The easiest way of blogging would be to put up a couple of pictures and use the over-used excuse ” Pictures tell a thousand words”…may be or may be not. Sometimes pictures tell the story, other times stories paint the picture. Nevertheless I hope these pictures help you understand life in Nepal better!!

The Theme of these Pictures are of course ‘SLOGANS ARE NOT SOLUTIONS’.


We do not have kerosene, gas, water, diesel, petrol and electricity. Does this country have The Government of Nepal or not? What is this: Loktantra ( democracy) or Bhoktantra( Hungercracy!)?


From the King to the Peon, it was the Nepalese people who sustained them. But today, it is the very Nepalese who have been barely surviving unable to get gas, fuel, electricity even by paying for them.

Ward No 27, Nyehaikamtalla Family

Pics taken while strolling in the inner part of the city near Bhotahiti area.

The ride of desperation

The OVER crowded bus heading to Bhaktapur from Purano Bus Park during the fuel shortage in the valley…Thankfully the problem is solved for now…but then , I don’t need to be a fortuneteller to predict sooner or later we will be back to it again…


A cobbler busy with his work beside a wall in Pradarshani Marg which talks of the Student Organization’s commitment to quality education and a changed SO too followed by the Akhil Krantikari’s stance for a Prosperous Republican Nepal

the garbage

A boy and a man amidst the garbage dumped near Manohara river.

And with constituent assembly elections around the corner so many dreams are being sold to us. A few that struck me were: US $ 3000per capita income by the next ten years!! Now, I would like to know if the Maoists can explain HOW?? Ah, and there is the Federal States to look forward to: ( well, I fell FORCED to say that!!) So, with the great solution to our ethnic problems namely division of the country basically in ethnic terms…what am supposed to think of: Migrating to Khas region???or have they forgotten to specify?? Mr Goit in an interview sometime back was even talking of giving a “work permit” for “Nepalis” to work in the new nation he wants, namely Terai!! What a progress to be made, oh how new can One Nepal be? The Political parties have all come up with their manifestos but this, to me sounds absolutely ridiculous:” Restructuring of the the country into 11 autonomous states and three sub-states, all based on ethnicity and geography.

Seti-Mahakali and Bheri-Karnali autonomous states are based on geography while Magrant, Tharuwan, Tamuwan, Newaa, Tamsaling, Kirant, Limbuwan, Kochila and Madhes are based on ethnicity. The sub-states within the Madhes state–Mithila, Bhojpura and Abadh–are based on language.”

For now, here’s a poem that should provide some food for thought:

तिम्रो मनमा जाई फुल्यो

मेरो मनमा जुई

माटो एउटै नेपालको

फूल मात्र दुई

हामी मिले एउटै माला

रङ्ग थरीथरी

हामी फुटे नेपाल भन्नु

के छ कठैबरी!

Written by : क्षेत्रप्रताप अधिकारी

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  1. pictures do “tell a thousand words”, especially if we know the context.

    it used to be “singapore dream”, now its “$3000 dream” !?!

  2. yeah, slogans are not solutions…..यहाँ पेट्रोल,डिजेल,ग्यास,मट्टितेल,बिजुली पाइएन भनेर हामी त्यही बन्द र हड्ताल मा ओर्लन्छौँ तर यसको विकल्प पनि छ भनेर हामी कहिले सोच्दैनौँ,सायद यो नै हामी नेपालीहरु को पहिचान होला । ……. यो अभाव को दुनियाँ मा यस्तै छ , देशका सर्वसाधारण जनतालाई बिहान-बेलुका छाक टार्न गाह्रो छ,सँधै बन्द र हड्ताल छ साथै ग्यास,मट्टितेल,पेट्रोल,डिजल,पानी,सुरक्षाको अभाव छ । ….. only a problem and no solution….

  3. राष्ट्रियताभन्दा जीवन ठुलो हो । जीवनको खोजीमा राष्ट्रियता मर्दैछ । म मार्न चाहन्न तर जिवित राख्न सक्ने म मा सामर्थ्य रहेन ।

    के हरेक युवाको प्रतिनिधि म टुलुटुलु आफ्नो राष्ट्रियता मर्न दिइरँहु ? ? ?

    अभाव, अराजकता, अस्थिरताको बिच म मेरो राष्ट्रियतालाई कसरी जोगाउने ? ? ? साथै राष्ट्रियता संगसंगै जीवन कसरी बचाउने ? ? ?

    उत्तरको अपेक्षामा हरेक एक युवा ।

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