’d like to comment on ur thinking of all men being bokas hai……………………….
    and Lonely men are dangerous!
    it really sounds weird !!!!!!!!

  2. Well I’ve written Not All Men . bet it sounds weird but again its weirder facing it! it’s only my xperience teti ho.
    Wish you guys a happy new year too.

  3. २००७ त राम्रै सँग बितेछ, अब आएको २००८ अझ राम्रो होस, मुरी-मुरी शुभकामना ।।।

  4. happy new year zade…..

    i repeat the same msg i’d sent u onl your last birthday

    may this year bring all the happiness and make u happier than ever

    take care

  5. it was fun ! i remember the happy times too! the 3-in-1 bike ride n the laughing n yellin in Java. it was all great. n u visited a lot of places too! now i need to find out who that ‘interpreter’ walla sms is from 🙂 …..just sparked my interest.

    we’ve all had our share of sad memories too. but like you said, it heals with time, though it might come up again once in a while. love u honey!

    i loved the last three lines..

    hugs n kisses, whether u like it or not.

    n happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the pics r great 2. the sunrise-breakfast is good. wish u lots of more travels this year. hope u enjoy every one of them………. with no drooling, ready-to-pounce men behind u, of course.

  7. जिन्दगीमा दुईटा कुरा मात्र पाइन्छ बोका , अनि त्यो नभए चाहिँ धोका ।
    हैन , ग्वाँक र बोका बाहेक अरु खालका केटाहरु संसारमै पाइन्न कि क्या हो ?…………………..यस्तो चाँही अति भयो के !!!!!!……………..कसले भनेको हो???? यस्तो भन्न पाईन्छ ??
    अनि सबैलाई एउटै category मा राख्ने ????
    कसैले केटी को बारेमा पनि भनेका होलान् ? त्यो चाँही खोई ??

  8. well आकारजी,जसले जे भोग्छ जस्ता मान्छे भेट्छ उसले त्यस्तै कुरा गछ हैन र ? भन्न त जे नि पाइन्छ नि देशमा मनपरितन्त्र जो अाएको छ ! यसमा विरोध भए अको ब्लग नि लेख्न पाइन्छ । सबलाइ एउटै category मा राख्न त सबैलाइ चिनेको हुनु प‍यो नि! त्यो नितान्त व्यतिगत अनुभवको उपज हो ….. साथीहरु माझ गरिने कुरालाई मैले ब्लग गरेर तपाईलाई नयाँ मुद्दा उठाएको जस्तो लाग्या होला .

    अब अरुले केटीका बारे त्यस्ता कुरा नभन्या होलान् र ? तर मैले भेटेका जतिले मलाई लेख्न योग्य वा त्यस्तो रोचक केही भनेनन् , तपाई लाई भनेका भए त्यसबारे लेख्न सक्नुहुन्छ म साथीलाइ अवश्य पढाइदिउँला ! 🙂

  9. I wish you a very good new year, although it started 5 days ago already 😉

    We really had fun together during the conference, that is something I will really remember from 2007!

  10. 2007 ma tapain ko anubhav ramro lagyo, ani tapainle teslai express gareko estyle pani man paryo, purai jindagi nai bachnu bhayechha ek barsamai, aaba 2008 ma chahi k garnu hunchha?

  11. Dherai din pachhi puranai bhayepani timro blog padhna paaunda khushi, ramaailo, dukha, bismat ekaisaath…ani haanso pani lagyo(…boka prasanga ma)! Shayad jiunu bhanekai yehi yestai ho!..tara maile nabujheko euta kura… Samaya ko aadharma bigat jindagi laai samjhine ki jindagi kasari baachiyeko thiyo testaaka bhanne aadharma samaya laai samjhine ? Kun chaahi praathamik ho samaya waa tetikhera ko bhogaai? Ani nepali type garna sike jasto chha ni aghillo barsha… yo pani euta upalabdhi hoina ra?

  12. I am putting my voice so lately…after 7 months since your posting of article(Though i protested your this statement by writting an article “EVEN INTHE CROWD ONE IS ALONE”)…

    …..and it’s your COMMENT MODERATION which is trying to suppress our voice….

    I hope from today you won’t use comment moderation….It really hurts us…diz…..hope …u will stop deleting comments……

  13. Bye…..forever………….Goodbye my dizs……bye………….

    My previous comment was deleted…so i don’t have any right to come here…again and again…so I would like to say good bye to you forever………

    ………I hope this GOODBUY may open your eyes………….

  14. isn’t this a pretty long article? maybe not! i read it yesterday…and, to be honest, i don’t remember much of it. now why i am trying to comment on this article is that it happens to be 31st of December again. but again if i don’t remember much of it, then what am I gonna write about this article? well, in that case, i am not commenting on this article! i am trying to say something on this circle that we walk around. it starts with 1st of january and ends with 31st of december, always…probably! and what do we do? we live. do we? but what do we live? our lies? not all, but most of us! after a year long experiences we make new year resolutions: i am gonna quit smoking. i am going vegetarian. i am gonna lose my weight. i am never gonna fall in love again. i am surely gonna fall in love this year, it’s too much i can’t just be alone and go green with envy while others walk hand in hand!…and much more. now how many of us live upto our own expectations? i am twenty something (still!) and I have done it…i have been there. there is nothing like new year resolution. it’s just another way to paint it green when you are sick of your last year’s red or pink! but, luckily there are 12 colours (or are there more?) but what do we do after we have tried all of them? we repeat…just like december 31st does every year. we celebrate. but what? our own stupidity…just like we celebrate 1st of april. Mark Twain has rightly said that we celebrate 1st of april as a fool’s day because that’s what we are throughout the year…but how humble we are, we mark that day too…with lots of fun(?) Rejoice your much pampered stupidity! Happy New Year 2010!

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