It isn’t much I have read on the issue but am already getting bored. Their strange procedures are really wearing me out. The written examination was a headache, especially having to reply to the PPP concept in Nepali. I just stuck to BOOT, the hell with translating it in Nepali..I think I was remembering the PPPUE handout and how could I ever forget my Semester Exam hero Alexis De Tocquiville! The whole universe seems to be centered on the principle of Social Capital!! The level of community ( tat’s a nice expression). Strange that the definition is still fresh in my mind. And what a discovery to know that I can mug up definitions too! Whatever….m so Wakka of this topic now…I don’t want to research anymore too, cause there’s no use showing off to the experts..Starting with “Migration is Development” could help though..I don’t know, maybe, maybe not.

The room’s a mess, newspaper cutting everywhere on the floor. Japan, Israel, Qatar..what’s the end result of this entire globalization of labor? I wonder. Money, more money, GDP, out of extreme poverty…how long will one have to stay abroad, what incentive to be back? Will anyone ever be back? Will the nation be able to provide the same facilities here? When then? Whatever ..m just waiting for it to get over as soon as possible…What a tiring process! Do the oldies know that they are putting us through hell through their complicated process? They ought to have the best in the business if every new person has to go through this looooong process. But it will give a sense of satisfaction to have made it through one’s understanding and ability on the issue…I know..ufffffffffff but tis is really boring.. and that out of the ordinary “interest in what I am up to” is getting weirder by the moment! It so, doesn’t go with the character. So what I am reading a novel or drinking tea or doing whatever else? I thought asking such questions meant curbing your FREEDOM or whatever phrase you use.

I hope, you know that it will be harder for you to resume your original character once you have climbed up in the ladder of emotional responsiveness!! Well, that is just another term to make life hard for you, all the same. Just taking a break to talk to myself. Felt sooooo much better than reading of foreign employment…for now at least ….time to dash off to the Main City again to improve my chances of employment perhaps!! 🙂



  1. Hey! There’s nothing more enjoyable than taking a break and talking to yourself sometimes. I guess that’s what I am trying to do at this wee hour. Employment sure seems to be a problem with each one of us today. But who cares I am unemployed and am working for no ‘medal’ long past mid night. I am just trying to enjoy life. Supposedly alluding myself that I am enjoying my work and not working. Sinduri bihani lai swagat cha hai!

  2. must be something getting the journo feel by editing! but well, its insane to be editing through out the night till 4!! you should rather publish those newsletters every week as a part of ur course. Ku is already too much of a ‘chor’ not to do that!! Come on, arise, awake and stop not till the war is won!! LOL
    btw m sick of the Kidney news , I dreamt that one of my kidneys was stolen without my notice too!! kya willllllld dream. ok be back soon, I don’t approve of young gals spending nights away from home!! hahahahah nyways happy investigating the existence of ghosts in the hostel! 😉 varai vetaunla, bring all the newsletters too. n i will bring the good news of a Jhakkkas presentation too!

  3. Dear Friends,
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  4. somewhere confusion has been arise,what should be called you in nepali ? I mean , I’m unable to pronounce ur name clearly, it’s जेड,जादेor anything else.I wanna know hai,bcoz i’m unable to determine exactly…

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